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Dark Paladin's Dimension
And the winner is...(and a nifty little contest too)

Greetings again to one and all,

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of you who voted. Now, I was amazed with how close this was. The top 3 decks were A Legendary Ocean, Ritual Monster XXXXX, and Exodia Necross respectively. There were less than 10 votes separating the three decks. Anyway...

A Legendary Ocean deck hmm...I had quite the time constructing this deck, and played around with it for many hours. Here's what I ended up with.

*A Legendary Ocean will be referred to as ALO for the duration of the article*

Just a quick couple of notes...

Gogiga Gagagigo is powerful with 2950 attack but being Level 8, even ALO doesn't help him. He isn't necessary for the deck.

Also, I recommend running ALOx3 instead of some combination of ALO and Umi. Umi isn't as good, and if you get it first, you must get RID of it before you can play ALO.

Finally, if you send me an e-mail, calling me Dark Paladin is fine. I find it flattering it that some of you say "Mr. Paladin, Mr. Dark Paladin, Mr....SIR..."....Dark Paladin will suffice. :)

Monsters x18

Cyber Jar--This card gives you added draw power and deck thinning. It also give you the possibility of swarming (or being swarmmed I suppose...)

Magician of Faith x 2

She'll help bring back a lost ALO card or whatever other spell you may have lost. She can be a valuable asset in this deck. (Yes x2, you'll see why

Penguin Soldier

If you prefer this card over Nightmare Penguin, run 2 of it instead. The difference is an extra monster return, and no field bonus. Or, spice things up and try to run one of each.

Nightmare Penguin x2

This card is like a cousin to Penguin Soldier. It only returns ONE card to your opponent's hand, but gives your monsters 200 more attack points. So, Giga Gagagigo plus this, plus ALO equals a 2850 level 4 powerhouse :)

Abyss Soldier

One of the promos from Capsule Monster Colliseum. This guy becomes a Level 3 2000 attacker with ALO out, and 1800 Level 4 alone. He doesn't have a flip effect making him faster then both Penguins. He merely has a discard cost.
Give him a try if you can get one.

Tribe Infecting Virius

The ONLY way I see this hurting you is IF you're playing against ALO deck. Odds are, that isn't going to happen. He becomes 1800 Level 3 with ALO, and he still has that rather wicked effect.

Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness x3

Fairly solid on their own also, being 1800-1500 for Level 4 monsters. Or, use your 7 Colored Fishes, Giant Red Seasnakes, whatever floats your boat :)

Gagagigo x3

This is a common and easily accessible monster. It has 1850 attack points and is Level 4. ALO boosts it to a Level 3 2050 attacker. Water beatdown...

Giga Gagagigo

Let the water beatdown continue...2450 for 1 tribute isn't awful, but ALO makes this guy a 2650 Level 4. Isn't that nuts? One of these guys has quite a bit of field control, hmm?

Mobius the Frost Monarch

He matches Jinzo in terms of attack strength, and he is still Level 5 with ALO out. Meaning, you can still cash in on his effect. This card helps add some needed s/t control and removal.

Levia Dragon--Daedalus x2

Two of these powerhouses, plus two Giga Gagagigo is more than enough Tribute monsters and enough field control. This guy is the watered-down version of CED, he just doesn't do any damage. However, a 2600 direct attack is nearly
1/3 of your opponents total lifepoints.

(small rant starting) Feel free to try your own combination with monsters here.
I'm very well aware there is NO Legendary Frisherman, and no Suijin. These are the monsters I chose for Tributes, so have fun building it your way. For instance, you could try one Giga Gagagigo, one Levia Dragon, one Legendary Fisherman, and one Suijin. HAVE FUN, just DO NOT YELL AT ME!!! (end rant)

Spells x16

A Legendary Ocean x3

Mystical Space Typhoon--What can I say? An added s/t trap destroier hurts a deck how? Just kidding, of course, by all means use this card.

Change of Heart--Here, this card can be used offensively or defensively.
Whether you're using it to tribute for a stronger monster (Levia) or just to switch a Beserk Gorilla to defense mode.

Swords of Revealing Light--I found this card added some much needed defense to the deck. I just couldn't seem to get the right stuff fast enough :(

Nobleman of Crossout--This card adds some defense against your opponents Cyber or Fiber Jar or Man Eater Bugs. (Also, whatever else you happen to destroy.

Salvage x2

This card is a nice monster reuse card. Simply put, it does exactly as the name suggests. You can bring your Penguins back with this and tell me that doesn't help...

Painful Choice--Now, this card is optional, but picture this...You choose all 3 A Legendary Ocean cards and 2 Magican of Faiths. You're guarenteed to get one no matter what happens. This will help add some speed and deck thinning.

Pot of Greed--This, like Painful Choice, will also add some deck thinning and draw speed.

Reload/Card Destruction--Take your pick, or run both. I actually found Card Destruction worked better in this deck but experiment a little. Both give you a new hand.

Scapegoat--These can help you buy a little time or simply be used as defense.
This card fits well here.

Premature Burial--It's also nice to revive a fallen monster. Not much more to say about this card.

Monster Reincarnation--I found this card fit beautifully in this deck. Since some cards (Tribe Infecting Virus, Abyss Soldier, etc.) have discard costs, activate this, then (TIV or Abyss's) effect, then at least you get a monster back too :)

Mirage of Nightmare--Now, some of you are going to say, Mirage of Nightmare AND Painful Choice? Well, yes, I believe this deck should have both. Again, this greatly speeds up the deck and is good for your discards.

Traps x7

Torrential Tribute

This adds some massive field clearing to (hopefully) give you some field advantage. Use it wisely so you don't end up getting swarmed however.

7 Tools of the Bandit

This handy trap should be kept on standby just in case your opponent tries to Magic Jammer (or whatnot) your ALO.

Waboku x2

A little added protection never hurts, and I suggest running 2 or 3 of these as opposed to Tornado Wall. Tornado Wall is ONLY useful when Umi or ALO is on the field. Otherwise, it's dead weight in your hand, and on the field. (Again, play with it, see what works for YOU!)

Ring of Destruction/Magic Cylinder

A RoD won't hurt this deck in my opinion. I see it as a great game winner after you summon your Levia. Magic Cylinder goes the same way. I used both in the deck I play-tested, and I was glad I had them.

Call of the Haunted--I enjoy running this, and another from of Monster renewal.

This gives you a nice looking deck of 41 cards with a decent ratio. Let me know how it goes for anyone who tries it out.


Now, here is my little contest and put some deep, serious thought into this. I am giving you all until this Friday, February 4th at 12:00 p.m. to give me the most original deck idea you can think of. I am not giving you any choices, so think hard. Think of any monster, or any card for that matter, you'd like a deck built around. The card with the highest count will win and I will build a deck around it.

That's all for now

As always, feel free to contact me @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

I am answering all e-mails, I got a bit lagged over the weekend with work, (24 hours in 3 days) so I'm getting back to them as promptly as possible.

You stay class, planet Earth

~Dark Paladin~


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