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Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
- #CROS-EN033

During either player's turn, when a monster on the field activates its effect, or when a Spell/Trap Card that is already face-up on the field activates its effect: You can send this card from your hand or your side of the field to the Graveyard; destroy that card on the field. You can only use this effect of "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit" once per turn.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.92 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
May 14, 2015

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This card was a Super Rare in Japan but got bumped up to a Secret Rare, due to the hype it got.  Like Effect Veiler and Maxx "C", this will one of those timeless handtraps that we'll be talking about 5 years down the road.  While it doesn't negate regular Spells and Traps, it does affected Continuous Spells and Traps (as well as Field Spells, Pendulum Spells and Equip Spells), their effects are automatically disabled if they are destroyed upon activation.
As far as monster negation goes, it's a little more hit and miss.  Since monsters are often floaters and it won't negate on-summon effects.  However, it can still clear away big beaters and disrupt XYZ plays if needed.  And it's also a Tuner, making it even more versatile.  This card will favor some formats more than others, but overall, it's something you would want to keep in your collection.



Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit...this thing does look like something straight from hell, doesn't it?  Light, Level 3, Psychic Monster, who is also a Tuner...0 attack, but a nice 1800 defense, so you know/hope it can do some stuff since it isn't going to be attacking.  She's a nifty negator in a pinch.  During either players' turn, when an effect Monster activates its effect OR when a Magic/Trap effect is activated, you can send this card from your Hand or your side of the FIeld to the Graveyard, to destroy that card on the Field.  Note, it doesn't say you negate the effect, however.  You can only use said effect once per turn.  Even without negation, it's still a solid effect though, unless this ends up being one of those tings that means it but doesn't say it...that's never happened before.  But even so, good card, great for Psychics, and there's plenty new cards for them too.  Maybe they start to crawl back up.
Rating:  3.5/5 
Art:  5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit may be one the best card in the Crossed Souls set. It has been a while since a Psychic-Type could have such an effect on the meta, but that's what we get with this Level 3 Tuner.
The stats aren't going to help you, but its LIGHT Attribute will help it be fodder for Chaos monsters and other things once it hits the graveyard...and it will. It can be Special Summoned through Shining Angel and Emergency Teleport, which will work well with its effect. If a monster activates its effect on the field, or if a spell/trap face-up on the field activates its effect, you can send this monster from your hand or on your side of the field to the grave to destroy the card.
Despite not negating the effect of the monster/spell/trap, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit will be a 1-for-1 that will disrupt your opponent. Qliphort Scout may get its search, but they won't have their scale complete. Nekroz Trishula can remove stuff if it wants, your opponent will be losing their boss monster soon after, and if this card is the only card in your hand when Trish hits, Trish won't be able to resolve and your opponent will lose out entirely.
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit is a sold card that can be either main decked or side decked. It's a hand trap and those have been notoriously good in the game in the past years. Disrupting combos can be just as good if not better than negating effects, and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit will prove that going forward. 
Advanced-4/5- Solid hand trap
Art-4.5/5- All kinds of adorable
Until Next Time

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