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You can remove from play this monster from your Graveyard to Special Summon one Zombie-type monster from your Graveyard.

Card Rating
Advanced: 4.67 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Mar. 9, 2017

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It’s shocking we last reviewed this card in 2009. Mezuki represents a handful of cards that do something truly unique and represent the entirety of a group of cards. Zombies focus on the graveyard, and Mezuki is the single card that brings that theme about the best. No other monster in the game has the effect he has, and his limitless usage and potential is governed by his long history in the game. Premium Pack 19 is on sale in Japan in a few days, and a new card called Gozuki is the reason we are revisiting this excellent monster.


Mezuki has an odd and oft-times confusing past. While never banned, this monster had an extensive stay on the restricted list, starting in 2009. In 2014, the TCG returned it to unrestricted status where it has remained, but the OCG has never gone past a limit of 2. It’s quite easy to understand that his type has held him back the most. If he were a dark type like most zombies, he would have been banned a long time ago and never seen the light of day again. But looking back, I’m glad he was made an earth and thus made a lasting impact on the game. No legitimate zombie deck that exists or has ever existed doesn’t run him, and as far as we can be concerned, no zombie deck ever will exist without his presence. From Spirit Reaper to Vampire Lord, Zombie Master to Plaguespreader, Unizombie to Shiranui – all decks run as many Mezuki as possible for maximum success. And while zombies haven’t had tier 1 impact in a very long time (Il Blud?), that might very well be because of Mezuki’s looming presence.


There is nothing but a bright future for Mezuki. All types are revisited by Konami eventually, so it’s just a matter of time until zombies get their time in the sun again. And when that day comes, Mezuki will probably eventually be banned. He’s too good not to get benched one of these days, at least not without a “once per turn” errata. But watch out for him in the upcoming Zelda format. The game is expected to slow down by a great amount, and that should only help zombies, which don’t need to reach deep into the extra deck, but can swarm the field and should have no problem summoning Link Monsters, especially once Gozuki is available.


Advanced: 5/5

Future Potential: 5/5

T-REX Mezuki
This card has from its release been one of the most reliable Zombie type monster ever created, so much so that it is no wonder that any Zombie type Deck (or Deck that uses an Engine of Zombies) uses the maximum amount allowed of this card. I say "Maximum amount allowed" due to the fact that Mezuki has actually been Limited at one time.
Mezuki is interwoven in everything that Zombies do and can do, it enables the majority of their Synchro and Xyz plays by providing the resources needed to complete said Summoning(s). As such it is also no wonder that cards like Burial from a Different Dimension and PSY-Framelord Omega and Leviair the Sea Dragon are all commonly played along with Mezuki.
Because Mezuki is such and important card to get into the Graveyard, cards like Uni-Zombie, Mathematician, Foolish Burial and practically any milling card that you can think of ranging from Lightsworn(s) + cards to Toy Vendor to Reasoning and beyond have all been involved in some way or another at enabling a player to get Mezuki into the Graveyard as quickly as possible.
The only real limit to this card is:
How many Mezuki's do I have in the Graveyard at the moment.
What can I use to get Mezuki into the Graveyard asap.
And in addition to the fact that there is practically no limit to what this card can Special Summon from the Graveyard, as long as it is a Zombie, the fact that Mezuki is EARTH type has actually at times in the past allowed this to be involved in the Summon of Naturia Beast and Naturia Barkion... Truly a curve ball that most opponent's do not expect! And if it is not obvious, Mezuki works pretty well with Zombie World also! 
Rating: 4.25  There is practically no real flaw with Mezuki... Except for the fact that you need to get it into the Graveyard and the need to have some sort of a mechanism to recycle and reuse Banished Mezuki's... But this card allows you to do that very naturally anyhow.

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