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Top 10 Cards of 2016

#8 - Performapal Monkeyboard
- # BOSH-EN003

Pendulum Effect Unless you have a "Performapal" card in your other Pendulum Zone, this card's Pendulum Scale becomes 4. During your Main Phase, if this card was activated this turn: You can add 1 Level 4 or lower "Performapal" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Performapal Monkeyboard" once per turn. Monster Effect You can discard this card; reveal 1 "Performapal" or "Odd-Eyes" monster in your hand, and if you do, reduce the Levels of monsters in your hand with that name by 1 for the rest of this turn (even after they are Summoned/Set).

Card Rating
Advanced: 4.25 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Dec. 21, 2016

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Performapal Monkeyboard 

There is nothing more true in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh than cards that let you plus by searching the deck. It’s the way the game is played. But when pendulum monsters made their grand debut, the importance of such cards was amplified. This is why Performapal Monkeyboard comes in at #8 on our Top 10 list. Appearing at #5 on my personal list and the #2 monster, the only reason he wasn’t higher was because of the absolute and absurd dominance of the cards above him.  

What makes Monkeyboard a stupid card isn’t what he does, it’s what he can facilitate after he’s apparently spent. With a scale of 1, there’s almost nothing he can’t pendulum summon, and coupled with his good buddies Guitartle and Skullcrobat (released in late 2015 so he won’t make this list), the plusses that accompanied Performapals and their various hybrids were nearly unprecedented. This is why he was banned, and why it might be a while until he can come back. 

However, there’s still hope. Power creep always makes older cards irrelevant, no matter how long it takes, and considering the OCG is about to get its first pendulum monsters with scales of 0 and 13, I’d say even Monkeyboard could be lackluster enough one day to come back and play a little tune for us all. 

Advanced: 5/5
Future Potential: 3.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Performapal Monkeyboard is our #8 card of 2016, and the only one on the list to be Forbidden.
Very searchable and with plenty of support behind it, Monkeyboard has a lot going for it. Run it with Performapals to make sure its scale stays 1, otherwise it will become 4. Monkeyboard is a whole Pendulum Scale regardless of if you have a Performapal or not. Search any Level 4 or lower Performapal to complete the scale and you didn't even need to use a Normal Summon. If you bounce Monkeyboard back you can use the effect again, netting another resource.
Its effect as a monster isn't too useful. Needing a Performapal or Odd-Eyes as well as going -1 just to drop the level of a monster by 1 for the rest of the turn isn't worth the summon of Monkeyboard, especially it being a Level 6 (Pendulum Summon or Giant Rat help with this).
That search ability and completing of a scale by itself needed to be dealt with. Drawing a copy of this card late in a game would mean certain defeat for the opponent if the player could complete the scale with Monkeyboard and  had some Pendulum Monsters in their Extra Deck.
Until Next Time



#8 - Performapal Monkeyboard.  So much text.  A Level 6, Earth Monster, who is a Level 1 on the Pendulum scale (sometimes) and a Beast, with only 1000 attack but 2400 defense.  So first off, his Pendulum scale becomes 4 (instead of the original 1) so long as you don't have another Performapal in the Pendulum Zone.  If activated this turn, you can add a Level 4 or lower Performapal from your Deck to your Hand.  For a Monster Effect, you can discard this card and then reveal a Performapal or Odd Eyes Monster in your Hand, and if you did, the Levels of that Monster(s) is/are reduced by 1 for the turn.  As is said often around here, this card isn't great on it's own, it's a big combo card for the Deck, and it does three things well, as stated above.  It's not at all a bad card, but I don't see it as good as most things on our list.
Rating:  3.5/5
Art:  4/5


We continue our Top 10 of 2016 Countdown with the only card from this year to be Forbidden; #8 is Performapal Monkeyboard!
Position on my list: #6
I heavily debated whether I wanted to put Monkeyboard or Pendulum Sorcerer on the list; I ultimately decided that both had an equal impact on Pendulum Decks, but Monkeyboard was overall the stronger card. Whereas Pendulum Sorcerer helps you accelerate after setting up, Monkeyboard helps you get set up in the first place.
I have grown to love the Pendulum mechanic, in spite how much hate it gets. And I love the Performapals, especially Monkeyboard. But man this card was too good. One card Scales should not be encouraged, since a single topdecked Monkeyboard can get you out of a bad situation and right back into the game. It wouldn’t be as bad if Monkeyboard was part of an archetype like Qliphort, where most of the monsters outside of Scout itself are rather subpar. But Monkeyboard is part of the Performapals, which went from being a laughingstock to being one of the most brutal Pendulum engines to ever exist in the blink of an eye. The sheer search power and consistency of the engine is really what pushed Monkeyboard over the edge, and ultimately what caused his demise.
RIP Diddy Kong: always nerfed. And yet, you’re still the best character in Smash 4 (in my and many others’ opinions at least).
Rating: Banned (5/5 when legal)

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