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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

The Suppression Plutoá- #DRL3-EN010

Once per turn: You can declare 1 card name; look at your opponent's hand, then if they have the declared card in their hand, apply 1 of these effects. ● Take control of 1 monster your opponent controls. ● Destroy 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls, then you can Set the destroyed Spell/Trap Card on your field.

Card Rating
Advanced: 2.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Aug. 30, 2016

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The Suppression Pluto 

A funny card that HAS to be in response to his demotion to non-planet, I’d imagine. And this monster is interesting, even if it really has no place in the game right now. I’d love Pluto a lot more if it were a level 4 with a quick effect. Unfortunately, Konami doesn’t make easily splashable cards anymore, which is probably a good thing in the end, I begrudgingly admit. 

Pluto is part of a planetary line of monsters released into the TCG recently. But they aren’t actually a theme; rather they are like flavor cards for each attribute, sort of like the Dragon Rulers, except they can’t be used in conjunction with one another. In essence, they are all solo cards. So, when are high level monsters with no theme ever used? The answer is practically never. Only in the case when an old card happens to fit exactly what the theme needs. Examples are Pot of the Forbidden in Prediction Princess decks, Aether the Wicked Empowering Dragon in Ninjas, or Jack’s Knight in Brilliant Monarchs. Gone are the days when high-level monsters can be splashed into a deck if it has a great effect, even a broken effect (see: Black Luster Soldier). The game is too fast and too theme dependent.  

Pluto is far out of its league. All of these planetary monsters are, with maybe the exception of The Blazing Mars, since he can special summon himself many times from the hand or grave. And even if Pluto had a way to easily special summon itself and provide consistent presence on the field, its effect isn’t game-breaking and can’t be chained. While it’s fun, it can’t be more than something to look at in the binder. 

Advanced: 1/5
Future Potential: 1/5 



  • You can choose to handle a potential Spell/Trap threat or gain a monster, so it's versatile depending on the situation.
  • The effect makes this card a +1, since you gain a card and the opponent loses a card
  • If you can dump it in the grave, you can summon it back with cards like Soul Charge or Call of the Haunted.
  • Decks with cards like Mind Crush (which let you see the opponent's hand) can capitalize on this.


  • LV8's that can't summon themselves are almost never worth tributing for. Don't count on Tribute Summoning this one. 
  • You do need to have some knowledge of the opponent's hand before you use this card.
  • The opponent draws a new card each turn and can set or use a card you already called, making it harder to use reliably.
  • This card has no way of protecting itself, so it's probably that you might only get to use the effect once while its faceup.


  • It's somewhat situational and has consistency issues, but also can be very powerful.  
  • I see it as a capable niche card for some decks, but I wouldn't run more than 1.



Hello Pojo Fans,
The Suppression Pluto may be a 2600ATK  Level 8, but its effects make it worth the possible investment.
Knowing your opponents hand is critical to this effect, luckily there are many cards that allow for this to happen. Call a card name, get it right, get your choice of awesome effects. Destruction of a spell/trap is good, then getting to use the spell/trap you destroyed is even better. Several decks run flexible spell/traps, the ability to use your opponents spell/trap after destroying is game-changing. Blow up their Warning, then set it to your field. Taking control of a monster your opponent controls is great as well. No specification means even face-down monsters are eligible for being targeted.
The key to Suppression Pluto is if you are willing to build around it or if you have flexibility to use it. Monarchs could use this with all the tributing they do. The declaring 1 card name isn't tough either with many decks doing a lot of searching. If your opponent searches something out and they don't use it, summon Pluto and call out that name.
An interesting and unique card. Higher ATK would make it better, but it is still a good card. Stormforth being limited hurts this card, though Soul Exchange will still work with it.
Until Next Time


The Suppression Pluto has disappointing stats. It's a Level 8 Dark Fiend-type monster with 2600 Atk and 2000 Def. Its lack of a self Special Summoning method makes Level 8 and 2600 Atk just too low. Level 8 is good for Trade-In. Dark is good for the new triple Allures that can be run in the deck. Fiend has been good for a very long time, but I'm not sure how Pluto would take advantage of their support. It's just that Atk value. Even 2700 would have been enough to change my mind. Anyway, on to the one effect.  

The Suppression Pluto likes to steel cards. If you know a card in your opponent's hand, you can declare it once per turn to steal a monster or a Spell/Trap card. The Spell/Trap gets set, but unless it's a Trap you should be able to use it right away. The effect is great. Stealing cards and XYZ Summoning is probably an ideal scenario since the effect has no physical cost, only the mental one of knowing the card in the opponent's hand. There is also no downside to activating it, which means at the very least you get to see their entire hand once per turn. The problem is the monster the effect is attached to. I don't see The Suppression Pluto making it to the field without some dump to grave Call methods, and that's not the most consistent play. And then once on the field, it's not going to survive in Atk mode without help. This planet just gets left as last pick.  

Score: 2/5 Not strong enough
Art: 3.5/5 Creepy 

Enjoy Legion!




The Suppression Pluto...take a minute and just admire the artwork of this card.  Level 8, Dark, Fiend, 2600 attack and 2000 defense.  A bit low for a Level 8, we like our Level 8 Monsters to have 2800 attack or more, but still we have a powerful Monster here.  Once a turn, you declare a card name, and if your opponent is holding said card, you get to activate one of two effects:  Now for an immediate plus, even if you're wrong, you get to look at your opponent's Hand, which is very good.  Seeing what the opponent holds is awesome.  Now you can either take control of one of their Monsters if you're correct, or, destroy a Magic or Trap card they control.  Said card then has the option of being Set on your side of the Field.  That's interesting too.  Destruction is good, and the fact to potentially steal a card from your opponent is fun, and could be devastating depending on what the Magic or Trap card may be.  He's surely got a place in a Control Deck, and Fiends will have fun with him too.
Rating:  3/5
Art: 5/5

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