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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Mini-Article (My thoughts on the new banned list)


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all!

Today I bring you a mini-article. It's also a follow up article really. I gave my thoughts on what I'd like to see on and off the banned list, and well...some I hit right on. Some I couldn't have been farther off.

First, let's take a look at what is NEWLY banned.

Makyura the Destructor--One I didn't see coming, and I really don't think this is necessary. I think a restriction would have been plenty.

Reason for banning 4.75/10 I can see why, but a restriction would've made more sense.

Fiber Jar--This one I didn't necessarily see coming, but I won't complain. The effect of Fiber Jar at the right, or wrong time even, can be devestating.

Reason for banning 9.25/10

Magical Scientist--HEY, I PICKED THIS ONE!!! Obviously, this was to stop the FTK and OTK decks in their tracks. Yay, Konami made a GOOD move.

Reason for banning 10/10 all the way!

Mirage of Nightmare--Well, this will definately hurt some of the Chaos and Cookie decks, hmm? I'm mixed about this, I'm glad, yet not. They couldn't have just banned it from Chaos decks?

Reason for banning 8.75/10 I see it...yet not.

Confiscation--Now, I didn't see this one either, but I didn't see Delinquent Duo coming off, and that DID happen. This has a bit more power as you see the opponents hand.

Reason for banning (if Delinquent Duo stayed banned) 9.5/10 Reason for banning (since Delinquent Duo is available again) 10/10

The Forceful Sentry--Even though it had been restricted before, few people, at least in my area used it. It was traded away so fast and they didn't care.
Until someone beat them with it.

Reason for banning 9.0/10

Change of Heart--YAY! I got 2 right...I think this was a great idea. He who missed the 2004 list is swept away this time. It helps stop some tribute heavy decks and forces experienced players to think outside the box and find something else. Enemy Controller anyone?

Reason for banning 10/10

Butterfly Dagger--Elma--I think this card was severely overestimated by Konami.
Jaelove was very right about this, the ban of Elma was premature and without much merit.

Reason for banning 3.25/10

Sixth Sense--I can see this and why it was banned, but I had no idea it would come so soon. Since this, and Makyura are banned, is that really necessary?
Restricitng one and banning the other well...

Reason for banning with Makyura gone 4.5/10 Reason for banning if Makyura returns 7.5/10 Reason for Restricting if Makyura is banned 9.5/10


D.D. Warrior Lady--Even those who run her are glad to see her go. There is a good reason she was cut to 1, simply put, she is freakish power, raw freakish power and needed a restraint.

Reason for restricting 10/10

Sangan--YAY, I saw this one too. Anyway, I'm glad to have A searcher back. He can search for Exodia pieces, Cyber Jar, Big Shield Gardna, etc...However, did we give Exodia decks TOO much power back?

Reason for re-restricing 8.5/10

Mirror Force--Was this brought back because so many people complained and were unhappy? Now we all have one more thing to worry about, and I liked not having to worry about it. However, I like using one again too...

Reason for re-restricing 7.75/10

Lightning Vortex--With Raigeki still gone, this card obviously was going to be restricted, as I had predicted. (YAY 3 RIGHT!!!!!) This is probably the single reason Mirror Force was allowed to return.

Reason for restricting 10/10

United We Stand--Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see this card back, however...Mage Power should've been banned since United We Stand came back. I don't believe it's fair to have both on some power-house and only ONE Mystical Space Typhoon.

Reason for re-restricting with Mage Power still out and only 1 MST 5.5/10 Reason for re-restricting with NO Mage Power and 1 MST 7.5/10 Reason for re-restricting with NO Mage Power and 2 or more MST 9.75/10

Graceful Charity--Yay, more draw power...or is it yay? Exodia decks with this and Pot of Greed got some major power back. Perhaps banning Painful Choice and/or Back-up Soldier would've made more sense with this.

Reason for re-restricting 6.5/10
Reason for re-restricting (neglecting Exodia decks) 8.75/10

Delinquent Duo--Well, I'm glad to see it back, and getting rid of Confiscation made sense too, but, is there enough counter to bring this back? Most people seem to have been happier the other way.

Reason for re-restricting 3.75/10
Reason for re-restricting with Confiscation gone 7.75/10

Sacred Phoenix of Nephyths--Konami must've anticipated some HUGE abuse with this card, since Flaming Entity comes out this weekend and this is already on the list. The effect has a built in Harpie's Feather Duster just by having Dark Hole or others destroy it.

Reason for restricting 7/10 (for now, I'll get one and play test it and see)

Deck Devestation Virus--Again, from Flaming Entity...I can see this restricted, and with good reason. Just think...3 of these in a row is NINE turns that you can have your opponent whittled away, and you can probably do it a LOT faster.

Reason for restricting 9.5/10


Abyss Soldier--I can see this, he's a very powerful disruptor if you keep him on the field, more of him, means multiple returns. Sick and wrong in a water deck...

Reason for semi-limiting 10/10
Reason for restricting him 12/10

He should've been limited folks

Dark Scorpion--Chick the Yellow I really see NO point to this one whatsoever.
Why? Even if powered up by an Axe, he won't last that long and there are much better ban/restrict options.

Reason for semi-limiting 2.25/10

Emergency Provisions--Well, let's think. You have 50 lifepoints. 4 useless spells in your hand and you draw this. Set all 4 cards and play this, you gain 4000 lifepoints. Your opponent for whatever reason flips a Cyber Jar and you get 4 more useless spells or traps and another one of these. Repeat once more.
Suddenly, you're at 12050 lifepoints.

Reason for semi-limiting 4.5/10

I can see it, but it wasn't necessary

Gravity Bind--This helps hurt stall decks and slows them down all at the same time. However, they aren't that big of a threat anyway, so it wasn't really necessary.

Reason for semi-limiting 2.75/10

Level Limit-Area B--Well, 2 of these, 2 Gravity Binds, yet only ONE Mystical Space Typhoon. Why couldn't that have been semi-restricted? Your opponent has both of these out and you have one MST, you choose???

Reason for semi-limiting 6.5/10 I can see it, it does have some power.

Night Assailant--This is a card I'd been growing quite fond of lately. Three of these is amazing, when one is really all you need. This card should've been limited, plain and simple because the effect COULD be game-breaking.

Reason for semi-limiting 8.5/10
Reason for restricting 9.75/10

Upstart Goblin--I think this card was QUITE good where it was being restricted.
It's like Konami was trying to turn this into draw central with the exception of Mirage of Nightmare being banned.

Reason for semi-limiting 1.5/10 It wasn't necessary

Vampire Lord--This may have been the single biggest mistake of the banned list with the exception of Delinquent Duo. TWO Vampire Lords could allow Zombies to run rampant even with BLS out there.

Reason for semi-limiting 0/10 It was simply a mistake

Good Goblin Housekeeping--Well it draws, thins, and recycles, but was this necessary at all? Not really. I guess Konami may have feared it as a temporary Mirage of Nightmare?

Reason for semi-limiting 4.5/10 Not needed really, but not a god-awful choice


How did these cards get by

Tribe Infecting Virus--We got Mirror Force back, we have Lightning Vortex, they took Magical Scientist, but we still have Tribe because...

Reason for keeping 0/10

Sinister Serpent

We were given Graceful Charity back, got to keep Painful Choice, so he's still here why?

Reason for keeping (with Graceful Charity being here) 0/10

Painful Choice

I'm not terribly upset about this one, but it would've been cool and all, especially for a few nameless decks.

Reason for leaving 5.5/10

Spirit Reaper

Not banned, not limited, not even SEMI limited...WHY. Two, or even one would've been more than enough.

Reason for leaving 3 with 2 Vampire Lords 0/10 Reason for leaving 3 0/10

Levia Dragon--Daedalus

Abyss Soldier got semi-limited, and they couldn't even LIMIT this guy. It makes no real sense, sorry to say.

Reason for leaving 3 to run rampant in a water deck 0/10

Black Luster Soldier--Envoy of the Beginning

CED is making his 2nd trip through banned world, it seems only fair to give his little brother a chance too.

Reason for keeping (even though I like and use him) 0/10

Well, those are my two cents, and it was nice to vent. Hope I didn't offend anyone. Please, e-mail me your comments, opinions, questions, or whatever else @ tsearcy@lssu.edu Next week, I'll have a deck constructed, a new trivia, the previous winners and whatever other zaniness I throw in.


You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~


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