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Dark Maltos's Dueling Dome
THE Dark Magician Deck

March 1, 2006

Greetings one and all. It seems people liked my last article, although im not getting as many responses as I’d like. I want to hear you responses, and I want to know where I need to improve.

The Dark Magician deck is a variant on the actual spell caster deck , utilising the key cards of the spell caster genre with the Dark Magician himself, who often serves as a big 2500 attacker. Typically, the Dark Magician deck often revolves around many different ways of summoning him to the field, and then using him to use other effects. The less tournament worthy decks often run cards like Dark Magician girl, Dark Magic Attack, Sages Stone as well as the various other Nomi monsters that the Dark Magician has developed over the years. Although in minority these cards can prove both enjoyable to play as well as effective, in more streamlined decks they can lead to very clogged hands. Bad top decks, and lack of field presence is often the downfall of every Dark Magician deck.

Well anyway, as promised this is the Dark Magician Deck that I’m currently using as we speak:

Monsters (20)

Dark Magician (x3)

Skilled Dark Magician (x2)
Peten the Dark Clown (x3)
Apprentice Magician (x3)
Magician of Faith
Breaker the Magical Warrior
DD Warrior Lady
Exiled Force
Morphing Jar
Cyber Jar
Spirit Reaper

Spells (14)

Magical Dimension (x3)
Dark Hole
Heavy Storm
Swords of Revealing Light
Pre Mature Burial
Giant Trunade
Creature Swap
Snatch Steal
Nobleman of Crossout
Mystical space typhoon
Lightning Vortex

Traps (6)

Call of the Haunted
Torrential Tribute
Dust Tornado
Magic Cylinder
Royal Decree

Quite basic, to say the least. The deck basically uses cards like Peten and Apprentice magician to try and ensure a spell caster is on the field as often as possible, in order to abuse the 3 Magical dimensions. Some key cards include :

Magical Dimension :

Singularly the only reason the deck works at all. Potentially the most versatile card in the GAME both being useful for spell caster OTK, as well as throwing off the timing for pain - in - the - rear Torrential Tributes and Bottomless trap holes. It also negates targeting cards like Sakurtsu and Exiled force when used correctly.

Unfortunately it can be a real bad top deck, often leading to scenarios when multiples are drawn and there is an absence of spell casters either on the field or in the hand.

Peten the Dark Clown :

Most, if not all spell caster users avoid Peten at all costs and refuse to even run him, just because of a timing issue, preferring Apprentice Magician instead. I tell you now that Peten is far superior, not only statistically, but also effect wise. Peten gains his effect when destroyed in battle, much like Apprentice magician, but he can also get his effect in in many other ways as well, not forgetting his sheer abuse ability with Magical Dimension as Peten not only deck thins and summons another copy of himself, he also comes face up. In my experience, Peten has saved me countless more times than Apprentice Magician because of its sheer abusability with Magical Dimension.

Unfortunately, every so often the timing issue does occur, leaving the deck with copies of Peten that can be virtually useless.

Skilled Dark Magician :

Stat wise this is a great lv 4 spell caster. Although his effect actually getting off is a rare experience, it does happen, and it is very useful. There aren’t really any downsides to this card. Solid stats and situational, but powerful effects make him a worthwhile addition.

Dark Magician.

The D. Man himself. Dark Magician has a lot of combo ability, and therefore promotes a very colourful side deck. Although Cybernetic Magician , or Chaos command magician may be a superior card for this deck, it doesn’t matter. The D. Man stays. 2500 attack can destroy virtually any monster in this format, as well as a nice 2100 defense to equal a Cyber Dragons attack.

This deck however, does have its downsides. A large problem often being that since the weak monsters like Peten and Apprentice fill a large area of deck space, the monster draws are lacking to say the least. Also, as a result of the low stats, often the mini monsters are ran through before a Magical Dimension combo can be performed.

Another problem, as with all Dark Magician decks, is clogged hands. The triplicate of many cards seem to get in the way of each other, much to this deck’s dismay. Bad top decks are a major issue.

This deck is also lacking in the area of straightforward monster removal. Magical Dimension, though effective is still quite situational to say the least. A lot more removal is necessary before this deck can get truly near its potential.

In order to get this deck of the ground, I must deal with each of these major issues , as well as finding more effective cards for doing the same jobs and having the same purpose as the weaker cards, such as apprentice magician .

As you may have noticed, this deck is missing the single greatest spell caster of all time - Dark Magician of Chaos. For my first fix, im going to lose a Dark Magician for his more powerful cousin, that way simply making the Dark Magician a better card all round. This already gives the deck a significant boost. The Dark Magician, although good in its own way , is not always the most effective monster , and is most often just there for a 2500 beatdown monster. DMoC does this and more with his potential spell retrieval effect and its Remove from play battle prowess.

For my second fix I shall replace the unnecessary Apprentice Magicians. My original idea was to have Petens and Apprentices out at all times, ready to activate my Magical Dimensions. This has proven to be a relatively effective combo, but since I find the Apprentice magicians far inferior to Peten himself, I shall replace them for their more powerful replacement that I’m sure everyone was thinking of - Grave keepers spy. With its exemplary defense it is far more likely to stick around on the field for longer , as well as special summoning. Already this is incredibly superior to the tiny apprentice magicians. Grave Keepers spy is far more beneficial in terms of Field presence.

Since I am replacing 3 Apprentice magicians, this leaves space for an additional monster to take there place after I have incorporated the 2 spies. Currently the ‘Must Have’ for any spell caster deck that is level 4 or lower is Injection Fairy lily. I haven’t manage to get my little hands on one yet, but when I do its straight in. Lily can lead up to some major damage when combo’d correctly with Magical Dimension , and can lead to some great combos even when used on its own. Lily is really an all round good card, being both searchable and deadly.

Asides from those minor adjustments, im relatively happy with my remaining monsters. I had previously considered running a Chaos Sorcerer, but I found it didn’t really suit my theme, and there is a definite absence of lights in the genre.

I’d also considered taking out 1 skilled Dark Magician for a Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, but this is more of an act of preference than necessity.

S/t wise, some things have to change.

At 3, the Magical Dimension count is too much even for a skilled hand to use. They are quite often dead draws.

An equally effective card im going to replace 1 with is Book of Moon. BoM is a versatile card that can also serve as protection for my heavy hitting monsters from cards like DDA, Smashing Ground and Snatch Steal. Its also a handy card in many situations, and therefore is less situational.

Otherwise, I personally feel that my spells are near perfect. Creature Swap is definitely practical , especially when combo’d with Peten.

Regretfully, there is a distinct problem in my trap area. Although good , and almost themed, Magic Cylinder needs unfortunately replacing for a Sakutsu Armour. Absence of Monster removal is a flaw that needs quickly fixing.

Another trap that isn’t working out as hoped is Royal Decree. Originally used as a protector for my Dark Magicians so I can ensure safe attacks, often it isn’t as effective as hoped. In the future I may replace this for a magician’s circle., a card that fits in with the ‘Spell caster presence’ theme.

Overall, I think the deck is now vastly improved . Dead draws have either been replaced , or up graded, more monster removal has been introduced, and all in all, I think the deck has been made a lot more solid. Personally I believe if Dark Magic Curtain is ever released, Dark Magician decks like these could have potential to go mainstream:

Monsters (20)

Dark Magician (x3)

Skilled Dark Magician (x2)
Peten the Dark Clown (x3)
Grave keepers Spy (x2)
Injection Fairy lily
Magician of Faith
Breaker the Magical Warrior
DD Warrior Lady
Exiled Force
Morphing Jar
Cyber Jar
Spirit Reaper

Spells (14)

Magical Dimension (x2)
Book of Moon
Dark Hole
Heavy Storm
Swords of Revealing Light
Pre Mature Burial
Giant Trunade
Creature Swap
Snatch Steal
Nobleman of Crossout
Mystical space typhoon
Lightning Vortex

Traps (6)

Call of the Haunted
Torrential Tribute
Dust Tornado
Sakurtsu Armour
Royal Decree / Magicians Circle

Well, that’s all from me this time folks, tune in next time for my next article ; ‘ Legacy of the White Dragon’

I’ll leave ya guessing at that ones theme….



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