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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Imperial Order
- #PSV-104

Negate all Spell Card effects on the field. During each of your Standby Phases, pay 700 Life Points or destroy this card.

Card Rating
Advanced: 4.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Feb. 17, 2017

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Imperial Order


Boy did this card makes some recent noise. Imperial Order is much like Magical Scientist in that it’s usually considered nefarious in the minds of most experienced players. So when it came back to the OCG with an errata, there was some initial panicking. And rightfully so, because the errata is reasonable and bears no impossible or unreasonable burden for a floodgate of such power.


So, what is the effect should this card spread out from Japan to the rest of the world in its errata-state? Well, not every deck would run it, that’s for sure. Since you can no longer destroy it when you want, the decks that can use it would be limited to those that don’t have many crucial spells. The first that comes to mind is Paleozoic Frog. Toadally Awesome is restricted in the OCG now, but it’s still at 3 in the TCG. And obviously Zoodiac would have no problem with having Imperial Order, but do they really need more help?


Essentially, Imperial Order would be a must run in decks that are able to, but that’s not a ton. The errata is fair, but doesn’t make it much less annoying. If you see your opponent activate this, you’re probably in despair if you can’t chain to it. It’s another reason I think Neverending Nightmare will make such a splash over time. But regardless, it’s here and probably here for a long time. Out of all the recently errata’d cards, only Future Fusion still seems busted and worthy of being banned again. Imperial Order will receive a solid welcome back.


Advanced: 5/5 (as the card currently stands in the TCG)

Future Potential: 4/5 (in errata form)


Magic Jammer was the first trap card that negated Spell Cards but that card's discard cost made it an unappealing -1 for many.  But in Pharaoh's Servant, Imperial Order came out and that card was an instant staple (its spell-negating abilities was a complement to Jinzo's trap-negating abilities).  Imperial Order came out right after Magic Ruler, the set with lots of powerful Spell Cards; Imperial was always a broken card, but in context of the time it made sense.  Spells were really powerful and players needed at least 1 card to deal with them (or at least freeze the opponent from using them for a turn).  It's also true that there were not many good trap cards at that point and Imperial did help bolster the trap line
Imperial's life point cost was more of a boon than a hinderance.  Unlike Royal Decree, the player could opt to not pay and Imperial would be sent to the graveyard before your turn began.  Essentially, you negated the opponent's Spell card (1 for 1), then you freeze the opponent from using any more Spell cards that turn and then you get rid of Imperial so that you can use your own Spell cards.  Of course, you also had the option of keeping it on the field and locking down the opponent, which, in some cases, would be even scarier.
So this card is a one-size fits all utility belt.  You were able to prevent the opponent's early advantage via Pot/Graceful/Painful, protect your setup by stopping DarkHole/Raigeki and protect your hand from Delinquent/Confis/Forceful.  Plus, it can't be destroyed by HeavyStorm/MST, In fact you can chain this to it.
Imperial Order was given a recent errata in Japan as a way to unban it.  Basically, it did two things.  First, the player has to pay the cost during both player's Standby Phase and, second, the payment is mandatory if the player is able to pay.  I don't think this is a good fix.  First of all, most decks won't use it since it blocks their own plays (making it from a general use card to extremely niche).  Second, it still has the capability of locking down the opponent.  So, it's still potentially super-broken; just extremely unreliable.  I tend to like balancing cards via reducing their potential strength - not their consistency.
As far as how I would personally errata Imperial Order (as opposed to Konami's recent errata), I'd consider ONE of the following options:
1) Allow it only to be activated during the opponent's Standby Phase (so it can't easily 1 for 1)
2) Change the effect to "During your turn, the effects of your opponent's Spell Cards are negated"
3) You pay 700 to negate any 1 Spell Card and then while it is face-up, it negates your Spell Cards only.


Hello Pojo Fans,
With one errata Imperial Order became a lot less playable.
The cost of 700LP per Standby Phase is now mandatory unless you don't have enough. The choice to not pay when this card first entered the game is what made it exceptional. Negating all Spell Cards on the field and preventing new ones to be played was one of the strongest lockdown options available. If you don't mind paying 700LP per turn until you can't anymore, or worse, drop yourself to 0 if you have 700 on the dot during that fateful Standby Phase. This card could come back in the TCG, you'd just have to use a resource to destroy it when you were fed-up paying for it.
Advanced-4/5- If legal, a great card still, especially with Pendulums now in the game, but the mandatory cost is what kills any chance at a 5
Until Next Time


Happy Friday! Imperial Order is great and you want it to be like it is in the OCG. Why? Stopping Spells for free for one turn is good. Stopping Spells for 700 Life Points per turn can shut the opponent out of the rest of the game. Breaker the Magical Warrior is a great answer to this, but it's either monster effects, trap cards, or Galaxy Cyclone that might stop this card. It doesn't wreck Pendulums since they can still Pendulum Summon. Imagine activating this on a person's Pot of Desires AFTER they pay that cost. Such a great card. I miss it. 
Score: Banned/5
If ever unbanned: 5/5
Art: 5/5

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