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Reinforcement of the Army

Move 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from your Deck to your hand. Your Deck is then shuffled.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 4.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Nov. 20, 2015

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This is a pretty simple matter.  It's at 1 again, likely as a blow to Satellarknights.  While it's by no means a broken card (and at its time of release, it was pretty original), by today's standards it's a generic card design with no weaknesses, risks, costs or costs.  So putting it at 1 will certainly result in more skillful deck building, as to what you're going to put in those 2 extra slots.
It's an obvious straightforward card, staple to any deck with 4+ Warrior-type monsters or a particular Warrior-type monster they want in their hand the first turn.  It's been a competitive card for over 11 years because Warrior-type is the most supported type in Yugioh history.  Every collection needs this card, period.



Closing the week, we come to a very old card, that's seen itself at various places over the years on the Ban List, and even not on it at all, Reinforcements of the Army.  Currently also Restricted, following suit with the past couple of cards of the week.  In short, the obvious Restriction here, comes from the great deal of Warrior Decks and Warrior Monsters in use at present, and having more than one RotA available is just silly.  Honestly, you probably don't need more than one, and it gives you extra slots for tech or whatever else you'd like asset wise for your Deck.  Sometimes a Restriction like this opens the Deck up a little.
Rating:  4/5
Art:  4/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
RoTA doesn't need much a review. It was at 3, and it's too good to be at 3. 1-for-1 search for a monster you can Normal Summon at the very least? Yes, that has to be dealt with. Tellarknights searched out anything they wanted in their archetype, giving them a total of 6 searcher cards, while Nekroz could run 3 and have even more searching options in their deck. Samurai decks already have 3 Smoke Signal, so having 3 RoTA was also a little much even if Gateway of The Six remains banned in the TCG.
While limiting RoTA won't slow down Tellarknights much in my opinion, it does take away two options for them and Nekroz, and that was the point.
Until Next Time


Reinforcement of the Army is so good it has it's own acronym as a word in the Yu-Gi-Oh! dictionary. Have you ever heard of a ROTA like effect? Of course you have. This card searches any Level 4 or lower Warrior-type monster from the Deck to the Hand for free. ROTA effects are effects that search from the Deck to the Hand and most of those cards are absolutely necessary for their archetype. This card is even better because it has the vast type of Warrior. Having multiple in the Hand effectively thins the Deck and improves your odds of winning. ROTA and cards like ROTA are so good that their specific counter, Mistake, is worth $12 bucks. The Banhammer was merciful and let us keep 1 in the Deck, but this could be banned and almost everyone would agree that it makes sense.

Score: 5/5 You can splash 3 Warriors in your Deck and this would still be useful.

Art: 4/5 Charge!



Waaariorrrrs! Come out and plaaaaaaaay!” -from “The Warriors” (1979) 

All week we've been focusing on banned or restricted cards. Not we have a card that's versatile in nearly every deck and arguably deserves the nerfing it got. Friends, meet the bread and butter of Warrior decks: Reinforcement of the Army. 

I shouldn't have to explain how good this card is, but since I'm a card reviewer I have no choice. Basically, if you're lacking that one Level 4 Warrior that you desperately need at any given time, this is your savior. If you want to build up your field with monsters for an XYZ or other Special Summon, this is your fishing pole. If you have a deck that deaperately needs more speed, this is your engine. If you're playing with Level 4 Warriors, WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING THIS CARD? 

Okay sure, the game's gotten a heck of a lot more versatile than when it started. In the old days, Warriors were awesome and this card made them even more awesome. Nowadays your deck might be more inclined to play Rocks or Beasts or even Plants (huge shocker there). But even now, there's room for ROTA. It's just that good. 


Final Score: 4/5 (Not everyone plays with Warriors)  


Hello guys, so here we have one of the best search cards in the game. Ever since its relese, this card has jumped around on the ban list and now we are back to one. No much to say but being able to search your deck for any warrior monster level 4 or lower is great. Searching in this game is awesome. You thin out your deck in the process. A one for one. This card has seen its play in many decks, Heros, Sknights, warrior tool box, etc. Not much else to say. Just a decent card that does something simple yet great. Have a great weekend guys.

Rate 5/5

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