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Legendary Magician of Dark
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3 Level 7 monsters Must be Xyz Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. If this card attacks your opponent directly and reduces their LP to 0, while it has an Xyz Material attached that was originally Spellcaster-Type, you win the Match.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.33 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
May xx, 2015

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Today and tomorrow, the cards reviewed CANNOT BE USED IN A DUEL.  But I thought how cool they were in artwork, and the semi-nostalgic factor might be cool to look at.  Today is Legendary Magician of Dark (obviously a mirror of Dark Magician) who has identical statistics and attribute, who needs 3 XYZ Material to be XYZ Summoned, and then can't be Special Summoned in other ways.  Yes, 2500 on a Rank 7, who requires 3 XYZ Material (in this case 3 Level 7 Monsters) If this card attacks your opponent directly, and reduces your opponent's Lifepoints to 0, you win the Match.  So long as at least one of the XYZ Material attached to this card was originally Spellcaster-type.  Great in it's Deck...Magician, Spellbook, take your pick.  But that's insanely powerful to win a Match in one attack.  Yea, 2500 again isn't great, and three XYZ Material is a lot, but again, the effect makes it necessary.

Essentially this equates to it being Banned, but if it weren't, 3.5/5
Art:  5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Legendary Magician of Dark was a World Championship Prize Card, and, like Victory Dragon, has a match win condition, making it unable to be played in the actual game.
3 Level 7 monsters it takes to Xyz Summon this Spellcaster. Its win condition only occurs if it does direct damage, reducing your opponent LP to 0 while a Spellcaster is attached as a material. Those requirements make it more eligible for legal game play than Victory Dragon, as you are required to attach Spellcaster(s) if you want that win condition. It's ATK and DEF aren't anything special (another Spellcaster emulating Dark Magician, which is great), but it isn't anything overpowering.
Gagaga monsters could easily make this monster a reality on the field, but to have 3 Level 7 monsters on the field is more difficult now that the Elemental Rulers are banned (and Xyz Summoning this card with them means no win condition). Fog King is a pretty easy monster to bring out, and while there may be more support for Dark Magician coming out in the future to help with its summoning, this card still requires at least 1 material to be a Spellcaster to have the win condition.
Let it be legal for a format (like Snatch Steal). If it becomes a problem (like Snatch Steal), ban it.
Until Next Time


Another formulaic Victory Dragon clone that can't be used in a duel, and even if it were, it would be far too situational to pull off.  Artwork is generic, the effect is unoriginal and the card overall is plain bad.
1/5 (if it were usable)

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