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The Dark Sanctuary
 "Just Relax"
by Dark Necrophi

7.05.07  -  So I am back to write articles again. It has been a long time, has it not? I could go on about how busy I have been, or why I have not written in so very long. I could also talk about politics or economics, actually, I could not, as this is a yugioh site. However I would not want to write about that anyway and I doubt you would want to read it. No, I am here to write about yugioh, or rather the state of the current game. Though not the "metagame" as it as known. Rather, I intend to write about the players, or rather, the attitudes of said players. As the general attitude of the majority of the players is considerably deplorable. Anyway, the article should begin, I think, by making clear that I am not taking any sides on any arguments that I might mention, rather I am pointing out the folly of even having said arguments and think the whole thing is rather ridiculous. If anyone uses anything I say in some attempt to put forth any such debate as "originality" vs "cookie cutter", I will have to smite them. But I digress, the article.

It seems to me, that a lot of the magic of the game has been lost, or at least obscured. Some would say it has to do with the sets not being as good. But aside from IoC and a few others. For the most part sets have mostly themed cards from the show, few of which are well… for lack of a better word "good". Some would say the game has gone downhill because of GX, well, of course that's part of it, but only a small part. I think a lot of the excitement, a lot of the spark is gone because people have become jaded. It's not the fault of Konami, Sheuisha, or UDE. Sure, they might have contributed a little, however, if you are looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.

The problem with the game is the attitudes of the people playing it, that's right, YOU. Far too often people make such a big deal out of the game, they get so bent out of shape, that the reason they started playing in the first place gets obscured, and that spark, that excitement, it dies. Yes, its still there, but at the same time it's not, a lot of the fun is gone, and things just get dull, so very dull.

We all started playing for a number of different reasons, a lot of use started playing because we watched the show, and enjoyed watching the loudmouth with the new york accent, the flamboyant drama queen, the timid nice guy, the effeminate guy with the weird eye, the maniacal psychopath out for revenge, or the arrogant tech obsessed guy who's little brother was always in trouble. We enjoyed watching all the various monsters, and we wanted those cards, we wanted to play the game like the people in the show, those were better days, days when we cared more about having fun, than whether our deck was original or cc, or whether it fit certain rules, or whether we would impress a bunch of people on the internet or not. Some of us started for different reasons, some because their friends played, some because they just liked strategy games, some just because they were bored. But at the core of it all, the main reason was just to have fun, to relax and play some card games.

However over time it seems that simple goal has been obscured, and people have become obsessed, rather than passionate. Instead of playing to have fun (whether it be by competition) or just a few games with their friends were rules are of secondary importance and the decks have rather hilarious themes, they instead feel the need to degrade others for their own way of having fun. I see so many people getting bent out of shape because of a little constructive criticism.

I see people getting upset because someone else will not accept their criticism. I see people constantly getting annoyed and getting all over someone's back because they decided to try some new tech. And others get mad because others aren't trying new tech, and simply using what already works. I see so many people put down others for their unorthodox decks, and the same side (while complaining) put down others for their more mainstream decks. It's hypocrisy at its finest, from both sides.

The simple point to all this is that it is just a game. Just a card game for kids and teenagers, so that they can have fun. And people turn it into a "serious business", when in truth, it really isn't.
Even if you do win at an SJC or regionals, you're still not getting that much. Why? Because it is a kid's game, you want to make money go play poker or vs. Sure, sounds harsh right? Look, I'm not degrading those who want to play it for competition, some people get their fun out of competition, I enjoy it myself, and I've been to an SJC before.

My point is that people just take it too seriously. Let's look at the other side, they sit their and whine and moan and complain because their "original" decks don't win serious competitions, that's because your "original" decks are made to have fun in a different way. You guys are just as serious about the game, but in a different way. There will always be those few deck types that win big, that's just part of the game, and you might as well get used to it. If your decks won serious competitions, they wouldn't be original anymore? So why complain? Why feel the need to put down other people's fun? It's really rather ridiculous, you play your way, let them play their way, and stop complaining because they use "cookie cutter".

Both sides, as far as I am concerned, need to lay off, and if the game is so serious to them, they should try another hobby, like a sport, something a lot more serious. And if you are so bothered by people why are, as you would probably say "uncreative", go take an art class, so you can put all that creativity to better use. Just please stop bashing others, and taking the game so seriously, please stop getting so bent out of shape. Please stop whining and complaining, and flaming everyone else because they do things differently than you. Please keep in mind that Yugioh is for FUN, and just have fun. Just relax.

I intend to write regularly again, and hope to have another article by next week. After this one is posted, I will post a thread to get ideas. Don't get hurt if I don't take your idea, it's nothing personal. If I find an idea I like I will write an article about it next week, if I don't find one I like I will think up a topic to write about.

If you wish to contact me regarding my article, then email me at tesseract_traveler@yahoo.com, or pm Dark Necrophia on the Pojo.com message boards. See you all next week, and remember, just relax.

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