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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

 Fairy Tail – Snowá
- #TDIL-EN042

If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change it to face-down Defense Position. During either player's turn, if this card is in your Graveyard: You can banish 7 other cards from your hand, field, and/or Graveyard; Special Summon this card.

Card Rating
Advanced: 3 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed: Aug. 17, 2016

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Fairy Tail – Snow 

This monster sees sporadic tech play in the OCG and probably will in the TCG as well. If her cost to special summon from the grave wasn’t so high or if she was a dark type, she’d probably be used in many decks, but I guess that’s the point. And really, the cost is what determines her playability. I’ve seen Snow run in decks like zombies, where banishing is a good thing, to spellcasters to lightsworns, and a whole host of others. The questions are always “How quickly can my deck get cards into the grave, including Snow?” and “Will it be okay to subsequently banish them?” 

What makes Snow alluring is the fact that she’s not just a reserve summon waiting in the wings, she also has a moderately effective second ability to stall the opponent by flipping a monster. Since it’s a quick effect, this is obviously a powerful ability, but will probably run on a bell curve as the meta dictates. ABC and Kozmo are hardly perturbed by Snow, but decks like D/D/D and Blue-Eyes could get halted by a timely Snow summon, not to mention Metalfoes, which need targets to be face up. 

I think Snow will peak at some point, in an era perhaps dominated by spellcasters or a meta that doesn’t have any anti-targeting bosses. And she may even be abused to the point of requiring restriction, but if that day comes, it’s probably because of her cost, and not her effect. I could definitely see banishing any 7 cards you possess as a problem in the future.

Advanced: 3.5/5
Future Potential: 4/5


This card is actually quite potentially useful, even with its rather high cost to Special Summon it. 

There are actually several numerous advantageous attributes to this card that also make it even more likely to be useful, firstly, its a Light attribute monster, this means that automatically it becomes "Splashable" into any Deck that uses Brilliant Fusion, its a Spellcaster type, so any monster(s) and support that comes along with Spellcasters automatically supports this, its effect can be used as many times per turn as you desire... Simply so long as you have sufficient cards to ensure that you can keep Summoning it... And it can also be Special Summoned during either players turn, a very valuable thing to have when your defences are otherwise down. And finally, its a Level 4, the best sort of Level to have when a monster is screaming "Please abuse me" and rather loudly so!

And along with a decent ATK for a Level 4 monster, Fairy Tail - Snow is very well rounded out. 

Outside of the above suggestions for its use, Fairy Tail - Snow will be not only used in just Rank 4 Decks... Such as ClownBlade, but actually have a very abuseable effect when combined with Shiranui's, this is because Shiranui's gain effects when Banished, or take advantage of the fact, and this fact actually allows Shiranui's combined with Zombies to Summon PSY-Framelord Omega incredibly easily and consistently... And that can be the very tip of Synchro abuses precipitated simply by the inclusion of Fairy Tail - Snow (and Brilliant Fusion). 

And to add a final bit of icing to the cake that is delicious, when Summoned, you are able to Target an opponent's monster and flip it into face-down DEF position... Not only does this put opponent's monsters into the usually weaker DEF position, but it can also be used more aggressively as a way with which to deny your opponent from using effect monsters valuable effects, or even prevent Summoning of monsters to begin with. So just as long as the monster cannot be "Targeted" this effect is also essentially a Hand Trap esque Book of Moon... Except from your Graveyard! 

Rating: 3.75. Apart from the high cost to Special Summon Fairy Tail - Snow, the ability to incorporate this card into numerous Decks and strategy's (without even mentioning things like Lightsworns), as well as the "Book of Moon" effect combined with a "Summon as many times as you want to/ can per turn" effect make this a really good card when used in the right Deck, especially considering it is also screaming "Find a way to abuse me hard"... While Fairy Tail - Snow could also arguably be considered a "Tech" due to the fact that you can realistically include no more than 2 copies of it in a Deck, don't let that deter you from realising how good this card actually is! This card is a Short Print from "The Dark Illusion" and deservedly so.


Hello Pojo Fans,

Banishing 7 other cards in all to Special Summon ANY monster may be too much, especially for the Level 4 Fairy Tail – Snow.

Book of Moon effect when Normal or Special Summoned is an effect we've seen before, but it will always be useful as long as the monster doing it has enough ATK to take down the monster flipped down, which Fairy Tail – Snow should be able to do.

With standard stats for a Level 4, there isn't much to Fairy Tail – Snow besides the art being adorable. Seven cards from your hand/field/grave to Special Summon this monster during either turn from the grave is too much of a cost. There are such easier ways to Special Summon this card than its own effect I'm not sure why you'd even want to.

There are better Spellcasters to use than this monster just to have another Book of Moon possible when she's summoned.


Until Next Time, KingofLullaby


Fairy Tail - Snow is a Level 4 Light Spellcaster-type monster with 1850 Atk and 1000 Def. Those are great stats. Her effects make her fit into any deck that really wants to surprise the opponent. Tsukoyomi used to be used because of its similar effect, and this monster is even stronger. 
Fairy Tail - Snow can target and flip face down any opponent's monster when it's Normal or Special Summoned. Then if it's in the grave, Snow can banish 7 dwarves (cards) from the hand, field, or grave to Special Summon itself, triggering the first effect. So long as the monster isn't immune to targeting, this can be a useful disruption tactic. It also can pinch hit against BA decks. Short print commons shouldn't be too hard to find. Get a bunch and abuse them all during the end of the duel. 
Score: 3/5 Witch of the Black Forest comes to mind. 
Art: 4/5 I hope Fairy Tail becomes an archetype. 



Fairy Tail-Snow.  Okay, first, let us take a moment and admire the cuteness and beauty in this card.  Second, yes, the puns in this family of cards naming is delicious (Fairy tail equaling Fairytale, in addition to the actual tails).  So a Light Monster, and Level 4, with 1850 attack (monsters who have x50 attack or defense irk me for no particular reason) and 1000 defense.  I kinda feel she should be Earth, as snow is an element, and elemental cards should be Earth, but that's just me.  When Normal or Special Summoned, you can change a card your opponent controls to face-down Defense position.  In addition, here you're allowed to Special Summon this card from your Graveyard, (during either players' turn) by removing seven cards from play.  These cards can come from your Hand, Field, and/or Graveyard.  There aren't a great deal of these cards available yet, so it could be difficult to construct a Deck that would really work as of now.  I assume the seven card removal is reminiscent of the seven dwarfs, ala, Snow (White) in the name of the card.   

Art:  5/5

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