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Numeral Hunter
- #WSUP-EN021

If this card is Summoned: Return all "Number" Xyz Monsters on the field to the Extra Deck. Neither player can Special Summon "Number" Xyz Monsters. Cannot be destroyed by battle with an Xyz Monster. This card is unaffected by the effects of Xyz Monsters.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.60 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
May 6, 2015

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The problem with this card is while that there are plenty of good Number XYZ monsters out there, there are just as many (if not more) splashable XYZ monsters without the word Number in their names that can get over this.  At it's best, it can a bounce a threat and be a pretty generic 1600 beater that could be ran over by plenty of non-XYZ monsters.  And no smart player would waste an XYZ effect on a 1600 beater, so it's last effect is redundant.  It's a neither powerful nor versatile card.
With some smarter design choices, it could've been cool tech.  I like the concept (sorta Kinetic Soldier-ish) but it's a relatively bad card overall.



Numeral Hunter (who looks identical from the first number hunter from Zexal) is a Light attributed, Level 4 Warrior, with 1600 attack and 1400 defense.  If this card is Summoned (regardless of how) all Number XYZ Monsters are returned to the Extra Deck.  In addition, neither player can Special Summon a Number XYZ Monster and this card cannot be destroyed by one.  Finally, this card is unaffected by by the effects of all XYZ Monsters.  Honestly, he's almost worth a shot just for that.  I think he's a legit side-deck choice if you run into someone obviously playing enough Numbers to make him worthwhile.  But the fact is, he's too little too late to have a real impact on the game.

Rating: 2.5/5 
3.5/5 Side-deck 
Art:  4/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
While the past two days have featured cards that were situational to win the match, today we feature a card that is situational throughout the game. Numeral Hunter is the enemy of Xyz monsters that contain numbers in their name.
Decent stats, Attribute and Type, as well as being searchable, Numeral Hunter's ability to return all Xyz monsters with a number in their name is a great effect if facing Xyz monsters with a number. While on the field neither player can Special Summon Xyz monsters with numbers in their name as well, preventing any of the monsters that were sent back by Numeral Hunter to reappear until he leaves the field or gets negated. There are roughly less than 10 monsters in the game right now that have a number in their name, making this card situational for its first effect. 
Numeral Hunter's true power comes from its ability to not be affected by Xyz monster effects and its ability to be indestructible against attacks from Xyz monsters. Almost everyone plays Xyz monsters, and with Numeral Hunter being a wall against them, as well as having built-in protection from their effects, these effects are much more useful. Stall until you can find an answer to your opponents Xyz monsters.
It could be a side-deck card, but likely will get much more use out of its immunity against Xyz monster effects/attacks, rather than its Guardian Sphinx-like effect against “Number” Xyz monsters.
Until Next Time


Hey kids! Do you hate those pesky XYZ monsters? With their fancy Rank instead of levels? Silent Honor keeps stealing your monsters? Well have we got the answer for you. Numeral Hunter is the end all, be all for solving your XYZ monster problems. A Level 4 LIGHT/Warrior type monster, with a respectable 1600/1400 for ATK/DEF, and bearing a very close likeness to a certain Yu-Gi-Oh! character, Hunter does what he does so well. Gets rid of all XYZ monsters by sending them all back to the extra deck whenever he's summoned in any way. I'm looking at you again, Call of the Haunted. And while he's on the field, XYZ monsters cannot be special summoned by anyone, they also cannot destroy him in battle and Hunter is also unaffected by XYZ monsters effects. With him being a Warrior, Reinforcements of the Army can net you him faster, and Honest can get Hunter over any other monster. I wouldn't be surprised if this card saw play ASAP and even in spots in the main deck. Numeral Hunter is  great card, but he still is vulnerable to traps, spells, and things like Effect Veiler and Skill Drain. And without Honest, his stats are good, but can be overcome. Good card, overall.
Traditional: 2 
Advanced: 3.5

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