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DM7FGD's Look Into the Future

Article #6 - Malicious Magic Cards

I’m back with my 6th Article for the site. This time, we’ll be looking at 4 interesting Magic Cards of the future and current Japanese game. We begin with one of the more Effective and useful LP-Gaining cards; Sebek’s Blessing.

Sebek’s Blessing

Type: Instant (Quickplay) Magic

Effect: When one of your Monsters does Battle Damage to your opponent, activate this card. Gain LP equal to the amount of damage done to your opponent by that Monster.

*Was released in Japanese as an Ultra rare promo card from the GB4 game. No telling when English release will be*

Sebek’s Blessing is quite an interesting card, and a very fun one to play in a deck. It’s useful in all sorts of Fun Decks, and sometimes in Beatdown decks as well, though it isn‘t necessary. I myself enjoy playing this in a few Fun Decks of mine, as it is one of my favorite Magic cards to play in the entire game.

There’s not too much strategy involved with this card, besides knowing when to activate it. For example, if you had a Jinzo on the Field and a Gemini Elf who were open for direct attacks, you’d of course want to activate Sebek’s Blessing (Could be from being either set on the Field or from your hand) on Jinzo’s attack, instead of Gemini Elf’s attack, so you’d gain 2400 LP instead of only 1900.

Sebek’s Blessing can be good early on in the game, mid-way through, or near the end. Easy mass-LP gaining with this card. Note that it can be activated even if you were to attack and destroy a Monster, just as long as your Monster does battle damage to the opponent in any way, Sebek’s Blessing may be activated.

Sometimes this card can be very effective in replenishing or simply raising your LP count. Other times it can be useless, but you can always set it on the Field to try to psyche your opponent out, when they’ll think it’s Ring of Destruction or Mirror Force or something, when it’s only Sebek’s Blessing. Anyway, I’d rate Sebek’s Blessing about a 6.7/10. It’s about the best LP-gaining card out there.

Moving on, we have Big Bang Shot. A Fairy Meteor Crush-like card, but with a bit of a better Effect.

*All following Translations in this article courtesy of Edo’s Yu-Gi-Oh Page*

Big Bang Shot

Type: Equipment Magic

Effect: Increase the Equipped Monster's attack strength by 400. If it attacks a Monster in defense mode, and the attack strength is greater than the defense strength, do Battle Damage to your opponent equal to the difference. If this card leaves the Field, remove the Equipped Monster from the game.

*Released in Japanese as a Rare from the 303 set. Coming in Magician’s Force.*

Big Bang Shot’s one of the interesting and effective Equipment Magic Cards in the game. Any Monster with a Trample (Fairy Meteor Crush-like) Effect has the ability to do some very heavy damage. Big Bang Shot gives any Monster that Trample ability, plus raises its ATK by 400 on top of that. That’s most likely one very powerful Monster you’ll have out on the Field.

The downside to this card is obvious. If Big Bang Shot leaves play, your Monster that it was equipped to is removed from the game. A simple MST could remove one of your Monster’s from the game, if it had a BBS equipped to it. In order to avoid this Effect, if you’re weary of it, a good card to use with it can be Book of Moon, which would flip your Monster face down, then BBS wouldn’t be equipped to it anymore, so BBS leaves play without removing your Monster along with it.

This card’s extremely powerful when equipped to the stronger Monsters out there such as Jinzo, any 1600-2000 Attackers, etc. This card could be a great addition to any Beatdown deck, if you’re wondering about any Equipment cards to use, but it may be one of those cards you have to try out for a while to get used to and feel how it works, then you’ll probably really start liking it.

Ha Des is one of the most devastating Monsters you could equip a Big Bang Shot to. It’ll make Ha Des a 2850 ATK powerhouse with both a Negate Effects ability and a Trample ability. That’s just downright nasty.

I’d rate Big Bang Shot probably about a 6.8/10 all-around, and about an 8.2/10 for Equipment cards in general. The next featured card of this article is quite an intriguing card that was released in the Japanese 304-Power of Guardians set as a Secret Rare (Coming in Dark Crisis, which will be the set after Magician’s Force); Cost Down.

Cost Down

Type: Normal Magic

Effect: Discard 1 card from your hand. The levels of all of the Monsters in your hand are reduced by 2 until the End Phase of the activated turn.

Right away you could probably see the possibilities with this card. Jinzo with no Tribute, Ha Des with no Tribute, something like a BEWD for only 1 Tribute, etc. This could make your powerful Monsters even more powerful, without the cost of a Tribute, at only the activation requirement of a discard. So obviously this card is great with Sinister Serpent.

Note that it doesn’t only reduce the Level of one Monster, it reduces the Levels of all Monsters in your hand for that turn. You could be stuck with nothing but Tribute Monsters in your hand, then draw a Cost Down, and have them all be Monsters you can bring out without the cost of a Sacrifice.

There’s really not much else to say about this card. It’s pretty useful in a lot of situations, but it’s not exactly a card I would consider being “great” or anything. This card’s not too good for competitive play, but it’s fun to use in casual play with any Fun Decks you may come up with. (It’d be a card you could use to come up with a new deck type based on lots of High-Level Monsters)

I’d rate Cost Down an all-around 6.3/10. Unless you’re running 3+ High-Level Monsters in your deck, it won’t exactly give you any advantages.

For the last card of this article, we have a very interesting and powerful card known as Dagger of Butterflies - Eruma.

Dagger of Butterflies - Eruma

Type: Equipment Magic

Effect: Increase the Equipped Monster's attack strength by 300. If this card is destroyed and goes to the Cemetery while Equipped on a Monster, you can return this card to its owner's hand.

*Coming in set after Magician’s Force. Was Super Rare in Japanese, and is restricted to 1.*

At first you may be asking yourself how this card is so powerful and why it is restricted to 1. Well, let me just get right down to it..

There are a couple Instant Win combos that can be pulled off using Dagger of Butterflies - Eruma. They require Gearfried the Iron Knight as one of the cards in the combo. Gearfried’s Effect states that any Equipment Magic cards equipped to it are “Destroyed.” Destroyed is a key word in both Gearfried and Eruma’s Effects. Eruma states that if it is “Destroyed” while equipped on a Monster, it is returned to your hand. The 2 Monsters to use in the Instant Win combos with Eruma and Gearfried are: Magical Marionette and Royal Magic Librarian.

Magical Marionette

Dark/Magic User, Level 5 - 2000/1000

Effect: Whenever you or your opponent activates a Magic card, put 1 Magic counter on this card. Increase this card's attack strength by 200 for each Magic counter on this card. Also, you can remove 2 Magic counters to destroy 1 Monster on the Field.

Royal Magic Librarian

Light/Magic User, Level 4 - 0/2000

Effect: Whenever you or your opponent activates a Magic card, put 1 Magic counter on this card (to a maximum of 3). You can remove 3 Magic counters from this card to draw 1 card.

Let’s begin with the Marionette combo. Simply have Eruma in hand, and Gearfried and Marionette out on the Field. Equip Eruma on Gearfried. Gearfried’s Effect immediately destroys Eruma, and it goes to your Graveyard. Eruma’s Effect has it brought back to your hand. Due to the Magic card activation of Eruma being equipped on Gearfriend, Marionette gains a Magic Counter. (For more on Magic counters, refer to my Troublesome Trio article on Magic Warrior-Breaker) Marionette’s ATK strength is then raised by 200. You do the same thing again, and Marionette gains another Magic counter. Its ATK is raised by another 200, and is now able to remove those Magic Counters to destroy a Monster on the Field. So you continue to do this combo of equipping Gearfried with Eruma until Marionette has gotten rid of any and all Monsters your opponent might have, then you can infinitely raise Marionette’s ATK strength by infinitely equipping Gearfried with Eruma, and finally attack for the win.

The Royal Magic Librarian combo is similar, except this combo is for Exodia users. Simply do the same process of equipping Gearfried with Eruma while you have a Royal Magic Librarian on the Field, and each time RML has 3 Magic Counters on it, you remove them and draw a card. You keep doing this process until you have drawn all of Exodia.

You probably now see why Eruma is restricted to 1, if you didn‘t know why already.

Besides all that Instant Win mumbo jumbo, the card alone isn’t too great of an Equipment Magic card at all, as it only increases the equipped Monster’s ATK strength by 300.

I’d rate Dagger of Butterflies - Eruma an all-around 7.2/10. It’s not too great unless you are able to pull off one of the combos, and if you can, it just goes to show you that Eruma is about as evil as it gets in terms of Equipment Magic Cards. And if it weren’t restricted to 1, well, there’s no telling how much damage this card would be doing.

Well, that’ll do it for my 6th Article featuring those 4 Malicious Magic Cards. Until next time..

Again, any questions or comments may be sent to




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