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Dungeon Dice Masters Talk
Dungeon Dice Monster of the Week: Firewing Pegasus
by TheDungeonMaster

Firewing Pegasus has one major thing that makes me kind of like it. With out it, I hate it, and give it a horrible review. It’s stats are HP: 20/ATK: 30/DEF: 20, and a LV 3 Summoning. Its stats are ok, thankfully. 20 HP can only hold for a little while, as long as his Defense points. It’s got a hitter of 30 Attack points, so that can also help save it too. Now I got to add something I like about this Piece. No, it’s not what I mentioned before. I just really like the way he looks. He just looks so cool, no? Not only that, but he kind of looks like a Digimon. I can’t remember his name as of now. But anyway, back to the review. He’s pretty good for a Traditional game, as he can be a heavy hitter with some support behind him, but then you got to remember your opponent’s Blast Lizard and Thunder Ball lurking in the Dungeon. Anyway, no more stalling. This is why I really like him. He is a FLYING monster. What does that mean? He can attack that pesky Exodia piece. Wait until Exodia is out in the open, get rid of Blast Lizard/Thunder Ball, also get rid of Feral Imp, and your all set. It may seem like a lot to do, but I did it before. Well, here are the ratings.

Ratings for Firewing Pegasus:

Traditional: 3.5/5 He’s got a lot of support here, IE smaller Dungeon, easer to get rid of Exodia, and of course, his Flying ability.

Advanced: 2.5/5 Not too much support here, as he does in Traditional. It’s a bigger Dungeon, and there’s a lot more chance he will be destroyed. The only thing that makes him better here is that Thunder Ball will take a little longer to get to him.


Name: Firewing Pegasus
Series 3 (Ultimate Wrath)
20 ATK: 30 DEF: 20
Special Ability:

 Stats: Firewing Pegasus is a Level 3 Monster.  As such, it’s on the harder end to summon, roughly the equivalent of a single Tribute Monster for the TCG.  Slight bonus is that it makes it more expensive for the oh-so-commonly played Blast Lizard to nuke.  Beast is almost a completely neutral Tribe in the English game: the one drawback is that Vorse Raider gets an extra 20 ATK points when attacking Beast Monsters.  That is mainly an annoyance though, as simply put, he’s a tiny Level 1 shrimp.  No where near as bad as, say, being a Dragon (and thus unable to affect Buster Blader and at the beck and call of enemy Lord of D).

 The HP, for a Level 3, seems a hair puny.  It is the median and mode HP scores for Level 3 Monsters, though.  Still, try to avoid taking hits, because one solid attack will do you in.  The ATK is slightly higher at 30, but ends up being much better in terms of Level 3 scores: it is the second highest and greater than the mean, the median, or the mode.  With this, you should be able to take any Monster in two hits if they don’t defend.  Finally, we come to the DEF of 20.  After rounding to the nearest 10, this is the mean, the median, and the mode score once again.  This is reasonably solid, especially since I find that you’ll rarely defend in this game…  All in all, this ends up being a pretty standard Level 3 Monster in terms of stats… but Level 3 Monsters tend to be only slightly stronger than Level 2 Monsters.  Again, like single Tribute Monsters in the TCG, they usually are played for their Special Abilities and not their Stats.

 Special Abilities: This is the first Monster I have covered with the Flying ability.  Finally having found my missing instruction book, I can say authoritatively what this Special Ability grants; yes, it is classified in the Instruction Booklet as a Special Ability (see page 26).  Flying is an excellent Special Ability: though it costs you two Progress Crests for each square you move, it means that only opposing Monsters with Flying (or Special Abilities that state they may attack flying Monsters) can attack Flying Monsters.  However, the normal rules of Monsters being unable to pass through each other or exist in the same square still apply, and both Item effects Special Abilities like Blast Lizard’s Monster destroying effect will still trigger/work as normal.

 Uses and

Combinations: Very simply, I use this piece as something of an opening gambit: I try to roll it in my first turn, and if so I position my Dungeon Piece (some shapes won’t work) so that Firewing Pegasus is either directly in front of, or at least close to being in front of my Monster Lord while simultaneously ensuring at least a one square gap beside my Monster Lord on one side.  Then I summon something small and easy, and make sure that the only square directly adjacent to my Monster Lord that is part of the Dungeon Path has Firewing Pegasus in the way.  It’s Flying Ability makes it hard to do away with, but they’d have to find a way to get to your Monster Lord unless they can attack from more than one square away… and since the Instruction Booklet explicitly states that Monster Special Abilities do not affect the Monster Lord (see the top of page 19), that won’t help either.

 Wait!  What about other Flying Monsters?

 Of the six Flying Monsters in the English game according to my database (there should be a link on Pojo’s main Yu-Gi-Oh page) the others all have at least one problem: they are Dragons!  This whole strategy then backfires then Lord of D is in play: you just turned his second Special Ability into a direct attack on your Monster Lord!  Even if that weren’t the case, two are Level 4s and the other Level 3 has worse stats than Firewing Pegasus.


 Basic: 3.5/5-Of course, you aren’t really supposed to use pieces other aside from the Starter Set here, but if you do, it isn’t too bad: while I wouldn’t try my little trick since you are so much closer to your opponent here, but that means the double Progress Crest cost for movement matters a whole lot less.

 Advanced: 3.5/5-Same score, as it is seriously a killer opening move if followed with good support.


A solid attacker/defender that your opponent needs a Special Ability to be able to take out, it makes a solid addition to most dice pools, so long as there is nothing more important to use 

Questions? Email me at DBZreviewer@yahoo.com

Want to visit my website? www.freewebs.com/dbcenteral.

If you want to join, you can. I need reviewers, Deck Mechs, ect. However, I do NOT need anymore YuGiOh reviewers.


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