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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Dueling Etiquette


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all. Well, today is Tuesday, and do you know what that means? It means today is Dark Paladin's birthday and he is
19 years old. The last 365 days of me being a teenager.

Anyway, time to announce the people who correctly answered my last trivia question! Here they are in NO apparent order.

Jonathon Sturick Travis Boissiere
Mitch Roberts Russ Walberry
Kyle Johnson John Eby
Ryan J Peter Brennan
Zac Castonguay Daniel Townsend
Tre Brailsford Thierry Oosterhoff
Ben Rosales Michael Gmeiner
JJ Dude Space
FansofTys Jalexbarber
Digifan12 Amir Khan

Congrats to all of you and more people are getting these right every time. I think they're harder but I guess not.

Anyway, today I have a deck submitted by a duelist which involves Woodland Sprite to continuously burn your opponent. The deck is as follows:


3x Woodland Sprite
3x Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu(To get out heart of clear water an other equips) 3x Giant Germ(Extra Burn and Stall) 2x Giant Rat(To get woodland sprite faster and a little stall too) 1x Morphing Jar(Draw power) 1x Airknight Parshath(Generaly for a little field control and draw power) 1x Sangan(again, to get woodland faster) 1x Cyber Jar(Field clearer and deck thinning) 1x Kuriboh(to save myself some lifepoints)


3x Heart of Clear Water(keeps woodland alive longer) 3x Black Pendent(i told you the combo before) 2x Axe of Despair(a good equip to use IMO) 2x Megamorph(woodland fodder) 2x Level Limit Area B(stall against big attackers and protects woodland) 1x Pot of Greed 1x Mystical Space Typhoon 1x Heavy Storm 1x Mage Power 1x Graceful Charity 1x Premature Burial


1x Call of the Haunted
1x Mirror force
1x Ceasefire(more burn power)
1x Divine Wrath
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Ring of Destruction

There you have it. When I was playtesting it on YVD I noticed I needed a little more stall and draw power. I wan't to cut down on the magics but I don't know what to drop. Thank you for taking your time to read and analyze this.
AZ Wallbrown

Well AZ, I must say I like the deck. I really enjoy seeing a non-chaos deck too. You seem to have covered most of the aspects of what this deck is trying to accomplish, I think it could work well.

Overall rating: 85/100

Now, for my second topic, I'm going to talk a little about dueling etiquette today. This past Sunday, I held just an unofficial duel for fun "tournament"
at my house. There were 16 of us there and we had a lot of fun. I only knew 4 of these people, the others were just people who showed up.

Anyway, I ended up being runner up in my own tournament! "Battle City was MY tournament! I was supposed to WIN!" --Dark Paladin...I mean Seto Kaiba from Battle for the Bronze Part I. That's kinda how I felt though. My point is however, the kid who beat me was a REAL jerk. We played in a match and he won the first one. He had his Black Luster Soldier/Warrior/Chaos deck and destroyed the Dragon deck I'd built. It ended up being me -700, him 5700. (I decided to build the Dragon deck for the sole purpose of FUN for this weekend)

In the second duel, things went much differently. I was able to get a Tyrant Dragon out early and he pretty much won it for me. He had 4 monsters on the field and I played Graceful Charity to discard my second Tyrant and played Call of the Haunted for it. Result: Me 2350, him -2000

SO, we go to play the last match. Nothing all that exciting happens in the beginning, we just whittle at each others lifepoints for a bit when he FINALLY draws his BLS. The LP currently sat at 6400 for me and 5900 for him. I had no monster but I had Mirror Force face down. Since I hadn't used Mirror Force in the two previous duels, this guy didn't know I had one and was so surprised to see it when I chained it to his attack. On my turn I summoned Spear Dragon and did 1900 to him and ended. 6400 me 4000 him. On his turn he flipped Ultimate Offering. He summoned an Archfiend Soldier, paid 500 to summon a Beserk Gorilla, and revealed Premature Burial for BLS. He attacked with all 3 and I lost 5000 lifepoints in one turn. 1400 me 3500 him Before he ended I played Solemn Wishes to gain LP for my draw. I draw (1900/3500) and my hand is deadweight. 5 useless cards essentially. I played Poison of the Old Man doing him 800 (1900/2700) then played Reload. I drew 3 cards and played Premature Burial for my Different Dimension Dragon. Next, I played Enemy Controller for his BLS (by sacrificing my DDD) and attacked his Gorilla doing him 1000 damage.
(1100/1700) I set Big Shield Gardna in defense and ended. Seeing how he had no hand when he drew, I flipped Drop Off to keep it that way. Quite angered he began literally cussing me out. I was appauled that an opponent would behave in such a way.

This is where I make my point folks. When you OR your opponent make a good move, do NOT overreact. Complement them and tell them it was a good move.
However, do not patronize them. You have to mind your manners when dueling, regardless of whether you win or lose.

For those of you who are curious, here's how the match ended. He tried atk. but I revealed Negate Attack. I draw and set Scapegoat face-down. He plays Lightning Vortex and a 5th monster a Gemini Elf, I chain with Scapegoat but my
4 tokens don't stand up to his 5 monsters. Oh, well! :)

Now, for today's trivia question.

When Joey is dueling Bandit Keith in the Quarterfinals of the Duelist Kingdom tournament, what monster is shown by Joey's Garoozis in the closeup shot of him after he destroys Keith's Launcher Spider.

Now, I need to know what monster they show, AND what monster it SHOULD be.

Hint: The monster is in defense mode.

Also, I'm feeling sporty so here's a SECOND question. In the episode Shining Friendship, Tea battles Mai for 5 Starchips so Yugi can enter the castle.

However, when Tea "wins" how many starchips are shown in her hands before Yugi takes them?

Please feel free to contact me with anything @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

That does it for today, until next time, you stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~



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