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Pendulum Call
- #SDMP-EN026

Discard 1 card; add 2 "Magician" Pendulum Monsters with different names from your Deck to your hand, also, until the end of your opponent's next turn after this card resolves, "Magician" cards in your Pendulum Zones cannot be destroyed by card effects. You can only activate 1 "Pendulum Call" per turn. You cannot activate this card if you activated a "Magician" monster's Pendulum Effect this turn.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 4.25 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
January 8, 2016

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Happy Friday! Normal Spell Cards are easy to review. Pendulum Call only works in a Magician Pendulum deck. You discard a card to get two Magician Pendulum monsters with different names from your Deck to your Hand. Then, any Magician cards in your Pendulum Zones cannot be destroyed by either player until the end of your opponent's turn. So this searches and protects. Of course you can only do this once per turn, because it would be ridiculous otherwise. There is an additional restriction on this card in that you can't use a Magician Pendulum effect during any part of the turn you activate Pendulum Call. However, you can absolutely abuse the effects of other Pendulum effects that aren't Magicians. 

This is one of the reasons that Magicians and Pendulums can be combined with other decks so easily. You can get everything you need with just a few cards in your deck. The cost is cheap and the effects are balanced. Now if there were more monsters that this could search it would be perfect. But it's still necessary in decks running Pendulum Magicians. 
Score: 3.5/5
Art: 4/5


So we're absolutely, undoubtedly certain that Dragonpulse is a male? 

Pojo Staff Member: Yes. Stop asking! 

Okay, okay. Just double-checking. …...Where were we? Oh, yes. This card.

Continuing on with the new Pendulum Magician theme, Pendulum Call is the perfect search engine with a fair side effect to boot. Just discard one card in hand, and you get not one, but TWO Magician Pendulum Monsters from your Deck. The only catch is, they cannot be copies of the same one. Also, you can only do these effects once per turn, and you can't activate “Magician” monster Pendulum effects this turn. On the plus side though, once you've played this card then your Magicians are safe from destruction via effects, until your opponent's next turn- that's like, almost two whole turns! 

I like this card, but since it specifically works for one particular theme, I'll have to restrict its usefulness. But I wouldn't discourage giving this theme a go, even if it is still young. Heck, can you imagine just how broken this theme would be if it didn't restrict you to just Pendulum Monsters with “Magician” in their names? Think of all the crazy combos people would try to do with the Silent Magicians, or Buster Blader-themed Magicians, or even Dark Magician? …..........Nah, on second thought, nobody plays Dark Magician. Unless their absolutely obsessed with the anime/manga, and total newbies.... No offense, Yugi. 

Yugi: Gives a death glare 

I said, no offense! 

Yugi: Dark... Magic.... 

I said I'm sorry, geeze! What do you want from-- 

Yugi: ATTACK! 

Yikes!! Gets singed 

….Sheesh.... Imagine what he would have done if I accused him of being effeminate. 

Yugi: Exodia... OBLITERATE! 

OH, GOD! Runs for her life 

Final Score: 5/5, Pendulum Magician deck only 

Come back next week to see if I'm still alive. 

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