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New Creeds
with Coin Flip

11.22.04  Hello out there in Dreamland! Coin Flip here, reporting on... Well, myself to begin with, but then I'll move onto my New Creed for today. Until then, let's talk about me.

My online aliases include Coin Flip, Hunter Ezekiel, Ezekiel, and my actual names are anything from Isaac to Ezekiel to Matthew (Matthew being my legal name that I was born with). I am 16 and a Level 1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Rules Judge, as certified by Upper Deck. I have been playing the game since the week it came out. I have played a variety of new decks since Invasion of Chaos, and you should never expect me to have the same deck every week (unless I'm preparing for Regionals).

For some of my accomplishments:
CotD reviewer and article writer on Moderator on Netrep's Nforums Editorial Assistant for Innovation Gaming Pioneer of the Metam0rphosis deck in America, played it when it first came out in the Japanese game.

That's it about me for now. Let's get on with the article.

New Creeds. I feel I should give a short explanation about the title of this column. A creed is something you swear to or swear by, a path you follow. Your decktype is your creed.

The first Creed we will look at is Suicide Beatdown (AKA Megamorph Beatdown).

NOTE: If anyone from the Pojo forums knows who first used Suicide Beatdown and pioneered the decktype, please tell me so I can give them due credit. My e-mail is, or you can just PM me on the forum itself.

When I first encountered Suicide Beatdown, I was in awe at how well the deck was built. Someone built a deck in Pharaoh's Servant that could own most decks today with relative ease. The goal of Suicide Beatdown is to use magic and trap cards with good effects to lower your LP to the point where you can use Megamorph on a strong monster and finish the game with that. It could easily and recklessly use Jirai Gumo, Dark Elf, and Goblin Attack Force.

The construction of the monsters was fairly simple. Jinzo was staple, and then you ran Jirai Gumo, Goblin Attack Force, Dark Elf and then some tech monsters like Cyber Jar and Cannon Soldier for sacrificing the monsters that had their ATK halved by Megamorph.

Magic had a fairly simple thing. The staple magics of the time plus Megamorph and Axe of Despair.

Traps were also fairly staple except for the Counter Trap. 3x Solemn Judgment, 3x Waboku (I believe), Imperial Order and Mirror Force and Call of the Haunted.

So, let's change this lost legend into a playable beast of a decktype in Championship format.

First off, the environment has changed drastically since Pharaoh's Servant, which was when this decktype last prospered. We have a good deal more monsters to use and infinite possibilities to follow. Our first move will be to fix the monster zone.

The staple 11 monsters for this deck, as always, are Jinzo, Cyber Jar, 3x Jirai Gumo, 3x Goblin Attack Force, and 3x Dark Elf. Feel free to replace Goblin Attack Force with Giant Orc if necessary when building this deck. The remainder of the monsters were purely tech. Let's keep that steady. Our first move should be to add in 2x Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode Beast. His ATK/DEF halving effect is the same one as Megamorph, and because only one such effect can take place, the most recent one takes precedence. Equiping Megamorph to Fusilier Dragon would do nothing if you have more LP than your opponent, and will increase his attack to 5600 if your LP is lower. For two cards, that is the purest t3ch you can get in this deck. Then we'll add in a Magical Scientist - he is highly versatile, lowers your own LP, and can pull out a 2200 easily. Scientist monsters, Goblin Attack Force, and Giant Orc all have the added benefit of not being stuck in attack mode as ~1100 attack monsters after they attack with Megamorph added.
For 3 more monsters, choose to add in either 3x Cannon Soldier for the classic touch (hell, add in Limiter Removal for a Machine touch) or the standard Breaker, Tribe, and Sinister Serpent. I'll be going with the former myself. 17 monsters looks nice.

Magic cards have also changed since then. Suicide Beatdown really disappeared around LoN, as the prime pushers for the deck quit around then, and Magic Cylinder premiered in many decks. Now we have something else to do. First off, Pot of Greed, Change of Heart and Snatch Steal, and Premature Burial. Giant Trunade will act as a field clearer and a Megamorph retriever. 3 of it. 1 Heavy Storm, 1 MST, and 2 Nobleman of Crossout for some more m/t clearance (hate those Rings and Cylinders) and monster removal. Because equips have made quite a decline, let's cut out the three Axes and include in its stead
a Confiscation and a Forceful Sentry. And, of course, 3x Megamorph.
16 total.

Traps are simpler to deal with. We'll be adding 8 for a grand total of 41 cards. Call of the Haunted and 3x Solemn Judgment are necessary. I personally like 3x Sakuretsu Armor over the idea of 3x Waboku, and a Magic Drain would be nice.

So, here is my humble presentation of a Suicide Beatdown.

Total: 41

Monsters: 17
2x Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast
3x Jirai Gumo
3x Goblin Attack Force
3x Dark Elf
3x Cannon Soldier
Cyber Jar
Magical Scientist

Magic: 16
Pot of Greed
Snatch Steal
Change of Heart
Heavy Storm
Premature Burial
3x Megamorph
3x Giant Trunade
2x Nobleman of Crossout
The Forceful Sentry
Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap: 8
Call of the Haunted
Magic Drain
3x Solemn Judgment
3x Sakuretsu Armor

The sideboard should be oriented towards whatever is suited for your area, and the Fusion deck should include as many strong Level 6 or lower monsters as you can manage that can be summoned with Magical Scientist. Dark Blade the Dragon Knight is a nice one, and Sanwitch
(teehee) is good too. Both are easy to get, too!

Well, that's all for today. I hope this was enlightening to you.


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