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Ace’s Multi-Purpose Writing Module #2
The Future of Your Deck
By: Ace of Spades - 02.25.05

So, you’ve hopefully built a halfway decent deck using the SABC-FU method. Or you brought a Structure Deck. Whichever. You’re probably wondering “Uncle Ace, what happens when new cards come out? How will I change my deck?” I’m glad you asked.

Changes to the Deck

            So a new set is on the way out and you want to make sure you’re prepared to get all the cards you need and prepare for the ones you’re weak to. The first step would be to obtain a list of cards in this new set. Contrary to what some people tell you, these are easy enough to find.

            Once you have a set spoiler, read the whole thing. Read it again. Ask for rules clarifications. Discuss with others. Have your people talk to my people. If you remember anything at all about the SABC-FU method, you’ll know to look for the Class-S cards first. 

New Class-S Cards

            There are two things to look for when looking for Class-S cards. Obviously, one should look for brokenness. If you are reading the spoiler and come across a card* which reads, for example:

Quick-Play Spell Card
Pay 500 LP to negate and destroy one Spell or Trap card.

Any fool can tell you that that is a good (and indeed, rentsy) card. You’ll want to make sure you obtain one. Be the first one on the block with the hottest new card. The second thing to look for is if the card is better than a previous card? For example, you come across this card.

Spell Card
Discard a card from your hand, and switch control of one of your opponent’s monsters.

            This is up for debate. There are already three good theft cards in the game. Enemy Controller, Snatch Steal and Change of Heart. With this new card, you get to keep an opponent’s monster just for discarding one card. This is pretty deadly with Sinister Serpent. Is it good enough to replace any of the three original theft cards? It’s ultimately up for the metagame to decide, but at the moment, you’re still able to test each card and compare and contrast them.

New Class-A Cards

            Are there any new cards that are essential for your deck? Say you’re running a hardcore Dark Magician deck. You find a listing for this card:

Trap Card
Sacrifice one monster on your side of the field to Special Summon a monster with the words “Dark Magician” in its name to the field from your hand or deck.

Of course, this will help get out any one of the many Dark Magician-themed monsters, all for the price of one monster. It would be best to think about what to take out from your deck, to make room for this card’s release. 

New Class-B Cards

            Class-B cards generally have the same guidelines as the Class-S cards when it comes to new releases. The difference being, this category will require much more trial-and-error play testing. There hasn’t been a booster set yet that hasn’t brought us at least a couple of Class-B cards, so you’ll wish to find out what’s best for you.

New Class-C Cards

            Okay, you have a Legendary Ocean deck. The new set has come out, and you’re on the prowl for new Water monsters. In the spoilers, you find…

Effect Monster
Water/Aqua/Level 4
ATK: 1500/DEF: 1300

Effect: Remove from play one Water monster from our graveyard. Special Summon one “Submarine Token” (Aqua/Level 2/1000/1000) into Defense position onto the field. This effect may be used multiple times during your turn.

            If your deck has a habit of putting monsters in the Graveyard fast, or frequently runs low on monsters to defend LP with, this may be straight up your alley. Remove four monsters from the graveyard, get four defenders for your side of the field. It’d be worth a try in your deck. Play test to see how it works. 

New Class-F Cards

            This may be the most important class to consider for new sets. You’ve got a nice Warrior deck going, and you’re on top of the world. As you look for new Warriors to recruit, you get that sinking feeling in your heart as you come across this new card. 

Continuous Trap Card
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, the Attack of Warrior-type Monsters reduces to 0 during the opponent’s Battle Phase.

That spells trouble. The ability to have your opponent flip this card just as your Warriors charge into battle and drain their powers just makes you sick to your stomach. What if somebody is ready for you and packs three in their deck or side-deck? You need to prepare. If you’ve got a situation like this, you may want to think about using more Trap negation either in the main deck or side-deck.

            Instead of looking for new Class-F cards, you need to prepare for them. Get them before they get you.

New Class-U Cards

            Scroll past these when you’re studying new cards, you don’t want them to break free of their cardboard prisons and try to kill you. Stumbling around in the dark sections of the list, you come across this rotten little card:

Effect Monster
Earth/Insect/Level 2
ATK 500/DEF 250

Effect: When this monster is attacked by an opponent’s monster, destroy this monster immediately.

            Ew. I think I got guts on myself just typing it.

Preparing for Release Day

            “But Uncle Ace, that’s all well and good, but how do I get ready for these cards? I’m just an impressionable seven-year old and I don’t have money for cards or scales or illegal goods.

            “No problem”, I respond happily, slapping little Billy on the back. 

You know those cards in the front of your binder that everybody likes and will trade you anything for? DON’T TRADE THEM. Yet. When you know there’s a new booster set on the way, and you know that there are cards you’ll need, wait on trading until the release date.  

Collect new rare cards, stockpiling them for that day when you need to trade them all to that middle-aged fat guy with the suitcase (you know the one) who shows up with all the new cards from the new booster set.** Everybody will be trying to trade with him, but you’ll have the advantage. You didn’t do any with all trading for the last couple of weeks. You have everything Tubby is looking for. You walk away your good, new cards while all of the other players try to prepare for your new arsenal. 

If you like buying your packs, stockpile money. Really. It’s not that difficult. Save that money you got from cutting the lawn and you’ll be able to spend it on tons of singles and packs. 

If you’re one of those “scalers” I keep hearing about, give your scale new batteries. Do a couple of test runs to make sure it’s not on the fritz. Be ready to hop in the car/beg parents for a ride so you can get to the card shop to get your packs weighed and bought. 

The Bottom Line

            Be Prepared. Like that one song from The Lion King. With Scar and those wacky hyenas. Seriously, it’s as simple as that. You can’t expect the Binder Fairy to fly into your room and give you the best cards. No sir, contrary to what you might hear from others, you do have to work for your cards      

            I assure you, these guidelines will help ensure that you have what you need when the time comes. 

-Ace of Spades, who knows full well that this column wasn’t amusing or entertaining. 

Ace can be contacted at ctrlaceofspades@gmail.com

*This card, as well as all other others in this document, are completely made-up. They’ll never get made, because Konami doesn’t care about fan cards.

**Ask for “Bill”



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