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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
7 Trials to Glory Review & Thoughts on the Next Ban List

Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all!

Today, I come to you with a brief article about two things. One, yesterday 7 Trials to Glory came out and I bought it. I played it far too much in a 24 hour time span and would like to give you a brief review and my thoughts on the game. Secondly, I'm going to give my thoughts on the next banned list. Or, as Pook said all too well, create a little controversy of my own.

Secondly, my next article will go up Wednesday, and that's when a deck will be built and reviewed. Also, the names of everyone who answered my questions correctly will be put up in that article. If I did it now, I'd have to do it again in the next one, so, those who answered correctly, you aren't forgotten.
In the same manner, there is NO trivia question at the end of this article, sorry guys.

Dark Paladin's Review of Yugioh: 7 Trials to Glory Worldwide Edition 2005

First, let's look at price. This game has only been out for two days now.
Living in the small rural community I do, it was a 20 minute drive to town.
First, I checked Wal-Mart at approximately 1:15 p.m. They informed me they sold their's out in about an hour and would get more in two days. Next I tried our K-Mart which hadn't even gotten the game yet. Thirdly, I tried Sam Goody and they had a copy. Price--$39.95. For a new game, even for a GBA, that's a fair price.

Price 8/10

Graphics: The graphics in this game aren't anything terrible special. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are OK, but none seem to be all that oohh or aahh!
I believe Worldwide Edition 2003 had a better graphic design personally. Also, when you play a field magic card, the field doesn't change color as it did in WWE 2003.

Graphics 5.5/10

Gameplay: Well, in 2003 which is currently my favorite of WWE 2003, WWE 2004, and WWE 2005 you don't walk around, just simply move the pointer and choose whom you want to duel. In WWE 2004, you have the duelists in that top row bar and have to defeat each a number of times to unlock new duelists. In WWE 2005, you actually have a person a roam amongst a little map. This gives the game a bit more of an RPG type feeling. You can duel anyone you see by simply pressing the "R" button. Some of the TV anime regulars you can duel right away are Joey, Tristan, Bakura, and Yugi (not Yami.) I found it odd to see (good) Bakura instantly since his evil Spirit is on the game cover apparently being the bad guy? I like the ability to walk around and challenge people as I please. Also, instead of getting a pack of 5 cards after winning a duel, you get DP or Duelist Points. You save these points to buy cards (boosters) at Mr.
Moto's (Yugi's Grandpa) card shop. Also, there is a password feature, but in WWE 2003 its free. Here, it isn't. It costs 1000 DP to use, and if you enter it wrong, you can NOT enter it again. Each code may only be entered once.
When you start the game, you start with 3000 DP, but you have to buy a starter deck from Mr. Moto. You are given the choice between Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey for starters. These starters are identical to their original old school starters almost. (Yugi's and Kaiba's are nothing close to the evolution ones.) Joey's is the best in my opinion, but you can preview them before you buy them. Also, you can go to your characters "home" and rest. Doing so will save, but turning off your GBA at anytime will also instantly send you home and save. Finally, as for the ban list, there are two cards from the ban list that are banned each week. These cards alternate every seven days. When I first started, it was Monster Reborn and Change of Heart.

Gameplay: I still like WWE 2003 better, but this is better than WWE 2004.

Promos: The 3 promos were Mind Control, Kaibaman, and Silent Swordsman Lvl 7

Mind Control, in my opinion is a totally worthless card. It's a very weak, watered down Change of Heart. You can take control of one of your opponent's monsters until the end phase. The monster can't attack or be tributed. It isn't even quickplay so you couldn't use it as defense for an attack.

Kaibaman is a great card in a Kaiba or BEWD themed deck. By sacrificing him, you can special summon a Blue Eyes White Dragon from your hand. A bit better than Kaiser Sea Horse because it's a Special Summon but a bit worse in Kaiser works for all Light Monsters.

Silent Swordsman Lvl 7 is another Level card but as we don't have Lvl 3 or Lvl 5 he can't be summoned. This makes him about as useful to us as Blue Eyes Shining Dragon currently.

Promos: 8/10

7 Trials to Glory: 30/40 or a C

It isn't a bad game, and as I continue to play, the score may go up.

Now, time for my thoughts on the next banned list. I'm taking this a step or two farther than Pook however. I'm going with what should be taken off the list, put on the list, restricted, and semi-restricted.

Also, I sent an e-mail to UDE who said the banned list will be updated sometime in March, that's really SOON :) but he didn't know what was going to happen.
So, we'll just have to wait and see. Here are my thoughts.

Cards I'd like to see Off the List

a) Graceful Charity--I don't like the fact that we lost our best draw card. The took Monster Reborn to get rid of the bump and dump so why'd we lose this card?

b) Sangan--Not as powerful as his sister Witch of the Black Forest but we should be allowed to have one searcher, shouldn't we? Besides, I miss him and so do...Exodia decks?

c) Delinquent Duo--I was so angry with this banned. It is a powerful disruption card that really can screw with your opponent, but it's also one of the funnest cards to play in Yugioh.

Cards I'd like to see On the List

a) Heavy Storm--In my opinion in made no sense to do Harpie's Feather Duster and not Heavy Storm. They did Raigeki AND Dark Hole, but left Torrential Tribute since it was a trap and slower. Why do we still have Heavy Storm?

b) Injection Fairy Lily--This card doesn't see the abuse it use to, but come on.
We all know it would be nice to have a break for the 3400 attacker who can devestate you even under Gravity Bind.

c) Sinister Serpent--By banning this, we allow Graceful Charity to come back.
Also, this free discard has probably been used and abused by nearly every duelist ever.

d) Spirit Reaper--I wasn't originally going to ban this one, just restrict it but I thought about it. Even in a non-zombie deck, this thing can be one annoying pesky critter. He has too much power, and we don't need any permanent walls.

e) Maruading Captain--This guy with his lock ability and extra summon ability is way to much of a powerhouse in a Warrior deck. You could even pull it off outside of a Warrior deck.

f) Magical Scientist--Here's the one you'll all be sending hate mail for. Don't get me wrong, he's a great card. Don't get me wrong, I have a Magical Scientist deck. We all know banning him for a while would help put a fresh perspective on Yugioh.

g) Painful Choice--Well, Graceful Charity had it's turn, so let's bring it back and take Painful Choice away. It seems only fair right, this is a card that helps summon the BLS-Envoy easier which is unnecessary.

h) Change of Heart--Time to ban another old school card. There are plenty of other options out there like say...Soul Exchange, Enemy Controller and the like, right?

i) Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning--Since CED and Yata both got banned, even though he isn't as strong, he deserves his turn on the list too.
Banning him and Magical Scientist would allow some much needed originality to come forth.

Restricted (1 per deck)

a) Lightning Vortex--This card isn't even out yet, but you can bet it will be restricted if not banned. This is Raigeki's little brother, just with a discard cost.

b) Divine Wrath--Running three of these in a deck is sick and wrong, simply put.
Negating and destroying the effect of any flip monster--your Jars, your Man Eater Bug, your Magician of Faith, etc.

c) Levia-Dragon Daedalus--This is Chaos Emperor Dragon's younger slightly less destructive cousin. Being able to directly attack for 2600, that could be more than CED would've done after his A-Bomb went off. This thing is a field clearer and needs restriction.

d) Enemy Controller--This would most-likely become the new Change of Heart and would instantly become restricted. Three of these in a deck could be quite deadly.

e) Command Knight--I initially thought of doing Command Knight with Maruading Captain for being banned, but banning him and restricting her seemed good enough. She can be just as bad as the Cap'n except while he creates a lock, she only does if you have another Command Knight on the field.

f) Solar Flare Dragon--This card being only a common is simply amazing. If you had 3 on the field in a pyro burn deck, your opponent can't attack and he or she will lose 1500 lifepoints a turn. That's SICK and WRONG!

Semi-Restricted (2 per deck)

a) Mystical Space Typhoon--Since Heavy Storm would be banned, it seems only logical to give people another resource. One more Cyclone...I mean MST should do.

b) 7 Tools of the Bandit--This along with the next one are to simply reduce spell and trap removal. By doing so I beleive we add a little bit more fear to the game and a bit more competition.

c) Magic Jammer--As I said, simply for the same reasons as 7 Tools of the Bandit. I don't actually have anything against these cards, just cutting them down might help a bit I believe.

Well, that's all and I hope everyone who reads this doesn't hate me for expressing my opinion.

Please, PLEASE, do not, DO NOT, send hate mail. Sending me an e-mail with your opinion of me being wrong or whatnot is fine, just be civil, not hateful.

For those of you who actually will still talk to me, e-mail me @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~



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