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Card of Demise
- #MIL1-EN014

Draw until you have 3 cards in your hand, also for the rest of this turn after this card resolves, your opponent takes no damage. During the End Phase of this turn, send your entire hand to the Graveyard. You can only activate 1 "Card of Demise" per turn. You cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this card.

Card Rating
Advanced: 3.45 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
April 18, 2016

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Card of Demise


Outside of an OTK, which I won’t bother discussing, Card of Demise is interesting. Without the ability to special summon during the turn you use it, it’s limited in use to decks that desperately need that one card, or to themes that make good use of either not having a hand or that plus from sending cards to the graveyard from the hand. Note, it’s not considered “discarding” which is unfortunate.


The only deck I’ve currently seen it running in on a semi-consistent basis is Satellars, which is wholly reliant on Deneb. But, it’s not great in the deck my any means. My first thought was for Infernities, and I have seen them in certain builds but not all. For a theme that requires a turn to break out its combos as soon as possible, not being able to special summon might be too much a deal breaker. And this isn’t to mention the fact that if you draw into another one, it’s dead weight, unless you have room in your backrow to set it, which is rarely the case for an infernity deck that just got +2 and can’t special. Another deck I’ve seen Card of Demise work well enough in is Igknights, which is an entire engine that can go off and easily risk not special summoning for a turn. Load up the extra deck, then set what you can. If you draw into only Igknight monsters, you can pop them all to the extra deck except for your scales and a normal summon.


The future potential of this card can’t be ignored. Drawing 3 cards is drawing 3 cards, and all cards that let a player plus like that get banned eventually. It’s just a matter of time when something comes along to abuse it perfectly. Igknights is a perfect example, even if it doesn’t make perfect use of it. All it takes is for one or two new cards to make great use of it, and it’s broken.


Advanced: 3/5

Future Potential: 4.5/5


Card of Demise

Wow. I'm really happy they decided to release these long-awaited anime cards. They managed to make this card strong but also with restrictions. You potentially plus 2 and thin your deck in an instant. Of course, you have to be low in hand, give up on attacking/Special Summoning but these aren't entirely unreasonable demands. Considering you can use up the cards before your turn ends effectively makes the discard penalty not a very big concern. It's not for every deck, but it will have a broad range of uses nonetheless.



Hello Pojo Fans,

Players have been waiting for this ever since it first appeared in the show. Now that it is here, and watered down, Card of Demise will still make an impact.

A max of 3 cards off this one is good, but unlike the show, your hand will be discarded at the end of the turn rather than several turns later. Also, no damage for the rest of the turn eliminates your chances of doing any Life Point damage.

Despite that, you can still destroy monsters your opponent has and assert your field position. The discard can also work in your favor if you are trying to get something into the grave. Shaddolls needed a bump in support as they didn't get much from the newest ban list. Lightsworn also get another card to potentially use. This is draw power and grave-filling ability. If you need stuff in the grave this card can do that for you. If you need extra cards, this is for you. You could potentially use everything in your hand and avoid the discard all-together.

The positives of this card are too great and it will likely get hit by the ban list in the fall. “Once per turn” isn't enough of a restriction to stop the combos that are likely to follow with this card.


Until Next Time


This seems to be an easy review week. I say that because Spells and Traps are (usually) very straightforward. Card of Demise is a Normal Spell Card that says Draw until you have 3 cards. Then there are a bunch of conditions like your opponent takes no damage for the rest of the turn after you activate it. That's not too bad, especially during turn one where you can't attack. You can only activate one per turn, which also isn't so bad. Many cards have that restriction. The final restriction is that you can't Special Summon during the turn you activate Card of Demise. That's more of a doozy. All decks want to Special Summon sometimes, even Monarchs and yang zings. Pot of Duality and CardCar D don't get much play because their draw power doesn't out weigh the restriction to not be able to Special Summon for that whole turn. This is already a very risky card.
The final effect of Card of Demise is to send your entire hand to the Graveyard during the End Phase. A lot of decks really want cards to be sent to the Graveyard by an effect like this. This won't bring back Shaddolls, but PK Fire might want to try one out if they don't mind missing the Special Summons.

Score: 3.5/5 Draw Power is good.
Art: 3/5 Original artwork was better.


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