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Wall of Revealing Light
- #DR2-EN162

When you activate this card, pay any multiple of 1000 Life Points. None of your opponent's monsters with ATK equal to or less than the Life Points you paid can attack.

Card Rating
Advanced: 1.70 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
May 17, 2016

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We continue Wall Week with Wall of Revealing Light, a rather old card that I wouldn’t blame you for forgetting that it’s currently Limited.


By paying any multiple of 1000 Life Points, you can stop your opponent from attacking with monsters whose ATK is less than or equal to the amount you paid. In essence, you can stop just about any monster, but you’re going to have to pay more Life Points to stop stronger ones. This is a one-sided stall card, which is neat since the more prominent ones (such as Gravity Bind, Level Limit – Area B, and Messenger of Peace) from the old days of Yu-Gi-Oh! generally affected both sides. The exception was Swords of Revealing Light, but that was temporary.


The biggest role this card played, however, was dropping your Life Points down to 1000 near the beginning of the game in order to trigger either Last Turn or Self-Destruct Button; the former, combined with Jowgen the Spiritualist, would allow you to win the Duel with no effort, while the latter would force a draw. Both of these cards are Forbidden, however, so such a play is irrelevant.


As a stall card, Wall of Revealing Light may have seen some use back in the day, but those days are long gone, and the card is well past its prime. It’s a wonder why it’s still on the list.


Rating: 1/5


Wall of Revealing Light

Day 2 of Wall Week to honor Lord Trump.  This card is based on Swords of Revealing Light, offering more permanent protection except at a pricy lifepoint payment.  Back in the day, paying 2000 was enough to block most threats but now you might have to pay 3000.  It was notable for its life point reduction capabilities to trigger cards like Last Turn and Self-Destruct Button, as if a monster with 6900 ATK is a practical threat.  Would would a wall of light work for border protection?  Maybe.  It would illuminate the Mexican border at night, meaning that it'll be harder to sneak in unnoticed.  If it's anything like the card, it would be expensive.  But the Donald can afford it. 

3/5 - Back then
1.5/5 - Now


Hello Pojo Fans,
We're building walls this week on pojo!!!
Today put on your sunglasses becauses it's Wall of Revealing Light. A staple in the Last Turn OTK in Traditional format, as well as the Self-Destruct Strategy in Advanced format, WoRL is a great way to protect yourself from your opponents monsters at a cost of life points depending on your choice. If you pay 3000 Life Points you will find yourself pretty safe against most monsters. Combine this card with a card or two more and you may be locking the field down. WoRL also works with drastically lowering your life points to protect yourself, while giving you a good amount of draws off of Hope For Escape.
Wall of Revealing Light is a decent card on its own, but it still is at the mercy of any/all destruction effects on the field...and there is no shortage of them. Combine it with some protection and it can hold up for a few turns and slow the game down.
Until Next Time


Wall of Revealing Light is a decent stall option. Of the cards that single out the opponent's monsters, this one is fairly good. It's a Continuous Trap Card that makes you pay thousands of Life Points to stop monsters from attacking with monsters with lower attack than the amount you paid. It's as vulnerable as any other Continuous Trap Card, but this one works against many decks. Again, Wall of Revealing Light only affects your opponent's monsters, so pay 3000 Life Points and hope they don't have Twin Twisters. 
Score: 3/5
Art: 3/5


Wall of Revealing Light


A trap card that lets you reduce your own lifepoints by any amount is something I’m not a fan of. It’s just begging for OTK nonsense using cards that make good use of large disparities in lifepoints. I detest OTK’s, so I’m biased against them. What this card was meant for is never how it’s been used.


As for what the trap was meant for, Wall of Revealing Light has not aged well. Any continuous trap has to be well worth its wages, since it can be ruined by any chained twin twister or MST an opponent has. Attack-negating traps have never fared well to begin with since the late days of Waboku, and that’s because minuses to yourself for the sake of damage prevention is inherently not what this game is about. This trap is literally fighting against the tide of the entire game, and will probably never be useful except in scenarios where the player is interested in lowering his own lifepoints. And right now, that’s only for the furthering of an OTK utilizing cards such as Hope for Escape.


The only conceivable hope I could see for this card one day is the future release of a reverse angel theme, where certain effects can be obtained if your lifepoints are less than your opponent’s, as opposed to greater. However, I think Konami will avoid anything like that for the same reason they ban cards only useful in OTK’s. They hate them as much as I do.


Advanced: 1/5

Future Potential: 1/5

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