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 Tyranno Infinity
- #CRV-EN029

The original ATK of this card becomes the number of your Dinosaur-Type monsters that are removed from play x1000 points.

Card Rating
Advanced: 2.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: May 11, 2017

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Tyranno Infinity


I love when old cards get to make a comeback, and Tyranno Infinity is definitely a lottery winner. And in this dino’s particular case, he makes the comeback solely due to one other new card: Miscellaneousaurus. Since that monster can banish any dinosaur monsters at literally any time while it’s in the graveyard, it has the ability to boost Tyranno Infinity to enormous ATK while also summoning him with ease from the deck.


It’s really all about harmony, and Tyranno Infinity might just be the best case ever of an old card shining bright simply because of new support that may or may not have had the card in mind. Since Miscellaneousaurus is a must-run in dinosaur decks, Infinity is a natural add with nearly no downside as a tech, at least not as long as they have an absurd amount of search. Plus, Infinity is an earth type, which serves as emergency food for True King Lithosagym. But do you need more reasons to run a monster that is easily boosted to at least 4000 ATK and has no summoning restrictions?


Unfortunately, because Infinity is great because of Miscellaneousaurus, his potential is also limited by it. Miscellaneousaurus is so good, he could easily be restricted one day. Any time a monster’s text says “any number” you can be assured it will be abused one day. So, should that day come, Infinity will be relegated back to binders once it’s hit. They are attached at the dino hip.


Advanced: 3.5/5 (Same average score from our last review of it in 2006. That’s something!)

Future Potential: 2/5


With a monster like Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, there's more incentive to banish Dinosaurs to begin with, but it's still situational.  0-1 banished monsters makes this card utter crap.  2 makes it a generic Berserk Gorilla.  3 and up is when it gets interesting.  For some aggro-minded players, it may be appealing to summon a 6000 ATK beater to finish off the opponent's life points with.  Since it's a dead draw early game, some may not want to run this, and those who do should likely run 1 copy at most.


Hello Pojo Fans,
Tyranno Infinity is another dinosaur that has some playability.
With each banished Dinosaur, Tyranno gains 1000ATK. In combination with yesterdays card (Ultimate Conductor Tyranno), this card will have at least 2000ATK from the start. If you summon it first, then remove Dinosaurs, you can avoid Bottomless Trap Hole. It's not a card you are going to play 3 of in a deck, it is more like a tech that you can throw in for mid-game purposes. Get a few Dinosaurs removed and then drop this guy for a major push. Searchable, can be repeatedly summoned, and can get to a high ATK with the right cards, Dino decks are going to be playing one of these at least.
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