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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Chicken Game
- #CORE-EN067

The player with the lowest LP takes no damage. Once per turn, during the Main Phase: The turn player can pay 1000 LP, then activate 1 of these effects; ● Draw 1 card. ● Destroy this card. ● Your opponent gains 1000 LP. Neither player can activate cards or effects in response to this effect's activation.

Card Rating
Advanced: See Below 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
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Date Reviewed:
May 12, 2016

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We continue our second banlist week with another surprising hit: Chicken Game, which is now Forbidden.
This card’s primary use has been abuse in FTK Decks to draw through your Deck really quickly, either to pull off a Magical Explosion FTK or to draw into Exodia. Monarch Explosion FTK actually gained some traction, and was probably the reason this card got hit (along with Upstart Goblin being Limited).
However, Chicken Game did have another notable use; in Decks that relied on Field Spells, Chicken Game allowed you to run multiple copies of Terraforming while reducing the risk of becoming dead. The idea was that if you drew multiples of Terraforming and/or a Field Spell, you could use Terraforming to search out Chicken Game, draw a card, then activate the other Field Spell, effectively turning Terraforming into Upstart Goblin. It gave Decks that relied on Field Spells more consistency, and losing that play actually kind of sucks.
I’m not entirely sure how to feel about Chicken Game. While its design does unfortunately lend itself to being abused, there are many other (arguably better) ways to deal with FTK Decks, such as banning Life Equalizer (which the OCG did) or Royal Magical Library (which always sees use only in FTK Decks), and outside of these FTK Decks and Decks that rely on a Field Spell, the card is actually rather subpar. I do feel like there was a better way to deal with FTK Decks than this, but it was admittedly an effective hit. It’s just a shame that Field Spell-focused Decks took a hit as a result.
Rating: 3/5


Chicken Game

This card has an interesting unique design mechanic, but I wouldn't call it a healthy one.  It's effectively an Upstart Goblin with a life point price your opponent must as well.  In order to get rid of it without minusing, the opponent must lose 1000 LP in order to activate its second effect (and if they do that, they won't get to draw from this card).  If the opponent does decide to draw from this card, they'll always be a card behind the player who activated Chicken Game.  On top of that, the player can use it as stall if their life points are lower.  This card deserves the ban, but on the bright side, you'll want to use it in traditional matches.

no rating

T-REX Chicken Game
Oh, how I LOVED using Chicken Game in my Monarchs...
And not for Magical Explosion OTK Monarchs, but instead for the HUGE consistency boost that this card provided to Monarchs.
Firstly, being a Field Spell meant that this could be searched out via Terraforming, then, use Chicken Game to Draw a card and then finally, Summon Ehther, Special Summon Kuraz and "Pop" Chicken Game and (lets say) Kuraz to Draw 2 cards... Meaning that you've now just gained profit!
While many consider this opinion of mine a little unpopular, using Terraforming to search out Chicken Game, whom then Draws you a card, is akin to using something like Pot of Greed... Now SURE, you only get the one random card that Chicken Game searched you, BUT it did mean that you've just reduced your Deck by 2 cards, then if you Summon Kuraz, you are able to remove Chicken Game, Draw 1 and prevent your opponent from using its effect(s)... In Monarchs, this is what made Chicken Game a far superior option to that of Upstart Goblin, since you've used that initial Terraforming to remove 3 cards in total from your Deck (1 in grab CG, 1 in CG Draw and 1 in Kuraz pop CG Draw).
Of course many people feared the potential of leaving Chicken Game on the field allowing an opponent to use it... Generally, in Monarchs this rarely ever happened!
And while the Banning of Chicken Game hits Exodia and Magical Explosion OTK's, the reality is that what was really hurt by the Banning of this card was/ is Monarchs... The card in my opinion was borderline broken in the Deck since along with Upstart Goblin and Pantheism, a player was able to set up their Hand, Field, Graveyard and Banished pile almost exactly as they'd like, first turn each and every game... Which is what I see as the real reason that this card was hit.
Still, surely Limiting this would have been sufficient?
Rating: 4.25  Rarely is a Draw card Banned... But when its searchable (Terraforming), can be copied (Pseudo Space), can be Destroyed for advantage (Kuraz) and can be used multiple times in the same turn, most certainly is it going to attract unwanted attention when it comes down to whether or not its going onto the Banlist...


It's always fun to see a common card get banned. Chicken Game is a generic draw card that is unique as a Field Spell. We all know they hate generic draw cards, and this one had an added bonus of protecting the player who drew the card from life point damage. They also hate OTK decks, and Chicken Game was an excellent part of an Exodia build or the Magical Explosion deck. Too many cons and not enough pros (for them) means welcome to ban land, the true banished zone. 
Score: Banned/5 Game Over.
Art: 3/5 Still prefer the name Chicken Race


Chicken Game


I’ve never been a fan of cards that let you immediately draw 1 card. Eventually it becomes the same thing as all the others, just an engine for lowering deck counts or fueling OTK’s. Now, this card at first glance is actually kind of interesting, not because of the draw effect but because of the protection effect. I tested Chicken Game is a number of decks that take advantage of it, such as Graydles, and it adds some flavor that can be fun. Ramming a Graydle Alligator into a Blue Eyes for no damage and then stealing it is hilarious. But in the end, it became more of a detriment in the long run, because allowing my opponent to draw for free was more disadvantageous than its possibilities.


Really I think this card would have been a lot more fun if it only played around with the LP gaining/subtracting effect and protection effect. The draws led to its current demise, and now it’s useful to no one.


Advanced: 2/5

Future Potential: 1.5/5

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