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Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo
- #TDIL-EN084

FLIP: You can discard 1 "Subterror" monster, and if you do, draw 2 cards. You can only use this effect of "Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo" once per turn. When a face-up monster you control is flipped face-down, if you control no face-up monsters: You can Special Summon this card from your hand in Defense Position. Once per turn: You can change this card to face-down Defense Position.

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Date Reviewed: Sep. 22, 2016

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Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo


Magician of Faith is at 3 in Japan and at 1 everywhere else, and no one is batting an eye. Pot of the Forbidden and Coinorma have absurd effects, and yet Prediction Princess cards collect dust. Scapeghost is a two card combo into Quasar or Trishula, yet zombies can’t even spare the space for more than a tech presence here and there. Why?


Flip monsters are slow, son.


And yet, there’s hope on the horizon. TCG exclusive archtypes comes in waves, and so despite the current lack of support for Subterrors, more is on its way. And the key to the archtype will be: how will the theme overcome the natural slowness of flip monsters? This question was answered briefly by Shaddolls: give them secondary effects! But let’s be real. The only Shaddoll whose flip effect made a real difference was Falco. So we come back to the unanswered question. What the long-forgotten flip element needs is real speed, which would require one of two things: either effects (preferably monster or spell) that produce monsters face down directly from the deck, or effects that can easily place them on the field from the hand or graveyard via plusses. And then once that is accomplished, they would still need a method of easily flipping them besides the manual process. I say the word “easily” twice with emphasis, because that’s what flip monsters don’t have. You can use cards like Prediction Princess and Shallow Grave, but that’s not easy or advantageous.


Behemoth is the fissure in the cavern that shines a small light of hope in the darkness. It has a great effect and stats that could make a mark on the game if only it received the support previously mentioned. And I believe that support is coming soon. TCG exclusive themes are usually very powerful upon completion of the support release (Burning Abyss, Kozmo), but we will have to wait and see. As of right now, Subterror Behemoth is completely useless, but he might one day be a star in the expanded Subterror theme.


Advanced: 1/5

Future Potential: 3.5/5

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