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Performapal Parrotrio
- #YS16-EN005

Pendulum Effect Once per turn, if you control a "Performapal", "Magician", or "Odd-Eyes" card in your other Pendulum Zone, except "Performapal Parrotrio": You can make this card's Pendulum Scale become 7 until the end of this turn. Monster Effect When this card is destroyed by battle: You can Special Summon 1 "Performapal" monster from your Deck, except a Pendulum Monster.

Card Rating
Advanced: 2.5 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
July 29, 2016

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Performapal Parrotrio


As I said several times this week, Parrotrio continues a kind of annoying trend: lack of level 8 scales for Performapals. While this monster’s pendulum effect is nice, it’s incredibly disappointing that it refers to Odd-Eyes and yet can’t even help pendulum summon Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon on the high end. I’m just not impressed by this card, partly for that reason.


Parrotrio’s monster side is also lacking. Really low stats, and while the birdies can bring out Secondonkey for plusses, relying on being destroyed in battle rarely cuts it these days, even with powerful effects (See: Graydles). I don’t see much potential for this card in any real aspect, and because of its restrictive pendulum effect, I don’t see it ever having uses in wind or winged-beast decks. Overall, a disappointment in my eyes.


Advanced: 2/5

Future Potential: 1.5/5


With all the search options Performapals have, is this really necessary? Performapal Parrotrio is a Level 3 Wind Winged Beast-type Pendulum monster with 500 Atk and 500 Def and Scales of 2. The effects are where this card shines. The only raw stat that matters is the Performapal name. 
The monster effect is lackluster because it only activates if Performapal Parrotrio is destroyed by battle. Parrotrio Special Summons a Performapal from the deck except Pendulum Monsters. That's a very awful restriction. The pendulum effect changes the Scales from 3 to 8 if you have a Performapal, Odd-Eyes, or Magician other Scale, not a hard condition to achieve. Having the option for a high or low Scale during the player's turn is excellent if there were fewer searchable options. As it is this card works well on its own because it doesn't restrict what can be Pendulum Summoned. However, there are many cards that can be searched to make the Scales be what is needed. As such, Parriotrio sounds a little flat by comparison. 
Score: 3/5 Scales of 3 with effect to Scales of 8 would have been better. 
Art: 3/5 3 Parrots make for a Level 3 Art 3 receiver. 

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