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DM7FGD's Look Into the Future

Article # 3 - Warriors of the Future

Ok, time for my third article. This time, weíll be taking a look at 5 of the Warriors of the Future English game; Dimensional Warrior, Dimensional Warrior Girl, Blade Knight, Swift Black Ninja, and the Surprising Matasa. We begin with the Dimensional Warriors. Two Monsters with similar yet interestingly different Monster removal Effects.

Dimensional Warrior
Earth/Warrior - Level 4 - 1200/1000
Effect: When this Monster attacks or is attacked, remove this Monster and the opposing Monster from the game.

*From the Japanese Volume 7 set (Super rare) and Jounouchi Structure Deck volume 2 (Common). Unknown English release*

Just to clear things up, its Effect may confuse you at first. When this Monster attacks or is attacked, does any damage happen? The answer to that question is yes. Damage still goes through before the removal happens.

Anyways, this is quite a fun Monster to play, and the removal Effect can certainly come in handy. Removing an opponent's Black Forest Witch or Sangan can certainly hurt your opponent, as well as anything else you may remove with it. Removal from the game is a powerful aspect of the game, what with all you can now do w/ Monster removal. (By removal I mean removal from the game, not removal from Field, Hand, etc)

This Monster's stats aren't too impressive, but it certainly gets its job done. This Monster would be much better with 200-300 more ATK power, but that's where its female counterpart comes in. This Monster stirred up a lot of attention when it was 1st released, as it was the 1st card of its kind. Being a Warrior, though, certainly has its advantages. Also, its removal Effect is mandatory. If in Battle with another Monster, the opposing Monster MUST be removed from the game along with the Dimensional Warrior.

I give the Dimensional Warrior a 7.5/10. It's a bit underrated by most duelists. They just overlook it because of its Female counterpart, which no doubt is quite a bit better.

Onto the Dimensional Warrior Girl.

Dimensional Warrior Girl (D.D. Warrior Lady)
Light/Warrior - Level 4 - 1500/1600
Effect: When this Monster Battles with an opponent's Monster (When it attacks or is attacked), you may choose to remove this Monster and the opposing Monster from the game.

*Coming in English 1 set after MagicianĎs Force*
*Super Rare in Japanese*

Now this is certainly a Monster that is worth playing in a variety of decks; Light decks, Warrior decks, Messengers of Chaos decks, decks w/ just Female cards, even Beatdown decks, etc.

Unlike the Dimensional Warrior, DWG's stats are something to watch out for. A 1500/1600 Monster with that Effect is pretty great, imo. Also unlike its counterpart, her Effect is optional. You may actually choose whether or not you want to remove her and the opposing Monster from the game.

In case you're wondering, with DWG, like DW, damage is done before the removal/destruction would happen.

The only downside with the Female Dimensional Warrior is that it can't be searched out by the Witch, but it can w/ Sangan, unlike Dimensional Warrior which can be searched by both Monsters. Thatís the only real advantage DW has over DWG.

You'll see DWG in pretty much most Japanese decks these days. It's a very powerful Monster that's hard to get by as the opponent certainly wouldn't want to attack a Monster that has the power to remove the attack Monster from the game. Not to mention it's a very fun card to use and surprise with your opponent with after setting it face down. DWG works well with Warriors, light-types, Chaos Monsters, Beatdowns, Removal Decks, etc.

Removing the Dimensional Warriors from the game is hardly a price to pay for doing the same to your opponent, and most likely doing some LP damage in the process.

I give the Dimensional Warrior Girl an 8/10.

Moving on, we have Blade Knight; A very popular Monster in the Japanese game today.


Blade Knight
Light/Warrior - Level 4 - 1600/1000
Effect: If you have 1 or fewer cards in hand, increase this Monster's ATK strength by 400 points. If this is the only Monster on your side of the Field, negate the Reverse Effects of Monsters that this Monster destroys in Battle.

*Released in Japanese as a V-Jump Ultra rare promo card and reprinted in the DL3 set as an Ultimate Rare*

Blade Knight seems to be extremely underrated by many people. To some people it may seem that Blade Knight "promotes bad hand management", or something of that sort. Well, that is not the case whatsoever.

In the current Japanese game, (And most likely in the English game at the time of Blade Knight's unknown release) you'll find yourself with 0-1 cards in hand more often than you would think (And you don't get to only that many cards in hand by "wasting" cards in any manner), and that's where Blade Knight comes even more in handy than if it were the only Monster on your Field (Which is also pretty likely at times). A 2000 ATK Level 4 Monster that negates Flip Effects with no stipulations/drawbacks to it is just.. Wow. And with Blade Knight, that is likely to happen quite a few times. It is likely that Blade Knight will be your only Monster on the Field, and if not, it is likely it will be on the Field when you have 1 or fewer cards in hand.

Blade Knight's great for Light-Based decks, Beatdown decks, Warrior decks, and even Messengers of Chaos decks. If any of you are doubters of Blade Knight in the Japanese game, or if you are doubting it while anticipating its English release, try it out. I can almost guarantee you your opinions of the card will change. I myself like using 1, sometimes 2 Blade Knights in a couple of my decks, and it works especially well in my Messengers of Chaos deck.

Still, even if you don't get to use either of its Effects due to one reason or another (Which really isn't too likely. You most likely will get to use one Effect or the other, if not both), a 1600/1000 Monster isn't anything to laugh at. It could still cause some damage even then.

Yes, Hand Management is a pretty big part of staying alive in a duel, but when using Blade Knight, having only 1 card in hand or none at all can sometimes be considered an advantage of some sort. You'll have an extremely powerful Monster that's not exactly easy to get around for your opponent. And I will say it again; You'll find yourself at 0-1 cards in hand quite more often than you would probably think.

Blade Knight really is a great card. And btw, in case you're wondering, no, it's not restricted/limited.

Still think it's bad that you have to have 0-1 cards in hand to get the 400+ ATK boost? Well, like I said before, just try Blade Knight out. You might surprise yourself. I know I did when I first tried Blade Knight a bit after it was first released in Japanese.

I give Blade Knight an 8.3 / 10. We now move on to the Swift Black Ninja..


*All Following Translations courtesy of Edoís Yu-Gi-Oh Page*

Swift Black Ninja

Dark/Warrior, Level 4 - 1700/1200

Effect: You can remove 2 Dark Main-Type Monsters in your Cemetery from the game to remove this card from the game until the End Phase of this turn. You can also use this effect during your opponent's turn. You can use this effect only once per turn.


Now, Swift Black Ninja is quite an interesting card. Its Effect is Multi-Trigger, Spell Speed 2, meaning you can use its Effect in a chain. (Example: You Summon Swift Black Ninja. Opponent activates Torrential Tribute. You chain removing 2 Dark Monsters from your Graveyard. SBNís removed from the game, Torrential is useless) And this card is great if you can get it in combo with 1 or 2 Dimensional Scouting Machines. (Dark/Machine type, Level 2 800/1200. If itís removed from the game, Special Summon it in ATK mode in the End Phase of the turn it was removed) If you could get Swift Black Ninja in combo w/ 2 DSMís, then in the End Phase of that turn youíll have 3 Monsters on your side of the Field.

The Ninjaís Effect can come in handy when your opponent plays something like Raigeki, as you could chain the Ninjaís Effect to it, removing it from the game so it is unaffected by it.

1700 ATKís not too bad, and because itís a Warrior and can also be searched by the Witch it has its advantages. It can be good in Dark and Warrior type decks, and the cardís really fun to try out. Itís there mainly for a ďhit and a vanish.Ē Get it out, attack with it, if possible, then remove it during your opponentís turn to prevent it from any trouble, if any.

The Ninja will be released in English 2 sets after Magicianís Force, as it was an Ultra/Parallel rare from the Japanese set, 306 - Controller of Chaos. I give the Swift Black Ninja a 7 / 10.

The next and final card of this article is Surprising Matasa.


Surprising Matasa

Dark/Warrior, Level 3 - 1300/800

Effect: This card can attack 2 times during your Battle Phase. While this card is face-up on the Field, control of it can't change.

*Coming in same set as Swift Black Ninja. Common in Japanese*

Now, you thought Hayabusa Knight was good? Take a look at this guyís Effect. Itís basically a Hayabusa Knight with 300 more ATK and 100 more DEF, a Dark type (Giving it more capabilities such as in Chaos decks, Dark decks, Warrior decks, etc), and with an additional Effect that it can not change control, meaning your opponent can not play Change of Heart or Snatch Steal on it, etc. That in itself is great, and thatís on top of its ability to attack twice during a Battle Phase with a pretty good ATK strength for such an Effect at 1300.

This Monster can be searched by both Witch and/or Sangan, and can be brought out by way of Mystic Tomato, making it good in Dark type decks. Quite a few uses for this one, but it most likely wonít be staying on the Field for more than 1 or 2 of your own turns with all thatís out there that could easily get rid of it. This Monster can be made extremely powerful with some power-ups, though, such as United We Stand or Big Bang Shot. (Big Bang Shotís coming in Magicianís Force. Itís basically a Fairy Meteor Crush that gives the Monster a 400+ ATK boost, and if BBS is destroyed, the equipped Monster is removed from the game.)

Plus, being Level 3 gets its way around the ever-so-popular (In the English game) Gravity Bind as well. Iíd probably rate the Surprising Matasa a good 7.1 / 10. Now for an example of what a Warrior deck, using all 5 of these cards might look like..


Monsters: 17

1x Chaos Soldier - Messenger of Creation

1x Jinzo

2x Blade Knight

2x Dimensional Scouting Machine

1x Marauding Captain

1x Dimensional Warrior

1x Dimensional Warrior Girl

1x Swift Black Ninja

1x Don Zaloog

1x Surprising Matasa

1x Magic Warrior-Breaker

1x Exclusitivity Virus (Or another DWG in its place simply to have more balance in the types for the Chaos Soldier)

1x Black Forest Witch

1x Sangan

1x Sinsiter Serpent

Magic: 19

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Calling Reinforcements

1x Warrior Returning Alive

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Mirage of Nightmares

1x Harpieís Feather Duster

1x Heavy Storm

1x Monster Reborn

1x Premature Burial

1x Change of Heart

1x Snatch Steal

1x Painful Choice

1x Forceful Sentry

Traps: 5

1x Imperial Order

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Mirror Force

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Torrential Tribute

Total: 41

And thatíll do it for my third article. As always, I hope you enjoyed it.

E-mail me with any questions and/or comments at

Until next time..




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