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Article 5: Looking At Elemental Energy

I’ve been in the works when it comes to computers for a while, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive how craptacular my consistency has been.


Today we talk about banlists, luck, and you (No, no, I’m just kidding.  We’re talking about banlists, luck and Elemental Energy, the set that will follow CRV).


The Cybernetic Revolution Sneak Preview weekend just finished up.  People are getting used to their nice CRV cards and having fun with Power Bond, even though the card itself is a Polymerization that essentially near-kills you.


But now we’re going to look at a few things right now.  There has always been a bit of a problem in the game with powerful Magic cards.  Right now, the luck of the game is almost entirely the reason you would win.  You cannot deny the power of a simple Pot of Greed or Delinquent Duo to utterly ravage the current game.  Heavy Storm is worse - considering the easy activation timing of most Magic or Trap cards, you can easily fool the opponent into thinking that your set Ring of Destruction, Book of Moon, and Heavy Storm are gamebreaking cards and punish him for feeling safe enough to set cards.


I have said many times that I wanted Pot of Greed and Delinquent Duo to die miserable, miserable deaths come the next banlist.  I will, most likely, be getting my wish.  The state of Graceful Charity is something I agree with - a lack of card advantage and an increase in difficult choices leading to superior card quality is a brilliant idea, especially considering how difficult the choices can be at times.  It leads to expert players winning because they are expert, and not because they are lucky.


And I am extremely happy to announce that a balanced Pot of Greed has been made (though it is not balanced by much).  In this article, I’m going to go over the upcoming Elemental Energy set and tell you why the game is either going to die miserably or live another six months.


All card effects in this article are yoinked directly from dmcomet.net.  Go there if you want to take a look at it yourself.


PLEASE take note of this singular rule for using the information in the file.  Do NOT take these translations and cite them as yours or mine.  They belong quite rightfully to dmcomet.net.  The rule is:



All informations in this file can be use freely as your own information.  However, you CANNOT copy this whole file to another site (or even part of the translation file) without citing the source.



Knight of Dark Realm - Zulu


Normal Monster


Yes, because 1800/1500 is eventful.



V - Tiger Jet


Normal Monster


Yes, because 1600/1800 is even more eventful.



Blade Skater


Normal Monster


I literally cried at the aspect of another four normal monsters.



Queen's Knight


Normal Monster



I burst into tears when I saw one as a rare.



Jack's Knight


Normal Monster



Then I just bawled and bawled after seeing a useless Tribute as a fifth normal monster and a second normal monster rare.  %#@*…



King's Knight


When this card is successfully summon and you have a [Queen's Knight] on the field, you

may special summon a [Jack's Knight] from your deck to the field.



Oh, superb.  An overrated combo that will see no competitive play (unlike the gadgets, which are all awesome) taking up 3 precious rare slots in a deck.  Oh goodie.  Throw in some rectal surgery and this is the best set ever.*



E-Hero Edgeman


When this card attack a monster in defense mode, and the attack strength of this card is

greater than the defense strength of the defending monster, do battle damage to your

opponent equal to the difference.

Super Rare


Eh.  7 stars and 2600 is below par, but the trample sorta makes up for it.



E-Hero Wildman


This card is unaffected by effect of Trap cards.


An interesting effect.  We have yet to receive a card unaffected by Trap cards.  If only, if only Torrential Tribute were still unrestricted…  Whee!  Seeing what creative things are done with this is going to be fun.



Reborn Zombie


When your opponent have 0 cards in his/her hand, if this card is in attack mode, it cannot

be destroy as a result of battle. (Damage Calculation is still applied)


Hey look, I don’t care.  It may be a slight indication of Spirit Reaper being banned, but hey, I don’t think Mystical Space Typhoon is going to be banned when I look at the new Battleship - Core monster from this set.



Hell Soldier


When this card is destroy by attack of opponent's monster and sent to Graveyard, do damage to opponent equal to the battle damages you received.



Oh, great.  An Amazoness Swordswoman.  Only worse.



W - Wing Catapult

Light/Machine - Union/4/1300/1500

Once during your Main Phase, you may treated this card as an equipment card and equip

it on your [V - Tiger Jet], or remove it from being equipment and special summon it in

face-up attack mode.  Increase the equipped monster's attack and defense strength by

400. (A Monster can only have one Union Equipment card Equipped on it.  If the Equipped

Monster would be destroyed as a result of battle, destroy this card instead.)


Sign me up to never play this card ever.  If you want, you can see VWXYZ Dragon Cannon before you judge.  But you won’t.



Flame Majin - Hell Burner


This card can only be Normal Summoned by discard all cards in your hand other than this

card into Graveyard and sacrifice a monster on your field with attack strength of 2000 or

more. For each monster card on opponent's field, increase this card's attack strength by

200.  For each monster card on your field, decrease this card's attack strenght by 200.


We finally got a 6 star 2500+.  Now all we need is a 4 Star 2500+ and we’re set.


Again, Tributes with no built in protection and a lack of an awesome effect suck horribly.  Play this card with caution.





When this card destroy a monster as result of battle and send to Graveyard, special summon a [Hydrogedon] from your deck onto the field.


It replicates itself.  There is one nice thing, though.  It’s a freaking Dinosaur.  That means Dinosaurs now have 15 cards worth of support.  =\





If this card is destroy as a result of battle from a Fire main-type monster, do 800 damages

to both player.


Oh, great.  Stupid stats and an effect that can kill you provided it EVER goes off.



Water Dragon

Water/Sea Draogn/8/2800/2600

This card cannot be Normal Summon.  This card can only be special summon by the effect of [Bonding - H2O].  When this card is face-up on the field, the attack strength of all monsters with Fire Main-Type or Pyro sub-type would become 0.  When this card is

destroy and send to Graveyard, special summon two [Hydrogedon] and one [Oxygedon] from your Graveyard.

Super/Ultimate Rare


The cool thing about this is that there isn’t any.  If this is Konami’s way of developing support for the two most undersupported monster subtypes, then I didn’t know it.  If I pull this card, I will cry.



Etoile Cyber


When this card direct attack opponent, increase this card's attack strength by 600.


It does something.  Better than Water Dragon.



Giant Battleship - Tetran


When this card is summon, put 3 counters on this card.  This card cannot be destroy as

a result of battle.  When this card combat, remove a counter on this card at the end of

Damage Step.  When this card battle with no counter on it, destroy it at the end of Damage Step.  Remove a counter on this card, destroy a Magic/Trap card on the field.  This effect can only be use once per turn.


Hmm.  Staple?  Naw.  Most likely it only happens by Tribute/Normal Summon, and then the card is crap.  Though if you could pull it off, or if it got counters even from Flip Summon, it would be even more advantage than Mobius, and less situational.  I’ll wait for better text before I judge this card.



Nano Breaker


When this card attacks face-up monster with level 3 or lower, destroy it without doing

Damage Calculation.


If there was a best common from this set award, this isn’t the recepient.



Magician of Chaining Attack


When this card is face-up on your field, when you activate a Normal Magic card, do 400

damages to opponent.






Advanced Guard of Dark Realm - Bage


When this card is discard into Graveyard from your hand by effect of another card, special summon this card onto the field.


Now we see the awesome Dark Realm monsters.  This one is bad.  Moving on.



Hunter of Dark Realm - Brau


When this card is discard into Graveyard from your hand by effect of another card, draw

a card from your deck.  When this card is discard by opponent's card effect, draw one

card additionally.



Card Destruction?  Graceful Charity?  Mirage of Freaking Nightmare?  Good freaking game.



Berserk King of Dark Realm - Buron


When this card do Battle Damage to your opponent, you may discard a card from your hand.



If I had seen JUST THIS CARD, I would have cried at a waste of a Normal Rare slot.  Don’t worry, though.  It gets REAL good.



Military God of Dark Realm - Silver


When this card is discarded from your hand by effect of another card, special summon this card to the field. When this card is discarded by effect of opponent's card, choose 2

cards in opponent's hand and put them onto the bottom of opponent's deck in any order.



What did I say?  I’ll review this after I review…



War God of Dark Realm - Gold


When this card is discarded from your hand by effect of another card, special summon this card to the field. When this card is discarded by effect of opponent's card, choose 2

cards on opponent's field and destroy them.

Super/Ultimate Rare


…this.  Sha-freaking-zam!  These two are so potent, even in decks not suited to them, that they could probably be 2100 and still be playable.  I won’t go into heavy detail, but here’s an idea:


Creature Swap them a Morphing Jar and attack it.



Scout of Dark Realm - Scar


When this card is destroy as a result of battle and sent to Graveyard, choose a monster

with [Dark Realm] in its name with level less than 4 from your deck and add it into

your hand.


Eh.  It’s the two 2300s and the 1400 that truly make the Dark Realm deck, so yeah.



Possessed Installment - Aos


Put a [Earth Spirit User - Aos] and a Earth Main-Type monster from your field to Graveyard,

special summon this card from your hand or deck. If this card is special summon this way,

it gains the following effect. When this card attacks a monster in defense mode, and the

attack strength of this card is greater than the defense strength of the defending monster,

do battle damage equal to opponent equal to the difference.


I will not dignify the next three with reviews.  The “Spirit users” are what we know as the Charmers of The Lost Millennium.  All were 500/1500 with crappy effects.  The Art Traps from CRV were much better.  But what you can do is flip a Charmer, take control of a monster, and then tribute both the Charmer and the controlled monster (for even card advantage) to special summon an 1850/1500 Piercer from your hand or deck (+1 card advantage, and please note that the 1850 monster can be Normal Summoned.  But it will not gain Piercing.



Possessed Installment - Eria


Put a [Water Spirit User - Eria] and a Water Main-Type monster from your field

to Graveyard, special summon this card from your hand or deck. If this card is special

summon this way, it gains the following effect. When this card attacks a monster in

defense mode, and the attack strength of this card is greater than the defense strength

of the defending monster, do battle damage equal to opponent equal to the difference.



Possessed Installment - Heater


Put a [Fire Spirit User - Heater] and a Fire Main-Type monster from your field

to Graveyard, special summon this card from your hand or deck. If this card is special

summon this way, it gains the following effect. When this card attacks a monster in

defense mode, and the attack strength of this card is greater than the defense strength

of the defending monster, do battle damage equal to opponent equal to the difference.



Possessed Installment - Wynn


Put a [Wind Spirit Use - Wynn] and a Wind Main-Type monster from your field

to Graveyard, special summon this card from your hand or deck. If this card is special

summon this way, it gains the following effect. When this card attacks a monster in

defense mode, and the attack strength of this card is greater than the defense strength

of the defending monster, do battle damage equal to opponent equal to the difference.



VW - Tiger Catapult

Light/Machine - Fusion/6/2000/1500

[V - Tiger Jet] + [W - Wing Catapult]

This card is special summon by removing the above monsters on your field from the

game (The card [Fusion] is not required).  Discard a card from your hand, change

a monster in face-up defense mode on opponent's field to attack mode.


Sign me up for the noone cares brigade.



VWXYZ - Dragon Catapult Cannon

Light/Machine - Fusion/8/3000/2800

[VW - Tiger Catapult] + [XYZ - Dragon Cannon]

This card is special summon by removing the above monster on your field from game

(The card [Fusion] is not required). Once during your turn, you may remove a card on

opponent's field from game. When this card attack, you may change the mode of the monster this card attack (Reverse effects are not activated).

Super/Ultimate Rare


If I ever got this out, I would laugh maniacally.  It’s a great card.  However, notice the “If I ever got this out” clause.  You won’t get this out, and if you do, you deserve it to be Tsukuyomi’d and Creature Swap’d.



Cyber Blader

Earth/Warrior - Fusion/7/2100/800

[Etoile Cyber] + [Blade Skater]

This card's Fusion summon can only be done by above cards.  When opponent only have

one monster on the field, this card cannot be destroy as result of battle. If there're

two monsters, this card's attack strength would be doubled.  When there're three monsters,

this card negate all of the effects of opponent's Magic, Trap and monster.

Super/Ultimate Rare


Um, yeah, awesome.  Moving along.



E-Hero Rampant Gunner

Earth/Warrior - Fusion/6/2000/2500

[E-Heor Burst Lady] + [E-Hero Clayman]

This card can only be summon by Fusion Summon.  When this card is in face-up defense mode, you can direct attack opponent while it's still in face-up defense mode.  If this card

attack this way, the battle damages done would be halved during Damage Calculation.

Ultra/Ultimate Rare


Craptacular!  Moving along!



E-Hero Tempester

Wind/Warrior - Fusion/8/2800/2800

[E-Hero Sparkman] + [E-Hero Featherman] + [E-Hero Bubbleman]

This card can only be summon by Fusion Summon.  Put a card other than this card on

your field to Graveyard, and select a monster on your field.  As long as this card

is face-up on your field, that monster cannot be destroy as a result of battle (Damage

Calculation would still applied)

Ultra/Ultimate Rare


Hmm.  If only it were Spell Speed 2.  But then again, you’re losing 4 cards to get it out.  PLEASE don’t try and lose another 1.



E-Hero Wild Jaggyman

Earth/Warrior - Fusion/8/2600/2300

[E-Hero Wildman] + [E-Hero Edgeman]

This card can only be special summon by Fusion Summon.  This card can attack each monster on opponent's field once during battle phase.

Ultra/Ultimate Rare


I like this one.  It’s got a good effect, great stats, and it is relatively easy to summon.



E-Hero Shining Flame Wingman

Light/Warrior - Fusion/8/2500/2000

[E-Hero Flame Wingman] + [E-Hero Sparkman]

This card can only be summon by Fusion Summon.  This card's attack strength is increase

by 300 for each monsters with [E-Hero] in their name in your Graveyard.  When this card

destroys a monster as a result of battle, do damage to opponent equal to the attack strength of that monster.

Ultra/Ultimate Rare


Oh, great.  I have to lose two-three cards to get out one, and then I lose two-three more getting this out, and its effect isn’t even worth my time.  It’s Flame Wingman with an attack increase.


There is only one way I would EVER play Elemental Heroes for the Fusions.  If you cannot guess what it is, look at Fusion Gate and Miracle Fusion more closely, and then think of Dimension Fusion, only it only affects Elemental Heroes.



Jar of Avarice

Magic - Normal

Choose 5 monsters in your Graveyard and shuffle them into your deck. Afterward, draw

2 cards.

Ultra/Ultimate Rare


The aforementioned replacement to Pot of Greed.  I will go over this in great detail at the end of the article.  Scroll down if you’re impatient.



Thunder of Dark Realm

Magic - Normal

Destroy a face-down card on the field. Afterward, discard a card from your hand.


If you manage to discard the 2300’s or the 1400, then you just broke even.



Level Tuning

Magic - Normal

Your opponent draw 2 cards.  Choose a monster with [LV] in its name from your Graveyard, special summon it and ignore the summoning condition.  The monster special summon by this effect cannot attack, cannot activate effect, and effect would not be activate during that turn.


Oh.  Remind me to burn this card if I pull it in a pack.  It’s awesome to summon a Horus LV8 without any hassle at all, but it was already pathetic easy to take on Horus.  The other ones are not worth the hassle.


Now, provided you flip a Morphing Jar almost immediately afterwards, the -2 card advantage is not a problem whatsoever.  But hey, good luck keeping any monster you pull out.



Ojama Jig

Magic - Normal

When this card is sent from your hand or field to Graveyard, add a [Ojama Green],

[Ojama Yellow] and [Ojama Black] from your deck to your hand.



Ojama Rule

Magic - Normal

Select a face-up [Ojama King] on the field.  Other than the selected [Ojama King], destroy all monsters with [Ojama] in their name.  Increase the attack strength of that [Ojama King] by 1000 for each monsters destroyed by this effect.


Elemental Energy is now my favorite set.  While creating a new decktype that may become Tier 1.5, it successfully boosts prior decktypes and expands previous ones such as XYZ and Gradius decks.  Noone cares about them even now, but hey, it’s the most successful set since PGD and we have a viable replacement to Pot of Greed (actually, returning 3 monsters would have been viable.  But more on this later).



Feather Shot

Magic - Normal

Choose a face-up [E-Hero Featherman] on your field to activate this card.  During this

turn, the selected card can attack up to the number of monsters on your field.  If so,

your other monster cannot attack opponent's directly.


Elemental Hero Avian has 1000/1000, IIRC.  Why would I want him attacking every monster my opponent has, especially if my others can’t attack after the field is clear?



Bonding - H2O

Magic - Normal

Sacrifice 2 [Hydrogedon] and a [Oxygedon] on your field, special summon a [Water Dragon] from your hand, deck, or Graveyard.


A great tutor on par with Title of a Knight.  Being able to special summon it from any zone besides RFG makes it possible to play one copy of Water Dragon and 3 of Bonding - H2O.  Never mind the fact that the card itself is horrid, because this means that Konami is learning what a good tutor is - one that doesn’t require you to play multiples of the useless nomi monster.



Hell Alliance

Magic - Equipment

The attack strength of equipped monster would be increase by 800 for each monster with

the same name as the equipped monster on the field.



I did some quick thinking, and it appears to be a simple 800 boost that can occasionally become 1600 with Giant Germ or 3200 with Goat Tokens.



Armed Changer

Magic - Equipment

Discard an Equipment card from your hand to activate. When the equipped monster destroy a monster as a result of battle, the controller of the equipped monster may add a monster with attack strength less than the equipped monster from his/her Graveyard to his/her hand.



Hmm.  This might have been good if it gave any stat boost at all.  As it is, you gain no real bonus at all for using it.  I mean, monsters are slow, people.  You can only play one per turn and many of the more gamebreaking ones relate to Magic or Trap cards.


However, there is a nifty combo with this and any Gravekeeper monster.  Equip this to a Gravekeeper’s, attack, get back Charm of Shabti, discard, attack, get back Charm of Shabti…  It’s almost like you’re powering it up like you would do in VS, but you aren’t!




Magic - Continuous

When a Fusion monster would be destroy from field and sent to Graveyard, you may special summon one of the Fusion Material monster for that Fusion monster from your Graveyard.


It’s like Centrifugal Field, only far, far better.  While that doesn’t make it good, it’s a step up for Fusion support.



Boss Rush

Magic - Continuous

This card's controller cannot Normal Summon.  When a monster on your field with [Giant Battleship] in its name would be destroyed and sent to Graveyard, at End Phase of that turn, special summon a monster with [Giant Battleship] from your deck.


The monsters this can summon, in English, are Big Core and Crystal Core (from CRV)



Continuous Barrier Passage to Dark Realm

Magic - Quickplay

During the turn this card is activate, you cannot Summon, Reverse Summon, or Special

Summon.  Choose a monster with [Dark Realm] in your Graveyard and special summon it.


So if you weren’t going to summon anything anyway (such as ON YOUR OPPONENT’S TURN), you have lost nothing.  This card is incredible support for a now-broken decktype.  Good job, Konami.



Hero Barrier

Trap - Normal

This card can only be activated when there is a monster on your field with [E-Hero] in

its name.  Negate one attack of an opponent's monster



Yes, because Magic Cylinder and Draining Shield DON’T EXIST.  And neither, for that matter, does Sakuretsu Armor or Widespread Ruin.


This set has now reached critical mass for ****** rares.  Now the set sucks.



Hell Blast

Trap - Normal

This card can only be activated when a face-up monster on your field is destroyed and

sent to Graveyard.  Destroy a face-up monster on the field with attack strength lower

than that monster, and each player would receive damage equal to half of the attack

strength of the monster destroyed by this card's effect.



It’s like Michizure.  Except worse.  Far, far worse.



Troops of Darkness

Trap - Normal

Choose 2 monster with [Dark Realm] in your Graveyard and add it onto your hand.


Huh.  It’s like Backup Soldier, except far, far better.  >.<



Transaction of Darkness

Trap - Normal

This card can only be activated by paying 1000 LP when your opponent activate a Normal

Magic card. The effect of that Magic card becomes "Discard 1 card randomly from your

opponent's hand".


Support for the Dark Realm monsters.  Great.  Unfortunately for the possibly viable decktype, this card sucks.



Two Party, One Loss

Trap - Normal

Each player put the top card on their deck into Graveyard.


No.  Just no.



Screen Dropping

Trap - Normal

Pay 500 lifepoints.  Destroy all monster in face-up attack mode with Level 3 on the




Same Surname Same Name Same Alliance

Trap - Normal

Select a face-up Normal monster with Level 3 or less to activate this card.  Special summon as many as you can from your deck of monsters with the same name as that card.


I thought we had already agreed than Normal monsters, especially Level 3 or lower, sucked ass?



Get Ride!

Trap - Normal

Choose a Union monster in your Graveyard, equipped it onto a valid target on the field.


Oh wow.  It’s actually good support for Unions.  I’m amazed.



Hell Polymer

Trap - Counter?  (dmcomet.net didn’t exactly list whether it was counter or not)

This card can only be activate when your opponent Fusion Summon a Fusion monster.  Sacrifice a monster on your field to gain control of that Fusion monster.





Feather Window

Trap - Counter

This card can only be activate when a [E-Hero Featherman] is on face-up your field. Negate an activation of a Magic/Trap card and destroy it.


Wow.  It’s actually a good card for Elemental Heroes.  I am in awe.  My jaw is slack in surprise.



Fusion Prohibited Area

Trap - Continuous

Both players cannot Fusion Summon.


Don’t play this.  Ever.



Level Limit Area A

Trap - Continuous

All monster with level of 3 or less are switched to attack mode.



Huh.  That’s all I’ll say.


Actually, no.  I’ll compare it to Final Attack Orders.  Oh look, it sucks.  Good game.


Now for a little chat on Jar of Avarice.  This card would have been quite possibly extremely viable if we weren’t going to see Soldier banned this next banlist.  There is now an extremely fast deck that gains card advantage quickly that would love to run this in doubles, perhaps in triplicate.  Imagine using this with Thunder Dragon and Giant Germ.  You have instant chaos food, card drawing, deck thinning, and +3 advantage on turn one as well as the ability to add back to your deck stuff like Breaker, nomi monsters, Spirit monsters, Monsters that need to be Special Summoned that won’t be, Magician of Faith…  This is quite possibly the greatest late-game topdeck there is, and it is a viable way to prevent a deckout.


However, if Soldier becomes banned, it is far too risky to play this in most decks.  Don’t bother with the new Pot of Greed.  Stick with the Mirage of Nightmare they should probably bring back.


In other news, however, this set is awesome at first glance.  After I look at it some more, I’ll post my thoughts on exactly how good this set is overall.  Right now, I’ll let you take a quick look at it, and formulate your own opinion.


Oh yeah, and I’ll write up a report on what happened at Regionals this last weekend - again I get screwed over by luck**, but hey I screwed over my opponents with some nice luck as well so yeah that was fun and commas are fer lusrz.  My loyal readers (I have loyal readers?) can expect that in a week or so.


* - Props to whoever can tell me the origins of this altered quote.


** - If you honestly think I’m just whining about luck to rationalize the fact that I lost, then not only do you not know me at all, but let’s play a little game so I can call you a ******* moron.  Pick any four monsters in your deck.  One of them is a monster you will set, and that monster will be removed from play by Nobleman of Crossout.  You can choose any monsters (including which one gets removed from play), and you will have 8 or so random Magic or Trap cards to support you and your four monsters.  At the beginning of the next article, I will tell you what monsters my deck chose for me in my first loss, and you can tell me how lucky I am.  =\


Coin Flip can be reached by e-mail at Cakepie (at) gmail (dot) com, provided you are not advertising sex pills.  Or a spam bot.  That reminds me, start adopting the “email address (at) domain name (dot) com” trick.  Putting your e-mail in the form of “satisfaction@ggnore.com” leads to spam bots sending you Viagra ads.

--- Coin Flip

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