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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Metal Raiders--does its score Raid?


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all!

Today I bring you a review of the set Metal Radiers. I also apologize for the horrible pun in the title of my article, so yea...

Also, I'll rate cards on how they may have been rated THEN, and how they fit into play NOW.

As with the last set, we'll start by looking at the Secret Rares:

Secret Rares:

Gate Guardian
Thousand Dragon

Gate Guardian: Yea...well, we saw Para and Dox use it on the show pretty successfully, but it's not so easy in the real world. For those who do or ever have made a successful GG deck, good for you.

Rating (Then): 3.5/5 Many people who got it and the pieces tried to make the deck playable.

Rating: (Now) 1.5/5 Not completely useless, has potential and power, just hard to utilize.

Thousand Dragon: Just why, someone please tell me why Joey's pitiful card that was made a fusion for some reason got to be a secret rare.

Rating: (Then) 1.0/5
Rating: (Now) 1.0/5

Secret Rare Average (Then): 2.25/5

Secret Rare Average (Now): 1.25/5

Ultra Rares:

Summoned Skull
Black Skull Dragon
Change of Heart
Time Wizard
Barrel Dragon
Horn of Heaven
7 Tools of the Bandit
Solemn Judgment
Magic Jammer
Mirror Force

As in Legend of BEWD, many of the Ultras are character cards from the anime.

Summoned Skull: An excellent 1 tribute powerhouse at 2500. Dark and Fiend friendly.

Rating (Then): 4.0/5
Rating (Now): 3.0/5

Black Skull Dragon: A powerful fusion, and it's so easy to summon REBD now or even just use King of the Swamp or even Metamorphosis.

Rating (Then): 3.5/5
Rating (Now): 2.5/5

Change of Heart: Steal an opponent's monster, face up or down, and keep it for one turn with no cost.

Rating (Then): 5.0/5
Rating (Now): 5.0/5 (It's banned remember)

Time Wizard: Joey's favortie card which he has only had backfire once against Bonz back in Duelist Kingdom if I recall correctly. What a waste of an UR slot.

Rating (Then): 2.0/5
Rating (Now): 1.0/5

Barrel Dragon: A character card of Bandit Keith, that is a 2600 level 7 Dark monster with a deadly effect. It could backfire, but was beaten by Blowback Dragon from AST.

Rating (Then): 4.5/5
Rating (Now): 3.0/5

Horn of Heaven: Well, we saw Yugi use it against Bakura in Duelist Kingdom, but it has one hefty price just to destroy one monster. Not that great.

Rating (Then): 2.5/5
Rating (Now): 1.0/5

7 Tools of the Bandit: Great at the time, but seldom seen ran anymore.
Negating a trap for 1000 lifepoints can be worth it.

Rating (Then): 3.5/5
Rating (Now): 1.5/5

Solemn Judgment: An excellent card we just recently did a CotD review on.
Check my review for my opinon.

Rating (Then): 4.0/5
Rating (Now): 4.5/5

Magic Jammer: A card used everywhere before, and only by few now, we see a lot more Spell Shield Type 8 and the like today.

Rating (Then): 3.5/5
Rating (Now): 2.0/5

Mirror Force: Honestly, what do you want me to say about this card?

Rating (Then): 5.0/5
Rating (Now): 5.0/5 (It WAS Banned)

Ultra Rare Average (Then): 3.75/5

Ultra Rare Average (Now): 2.85/5

Super Rares:

Harpie Lady Sisters
Tribute to the Doomed
Catapult Turtle
Garnecia Elefantis
Heavy Storm


Harpie Lady Sisters: Just why, Harpie decks aren't very successful, then OR now.

Rating: 1.0/5 (both formats)

Sanga and Kazejin: 2 of the GG pieces which were quite anticipated at the time and aren't seen anywhere hardly today.

Rating (Then): 3.0/5
Rating (Now): 1.0/5

Suijin: I separated Suijin because it's actually a decent tribute choice in ALO deck.

Rating (Then): 3.0/5
Rating (Now): 2.0/5

Tribute to the Doomed: Another card that was quite abused as Monster Removal at the time, but doesn't get used as much today.

Rating (Then): 3.5/5
Rating (Now): 2.5/5

Kuriboh: Another Yugi character card that saves him more often as the series goes by and is essentially the reason he defeated Pegasus.

Rating (Then): 2.5/5
Rating (Now): 1.5/5

Catapult Turtle: What a card...not used all that much at the time, but some OTK and FTK were figured out involving Magical Scientist (which is currently

Rating (Then): 2.0/5
Rating (Now): 4.0/5

Garnecia Elefantis: An easier to obtain Red Eyes Black Dragon, that's enough to say.

Rating: 1.0/5 (both formats)

Heavy Storm: Our first mass spell/trap destruction and still in use today.

Rating (Then): 3.5/5
Rating (Now): 4.5/5

Super Rare Average (Then): 2.16/5

Super Rare Average (Now): 1.95/5

Rare Cards:

Mask of Darkness
White Magical Hat
Masked Sorcerer
Elegant Egotist
Magician of Faith
Fake Trap
Great Moth
Princess of Tsurgi
Shadow Ghoul
Cannon Soldier
Muka Muka
Star Boy
Milus Radient
Dark Elf
Witch of the Black Forest
Little Chimera
Blade Fly
Witch's Apprentice
Shield & Sword
Robbin Goblin

As with the last set, the Rares and Commons really hurt the set until about Pharoh's Servant (PSV) but I will review them anyway. I'll go over some notable Rares that don't deserve a 1/5.

Magician of Faith: Retriving a magic card simply by a flip effect is awesome.

Rating: 4.0/5 (both formats)

Sangan: A great searcher, second only to WotBF and is great in nearly all decks.

Rating: 4.0/5 (both formats)

Cannon Soldier: A great burn card and gaining more power all the time.

Rating (Then): 3.5/5
Rating (Now): 4.0/5

Dark Elf: This is reviewed more for THEN because a 2000 attack level 4 is good, especially at the time, despite the cost.

Rating (Then): 3.0/5
Rating (Now): 1.0/5

Witch of the Black Forest: Best searcher in the game, and is currently banned I believe.

Ratings: 4.5/5 (both formats)

Rare Average (Then): 1.64/5

Rare Average (Now): 1.55/5

Short Print cards worth mentioning:

Thunder Dragon: One of it not the most underrated tribute monsters in the game.

Rating: 3.0/5 (Now)

Commons worth mentioning: None really in this set, but there will be some as sets progress:

Metal Raiders Set Average (Then): 2.45/5

Metal Raiders Set Average (Now): 2.65/5

So, then a 2.45 gets the set a C-
but, now a 2.65 gets the set a C+

As a reference, here is the grading scale as to where the score lands the set grade wise.

4.6-5.0 = A

4.1-4.5 = A-

3.6-4.0 = B+

3.1-3.5 = B-

2.6-3.0 = C+

2.1-2.5 = C-

1.6-2.0 = D+

1.1-1.5 = D-

1.0 or lower = uh-oh

On a quick Recap

Legend of BEWD set: 2.10/5 = C-
Metal Raiders set: 2.60/5 = C+

Be looking for my next set review, which will be Magic Ruler (I will NOT call it Spell Ruler *shudders*)

I hope you enjoyed this, and if you need to contact me about anything, please do @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

Also, on a brief note, the picture of me in the CotD section and in my article section was taken last summer. It is one of my senior pictures, what do you think of it?

Until next time, you stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~



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