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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Destiny HERO - Dark Angel
- #DESO-EN005

If you have 3 or more "Destiny HERO" monsters in your Graveyard: You can discard this card, then target 1 "Destiny HERO" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it to your opponent's field in Defense Position. When a Spell Card or effect you activate resolves, negate that effect, and if you do, or if it did not have an effect, destroy that card. During your Standby Phase: You can banish this card and 1 "Destiny HERO" monster from your Graveyard; each player chooses 1 Normal Spell Card from their Deck, and places it on top of their Deck.

Card Rating
Advanced: 1.55 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Dec. 14, 2016

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Destiny HERO – Dark Angel 

This card is garbage. It’s rare when a monster has three separate bad effects, if there are any others at all. I can’t think of any. So maybe Destiny HERO – Dark Angel is one of a kind!  

For those confused about this monster, it’s supposed to be able to prevent opponent spell use if you target Dark Angel for her own effect and special summon her to the opponent side. The idea that she can be considered a counter to opponent spells is laughable, though. Maybe if the opponent wasn’t able to tribute her or use her as summoning material, I could see this, but c’mon. Tribute summoning and synchro summoning are still a thing. 

As for her third effect, it makes me want to question whether or not Konami is trying to help the D-Hero archetype or actually hates it. Allowing opponents to pick a spell card and put it right on top is pure folly in all cases, especially when the play is a minus to yourself (as is the first effect, which is actually a net minus 2). Seriously, this is a bad, bad card. Never play it.

Advanced: 1/5
Future Potential: 1/5 


Destiny Hero - Dark Angel

I swear to god DHERO monsters have some of the most strangest idiosyncratic and useless effects I've seen. First of all, requiring 3 DHERO monsters in grave, as if this card's effect is powerful enough to need a cost.  Reviving your monster on your opponent's side is a -2 because you give up this card and your opponent gets a card.

And this card negates your spell cards too?  What the ****?!

Okay, you can banish this card and another DHERO to put a spell card on top of your deck, but the opponent gets this boon too.  If the opponent (or one of your cards) has a way to shuffle your deck because the next time you draw, you're out of luck.  Keep in mind this effect is still a -1.  It would find home in some weird Ftk deck except there more inconsistent than ever.



Hello Pojo Fans, 

New support for Destiny Heroes continues on with Destiny HERO - Dark Angel. 

Several effects here to look at from a monster, that, while able to be summoned in a variety of ways, including One For One, doesn't offer anything in terms of attacking or defending power.  

When you've got 3 or more Destiny HERO monsters in your grave you have the option to ditch Dark Angel and then summon a D-HERO to your opponents field in defense. I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, even if you are trying to use some of the negative effects certain Destiny Heroes have, like Defender and this monster. There are the options of using Plasma to suck the monster back up, or benefit from Defender, but why give your opponent a monster they can Xyz, Synchro, or tribute?  

Dark Angel will negate and destroy any spell the owner plays, that is a big negative, which works into its first effect. If you give Dark Angel to your opponent then they will have to get rid of it first before using their spells, though unless you are playing a dedicated lockdown style of D-HERO I'm not sure how long Dark Angel will stay on their field.  

It's final effect is alright, but its search of a Normal Spell benefits each player, again, something you try to avoid. Yes, it will ensure Diamond Dude's effect will work, but you are allowing your opponent to move a Normal Spell to the top of their deck. Raigeki, Dark Hole, Allure, Pot of Desire, etc., you just don't want to be staring down any of that.  

Destiny HERO – Dark Angel is a trickster, but not a really useful Destiny Hero.  


Until Next Time


Pojo Top 10 Yugioh Cards of 2016 Competition!

This card is bonkers. Destiny Hero - Dark Angel is a Level 1 Dark Warrior-type monster with 0 Atk and 0 Def. Obviously those stats are bad. The effects are weird. Special Summoning a Destiny Hero to the opponent's side of the field is weird during a time when Super Polymerization is banned. Since it can send another copy of itself to the opponent's side of the field, it will instantly negate Spells or Spell effects and destroy them. That's handy, but running multiple of this just to send it over is not the best strategy. The final effect is to banish itself and a Destiny Hero monster from the grave during the Standby Phase so each player can search a Normal Spell from the deck to the top of the deck. Dark Angel is not a real angel and is weak with semi-useful effects. 
I have created a very small (and hardly noticed) top ten prediction thread on the forums. If you want to reply to the thread Click Here If not that's totally cool too. We'll be counting down cards of 2016 starting Friday.
Score: 2/5
Art: 2/5


Destiny HERO-Dark Angel, has 0 attack and defense, is a Dark, Warrior Monster, and like Monday, has a lot of text on it.  This card is a combo card too for a Destiny Hero player.  But I don't like it anywhere near as much as I did Monday.  This is one of those cards that works by being able to be brought to your opponent's Field.  The negation/destruction effect of looping Magic cards/effects into nothing is interesting, but your opponent won't be keeping this on the Field long, and that's where the real problem lies.  If it couldn't be Tributed, or not able to used for a Special Summon, something, it could be a really annoying card.  During your Standby Phase, you can remove this and one other Destiny Hero from your Graveyard from play, for both players to add a Normal Magic card (from the Deck) to the top of the Deck.  I just don't see much use for this guy, other than a very minor annoyance.
Rating:  1.75/5 
Art:  4/5 

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