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Topologic Bomber Dragon
- # COTD-EN046

2+ Effect Monsters If another monster is Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster points to, while this monster is on the field: Destroy all monsters in the Main Monster Zones, also your other monsters cannot attack for the rest of this turn. After damage calculation, if this card attacked an opponent's monster: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's original ATK.

Card Rating
Advanced: 3.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: August 8, 2017

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Topologic Bomber Dragon 

As with Rescue Ferret and Linkslayer, Topologic Bomber Dragon is a monster that can only be useful when link monsters reach a certain plateau, and that will be when links are ubiquitous. Currently, the card pool is too thin. But even then, this monster is pretty rough on your own field and it might never get a chance to truly be useful. 

Bomber Dragon essentially limits your own special summons to two spaces on your field, which is a fair trade for a monster that basically halts the opponent’s ability to link summon continuously while he’s on the field. The real deal-breaker, at least initially, is that this dragon is a link 4, which is a tall order. If your deck is capable of getting that kind of material, you’re probably going for Firewall Dragon in the first place. However, if you’re facing a massive army on the opponent side, Bomber Dragon can theoretically serve as this era’s Black Rose Dragon emergency button, however unlikely such a scenario is. 

I have to imagine that certain kinds of cards would have to be made available over time for Bomber Dragon to be a legitimate option, especially over Firewall Dragon. I’m not optimistic about it. If he were a Link 3, I’d think utilizing him would be much more realistic, but since he’s not, I can’t see a bright future for this monster card. 

Advanced: 2.5/5
Future Potential: 2.5/5


Topologic Bomber Dragon has an interesting "code" name. Topology is a slightly obscure math dealing with geometry. Topologic Bomber Dragon is a Dark Cyberse-type 4 Arrow Link Monster with 3000 Atk. Having so many Links might be appealing but the effect tends to nuke most of the field. Either player summoning a monster to any zone any Link monster points to will trigger the destruction of all monster in the main monster zones. And then your other monsters can't attack for the rest of the turn. In theory, 3000 Atk on a clear field should be fine for a turn on its own, and you can also just attack before summoning any monsters to any Linked Zones. However, your opponent can summon a monster to a link zone and trigger the effect as well, but their monsters can attack. 
After all that Topologic Bomber Dragon has another effect. If it hasn't completely wiped the field of monsters and it attacks a monster, you get to inflict damage equal to the monster's original attack. Basically, you should be doing 3000 damage every time this monster attacks. Hitting a monster stronger should result in even more damage. Topologic Bomber Dragon is strong with strong effects without any protection. As such, it can be considered a glass cannon. I don't typically like glass cannons. If this is somehow summoned to a main monster zone, it could potentially nuke itself which would be bad. I'm going with an average score to balance the risk versus rewards of this 3000 Atk Cyberse Dragon. 
Score: 3/5 Too Risky
Art: 4/5 Math is cool.

We finally have the new set, meaning we finally get more Link Monsters to use. This is one that is worth considering to use. This is one of the rivals ace monsters, Topologic Bomber Dragon.
Topologic Bomber Dragon is a Link-4 requiring at least 2 Effect Monsters and points Up, Bottom Left, Bottom, and Bottom Right. The Link Pointers sound amazing, but the effect balances it out. If another monster is Special Summoned to a zone that a Link Monster points to, while Topologic Bomber Dragon is on the field, you must destroy all monsters in the Main Monster Zones and other monsters you control cannot attack. This can be a very good disruption effect combed with Call of the Haunted, Back to the Front, or Oasis of the Dragon Souls. This effect would be better if he pointed Upper Left, Up, Upper Right, and Bottom... however that might be too broken and ban worthy. Also, after damage calculation, if Topologic Bomber Dragon attacked an opponents monster, you can inflict damage equal to the ATK that monster had. Burn is always great, and this is a great burn effect.
This isn't the best Link Monster, far from it. However, this is worth playing, as the effects he has can be very powerful.
Advanced Rating: 3.5/5


Today we're taking a look at Topologic Bomber Dragon, a Link 4 Dark Cyberse monster with 3000 attack. Needing 2 or more effect monsters to summon for a total of 4 materials, Topologic isn't to be laughed at.
First up, if a monster is special summoned to a zone a Link monster points to, Topologic destroys all monsters in the main monster zones. He's a mandatory field nuke supported by a beefy bod. Coupled with chainable cards that can summon monsters for you, it's an effect to be reckoned with. But it's not without its downside as when Topologic DOES use this effect, he's the only monster you control that can attack that turn.
Secondly, when Topologic declares an attack against a monster, after damage calculation he inflicts that monster's original attack as damage to the opponent. Now, I know even if the opponent's monster survives the battle due to battle immunity or equal defence, Topologic still resolves, but I'm not sure about Topologic needing to be on the field itself. It's something I need to look into, but if he doesn't, he's an even bigger force to deal with, possibly resulting in victory after he dies.
Advanced 4.5/5 If you have the space to run him, you run him.

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