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Ascension Sky Dragon - # YCSW-EN007

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters If this card is Synchro Summoned: It gains 800 ATK for each card currently in your hand. When this card you control is destroyed by your opponent's card (by battle or by card effect) and sent to your Graveyard, if all the monsters that were used for the Synchro Summon of this card are in your Graveyard: You can Special Summon all of them, but their effects are negated. You can only use this effect of "Ascension Sky Dragon" once per turn.

Card Rating
Advanced: 3 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Sep. 28, 2016

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Ascension Sky Dragon


I’ve always liked this monster in Agent Angel decks, especial monster mash variants. Plussing off of Earth, popping a card with Hyperion and then going into Ascension for a big attack was a great play that allowed you to keep your Earth and Hyperion from being banished or bounced and sending them to the graveyard in order to control your fairy count for the almighty Kristya play. It’s important to note that all monsters used for the synchro of Ascension must remain in the graveyard in order to special summon them back. Also, Ascension’s attack is permanent once gained (unless his effect is negated), unlike Tragoedia.


Currently, Ascension doesn’t see much play, but I blame that mostly on two facts: the resurrection of synchros which rule the extra deck in the current meta and feature many powerful new options, and the lack of options to go into level 10. Agent Angels are how many years old? And this isn’t to mention that today’s game is so thoroughly focused on banishing, bouncing, or sending back to the deck, which makes Ascension a costly loss. However, I also think it’s a solid card still and warrants space in any extra deck that can easily make him. He has a future.


Advanced: 3/5

Future Potential: 3/5


As we go back in time for more prize cards, we come to the first meh one. Ascension Sky Dragon is a Level 10 Light Dragon-type Synchro Monster with ? Atk and 3000 Def. It's generic requiring one Tuner and one non-Tuner, but Level 10 makes this more difficult. And of course that ? Atk stat. It's bad news. You need to have at least 3 cards in your hand when it's Synchro Summoned to have a passable 2400 Atk. Obviously 4 or more cards is better, but realistically negating the effect makes this dragon easy to run over. It has no protection other than 3000 Def in Def mode. It also has no activated effects. 
The only effect that is once per turn activates when Ascension Sky Dragon is destroyed by your opponent. If it was Synchro Summoned and the materials for that summon are all in the grave, you can Special Summon all of them with negated effects. So the choice becomes clear. If you have a lot of cards in your hand, Summon this. If it dies, summon a better Level 10 Synchro with better effects or stats. That's the best case scenario. The easier options are just to summon stronger Level 10 Synchro monsters in the first place and save Extra Deck space (and money). 
Score: 3/5
Art: 5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Ascension Sky Dragon is the only Synchro WCS card this week that we will review.
It has a ton of support behind it, being LIGHT and a Dragon. No tough requirements for this Level 10 Synchro to be summoned. You want to bring this monster out when your hand size is high, the more cards, the higher its ATK (in multiples of 800ATK). This can be tough to manage, many players usually don't maintain a hand of 4 or higher after committing at least 2 monsters to a Synchro Summon. Not only that, but when implementing a strategy, hand loss sometimes happens.
When destroyed in any way in your control, Ascension will give you back the monsters used for its summon, baring them all being in the grave. Sure their effects will be negated, but a free Soul Charge isn't anything to scoff at. It doesn't do much as other Synchro monsters. It can become a huge attacker, chaos and dragon fodder, and will likely give you back all your monsters used for its Synchro Summon, allowing you to Synchro again into another one, or anything of your choice. It could also save you from oncoming direct attacks and you get to choose the mode your newly summoned monsters come back in. Grave effects for monsters that are brought back by Ascension will still work, and you could get a Synchro back from the grave if that was how you summoned it.
Could be a high ATK, but that depends on you, no real effect that will help you advance the game in your favor.
Until Next Time

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