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That Grass Looks Greener

- #RATE-EN066

If you have more cards in your Deck than your opponent does: Send cards from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard so you have the same number of cards in the Deck as your opponent.

Card Rating
Advanced: 4.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: March 15, 2017

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Hello Pojo Fans,
That Grass Looks Greener is broken.
This is a less direct version of Painful Choice with the potential for far more upside. You have more cards in your deck than your opponent? Mill cards until you are at even with your opponent. Simple, easy to use, devastating in the right deck. With the graveyard in such high demand in the meta, this card fits well in so many decks. Any deck could run this card if they favor getting cards into the grave. Lightsworn, Shaddoll, and Burning Abyss especially love this card. While it is useless until you have more cards than your opponent in your deck, that shouldn't be long if played correctly. If you are sure you have more cards than your opponent (running a 50-60 card deck) you can launch this first turn and make a huge opening move. If you are running 60, and face 40, and go first, you will be sending 20 cards at the minimum to the graveyard. That doesn't count what your deck's intentions are. Shaddolls could rally off one of each of their main monsters effects, the same with Burning Abyss, or you could be facing down several Judgment Dragons the next turn. Paleozoics and Infernoids can fill their grave with options as well with this card.
At 3, this card is dangerous, and it will be hit eventually. It is too good not to. 
Until Next Time


Such a simple card with unlimited potential. That Grass Looks Greener is a Level Infinity Normal Spell Card that has no cost but one condition. If you have more cards in your Deck than your opponent, send the difference from your Deck to the Graveyard. Those cards are sent by effect and will trigger if able. Other Spells and Traps that can be banished the same turn they are sent to the grave can also be activated. In an easy way, this plus Soul Charge in your hand should be too much advantage for the opponent to defeat. It's not even that expensive. That Grass Looks Greener puts at the forefront what many players already know, the Deck and the Graveyard are equally important. Own three because the potential of this card can only go up as more deck types are created. 
Score: 5/5
Art: 4.5/5

T-REX That Grass Looks Greener
Here we have one of the most recently released mill like crazy cards, so crazy is it with the strength of this effect (to mill) that 60 card Infernoid and Lightsworn (the biggest winners to include this card) become actually real options for competitive play... Something that would otherwise be thought of as dumb... Before the release of this card.
However, in order to actually use this card far more effectively, you must use Left Arm Offering, since if you are playing a 60 card deck, using Left Arm Offering would increase your chance of obtaining That Grass Looks Greener on your first turn from 1 card in 20 to effectively 1 card in 10.
While it may not be obvious to all, That Grass Looks Greener also makes cards that have Graveyard effects stronger, some noteable cards that benefit from it are Fairy Tail - Snow, Galaxy Cyclone, Breakthrough Skill, Eclipse Wyvern and as an oldie but classic choice, Necro Gardna.
Rating: 4. Works really well in larger Decks, so well above 40, this in turn creates its own sorts of issues, but when That Grass Looks Greener works, expect to send at least 20 cards to the Graveyard, and due to this, winning becomes incredibly easier for those Decks now and in the future that stand to benefit from such a card as this.

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