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Hungry Burger
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This monster can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card, "Hamburger Recipe". You must also Tribute monsters whose total Level Stars equal 6 or more from the field or your hand.

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Date Reviewed:
April 1, 2016

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Hungry Burger

Anyway, today we're reviewing an old classic, a symbolic reminder of American obesity. It is indeed food that consumes us. I'm sure my ass has been featured on some health documentary, shuffling through crowds of fat people at a street fair with the narrator callously stating "Over 2/3 of Americans are overweight". **** you! This is America dammit!

Okay, Hungry Burger. Here's the scoreboard. McDonald's Big Mac has too much bread for my liking - too squishy. Burger King's The Whopper is excellent ; probably the best you're ever going to find from a fast food joint. Wendy's Dave's Hot and Juicy wasn't bad but it, for some reason, just doesn't match up to The Whopper. Taco Bell used to have a Beef Bell burger decades ago but since their slogan became "think outside the bun", that has been jettisoned. Restaurants like Applebee's make good burgers. White Castle is really tasty but the portion size effectively means you'll be spending $30 a sitting. Five Guys is really good.

Also, it's a DARK monster with exactly 2000 ATK. Good for ramming into Berserk Gorilla. Good for Deck Devastation Virus. A stylish way to delete the opponent's field and hand. Infected meat.

Fat American Format - 5/5
Skinny European Format - 1/5

Pojo Bill
enjoying a
Oh man, I loves me a good burger!!!!

My favorite in the Chicago Area is a place called DMK Burger Bar.  The Grass Fed Beef and Aged Cheddar are to die for!  They recently opened a DMK on Navy Pier in Chicago.  If you're ever traveling downtown Chicago, make sure to stop at DMK!

When I'm traveling out west, my favorite Fast-Food burger is In & Out Burger.  The Double-Double is like the perfect meat to bun ratio.  I read somewhere that they grind their own beef and the lean to fat ratio is like 60:40.  Wowza ... that's a lot of fat! No wonder they're so tasty.

Culver's makes a good Double Cheeseburger too, and they're spreading around the U.S. from Wisconsin like the Zika Virus. 

This card is making me so hungry.  They just opened a new Shake Shack in Chicago.  I heard their burgers are excellent.  I plan on trying their burger for the first time over the weekend!

Oh ... back to the card.  Can you believe this card has never been reprinted? Spell Ruler was released well over 10 years ago!  What could possibly be holding up a Premium Gold Reprint of this beauty?  Know what would be better than a Hungry Burger?  The Hungry Double Burger!

Score: 5.00 .... mmmm


With Massive Support Coming to Hungry Burger at the End of the Year, we Review the Ideal Monster, Hungry Burger. 

It is a Level 6 Dark Warrior-type Ritual Monster with 2000 Atk and 1850 Def. But even before that support comes, The Warrior Returning Alive can bring this back from the grave. Or Ritual Weapon can turn this monstrous meal into a 3500 Atk Blue-Eyes Annihilator. All the Djinn Support works with Hungry Burger to make it virtually indestructible. Even Pre-Preparation of Rites will work wonders with this and its Ritual Spell Card, Hamburger Recipe. But the new support is really something Special: Hungrier Hamburger Recipe which reads, "Tribute Monsters on your opponents side of the field whose Levels total 6 or more. Ritual Summon 1 Hungry Burger from your Hand, Deck, or Graveyard in Attack position and if you do, make its original attack and defense 4000." And that Ritual Spell Card is searchable by the same Manjus and Senjus that you should already be running in this tier -1,000,000 deck. Good luck finding that Secret Ghost Ultra Parallel Dimension Rare card in the set Burning Greatness, BRGR-EN000000000.1
Score: 5/5 Well Done, Konami. Well Done.
Art: Hangry Hangry Burgers/5 Now all we need is that Attack of the Killer Mystic Tomatoes Trap Card that lets Hungry Burger Attack Directly for each Mystic Tomato in your Graveyard.

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