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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Top 10 Cards of 2016

#1 - Solemn Strike
- #BOSH-EN079

When a monster(s) would be Special Summoned, or a monster effect is activated: Pay 1500 LP; negate the Summon or activation, and if you do, destroy that card.

Card Rating
Advanced: 4.83 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Dec. 30, 2016

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Solemn Strike


The card that replaced Solemn Warning and ended up being even better. Who knew? Solemn Strike is the #1 card of 2016. The king of standard traps appeared at #2 on my own list, just under Twin Twisters. And I’ve already gone into detail why I considered Twin Twisters to be absolute #1. Still, Solemn Strike is no joke.


Today’s game is all about the monsters. It’s that simple. From broken, simple-to-summon monsters like ABC to insane hand traps like Maxx and Reaper to almighty boss monsters like Infinity, monsters rule the game completely. So Strike was provided to us as the modern day Solemn Judgment – the peacekeeper that came to the luckiest and shied away from those destined to lose. While there may be some people who would say Strike doesn’t have nearly the clout it used to, especially with the advent of Dimensional Barrier, I don’t think anyone would argue that Strike had the most impact when considering the whole of 2016, except for maybe Twin Twisters, which was released in the same set.


Of course, being on top will always draw out debate, but the reviewers here at pojo put Strike on top, and I have no problem with that at all, especially considering Strike should be present in decks for a long time, even if it gets restricted. Konami has made it clear that monsters are the full priority, and Strike is the perfect card to counter them.


Advanced: 5/5

Future Potential: 5/5


Now, in reflection of the top 10 list fully revealed, I will say a few things, but first let me show you my full list:


1. Twin Twister

2. Solemn Strike

3. Pantheism of the Monarchs

4. Kozmo Tincan

5. Performapal Monkeyboard

6. Cyber Dragon Infinity

7. Draco Face-Off

8. ABC - Dragon Buster

9. Pot of Desires

10. The Phantom Knights of Break Sword

11. Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

12. Union Hangar

13. Guiding Ariadne

14. Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince

15. Toadally Awesome

16. The White Stone of Ancients

17. Dragon Spirit of White

18. Metalfoes Mithrilium

19. Dimensional Barrier

20. Shiranui Solitaire


The most glaring differences are Kozmo Tincan and Draco Face-Off. I can understand Draco Face-Off not making the top 10, because I had to commit real effort to rank it myself. However, I’m truly shocked Tincan didn’t make the top 10. The effect of R2-D2 was unparalleled at the time of release, and still is, even though Kozmos got torched by the recent restricted list.


Well, that was 2016. What awaits in 2017? Well for the TCG, most players are salivating at the Zodiac Beast cards, but there’s also Wind Witches and a slew of new magician pendulums coming soon. But for the OCG, a whole revolution is barely visible on the horizon. Arc-V is coming to a close, and a new anime has been announced. That may just mean an entirely new mechanic will be introduced, and that’s definitely something to be excited about!


It's Breakthrough Skill and Solemn Warning (with a lower cost) combined.  Normal Summoning without activating an effect is really the only blindspot it has, and players rarely do that.  Is it overpowered?  Sure. 

But I guess it's the modern staple, and a card pretty much has to overpowered nowadays to be a staple?  But it's not like Graceful Charity wasn't overpowered.  I guess nowadays we apply standards of brokenness to all cards without exclusion.

It's been fun reviewing for Pojo for 3 years straight, and I'm in for a few more but I'll probably be reviewing less next year.  I strive to only review when I understand the card well, and I've been paying less attention to Yugioh lately (especially the non-competitive cards).  Here on out, I'll probably review splashable cards that can be judged on a versatility and card advantage scale, as well as older cards coming back in the spotlight.

Concluding this year for Cotd's, I have to get a few things off my chest:

  • Hungry Burger (this year) was the best Cotd ever, of all time.
  • Bill's review of Beaver Warrior is still hilarious.
  • I like reading early 2000's card of the day reviews for nostalgia
  • I reviewed a few cards on Pojo Magic the Gathering, and they came out pretty good despite me barely knowing how to play the game.
  • I stand by my choice of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon for #3000.
  • I miss John Rochas and Christian Moss.  Great reviewers.  I'm glad Riko and t-Rex still write.
  • My favorite reviewer will always be ExMod (I love his practical mindset, as well as his conciseness, which I've tried to emulate in my own reviews)
  • I'm officially ceding the figurative Cotd throne and frontrunner status to Rcg (kudos)

Rating for Solemn Strike: 5/5


We are down to our #1 card of 2016. This year has been a rollercoaster of crazy cards, but one stood out among the COTD staff as the best of the best. This card came out at the beginning of the year and has been a defining part of the game since then. I, of course, am talking about none other than Solemn Strike!


Position on my list: #2


I had Pot of Desires over Solemn Strike on my list, but both are so tremendously powerful that I can see why the other reviewers put Strike first. Strike has also had much more time to flesh itself out in the game, having existed since Breakers of Shadow dropped at the beginning of the year.


I don’t think I really need to explain why Solemn Strike is so good. Negation and destruction of a summon or monster effect, at the measly cost of 1500 LP, and Spell Speed 3? Strike shuts down damn near everything in the game right now. It’s not a staple exactly, as more combo oriented Decks likely would rather have another combo piece to set up their board, but just about every Deck has at least attempted to use Solemn Strike because it’s that good. It makes strong boards stronger, and it is one of the biggest punishers of overextension. The card is Limitworthy at the very least, and I’m actually quite surprised that the OCG (which has had Strike since November 2015) has done nothing to touch this card. It has pushed almost every other Trap Card (except Solemn Warning, Dimensional Barrier, and Vanity’s Emptiness) out of the game, and it is very deserving of the #1 spot.


Rating: 5/5


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. Here is my personal Top 10 list that I submitted:


1.    Pot of Desires

2.    Solemn Strike

3.    Twin Twisters

4.    Number S39: Utopia the Lightning

5.    The Phantom Knights of Break Sword

6.    Performapal Monkeyboard

7.    Pantheism of the Monarchs

8.    Toadally Awesome

9.    Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

10.  Ghost Reaper& Winter Cherries

Honorable Mentions: Cyber Dragon Infinity, ABC-Dragon Buster, Dimensional Barrier


Hello Pojo Fans,
Everyone knew this was going to be #1...c'mon! Solemn Strike is too good of a card to not be.
Simple, effective, flexible, destructive. 1500 Life Points isn't anything to use unless very late in the game where LP may be at a premium. Stop Pendulum Summon(s), Special Summons, or just that annoying monster effect that will spring a big turn for your opponent. This can be run in 3's with Solemn Warning to make for 4 of the best Counter Traps you could ever run. If you run things to search this out, even better. This card is pricey still, and there's no doubt why, it helps win games.
I originally rated it a 4/5, and while I don't like changing my rating, I think this card warrants it. The only thing this card doesn't stop is a Normal Summon, but if that monster activates an effect then it is open season for Strike.
Until Next Time


Well if you didn't see this or yesterday's card as number 1, then I'm not sure what game you've been playing. Number 1 is the great Solemn Strike. Counter Traps are Spell Speed 3 and cannot be chained to except by other Counter Traps. It scored a solid 4.5/5 the first time around. I gave it a 4/5 because of the lack of stopping Normal Summons, but I will increase the score now. Destroying monsters after they are summoned for activating their effects is great for turn 2 defense. Negating Special Summons and destroying is very good, even if the monster has an on destruction effect. If this card doesn't get banned or limited it will receive an even better title that only a few cards in the game have had, Staple. Run 3 if you can.
Score: 4.25/5
Art: 3/5
Happy New Year!



Solemn Strike...again, I probably would have switched today and yesterday, but they're both great cards.  There isn't much to say about this card.  We knew it was good when it was came out.  Hell, we knew it was awesome.  The Solemn family of cards is all ready getting large, and likely will only continue to do so.  This is going to be another 'watch and see what happens next Ban' card, but it's worthy of card of the year.  The price is right, pun intended, negation and/or destruction are good, it wet our appetites.  Enjoy!
Rating:  4.75/5 
Art:  5/5

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