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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Mirror Force

When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 4.20 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Mar. 17, 2015

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We last reviewed Mirror Force in July. This is a card that really goes in and out in terms of usage these days, and at the time we reviewed it last, it was not popular by any means; the existence of the Hands meant Dimensional Prison was a better card, and the metagame that followed consisted of the likes of Shaddoll and Burning Abyss, both of which did not take a heavy loss from having their monsters destroyed. The release of Qliphort breathed new life into Mirror Force as a way to prevent them from OTK’ing you, but it was mainly relegated to the Side Deck for this, and eventually started to fall to the wayside as the Deck started to main more backrow hate.
The release of Nekroz, however, has shoved Mirror Force right back into the limelight as one of the major MVP Traps of the format (along with Vanity’s Emptiness and Mind Crush, yesterday’s card). This card is simply a blowout against Nekroz when used properly; in most cases their backrow hate gets saved for the floodgates that will prevent them from playing, so oftentimes they get caught by a Mirror Force after establishing a board, losing a large amount of their setup and advantage.
Unfortunately, Mirror Force, much like other battle traps, suffers from being a “flavor of the month.” That is, it is very powerful when it isn’t expected, but then it catches on and people prepare for it and play around it, reducing its usefulness. It then gets dropped from Decks, and people stop preparing for it, causing a loop as the metagame progresses. Cards like Mirror Force go in and out of this cycle.
If used when your opponent doesn’t expect it though, Mirror Force will steal games for you. It’s another one of those timeless cards that may not be popular at a given point, but will definitely come back for a little bit to make an impact (I said a similar thing about Dark Hole as it was on its way out of the metagame around the same time, and now it too is starting to make a comeback).
Rating: 4/5



Mirror Force is hardly something people aren't/shouldn't be familiar with, but it's an old card, as I'm sure you're aware.  Although reviewed less than a year ago, as it tends to move on/off/up/down the Ban List frequently, it's usefulness depends on the Format, and other cards available...or not.  Mirror Force is good, hell, sometimes it's phenomenal.  It's a card that can and has won many a game.  People switch to more or less specific cards, cards that may or may not target, but for widespread destruction (pun for Widespread Ruin) Mirror Force is the best at what it does.  Period.  Now I would never fault a pro nor a novice for (or not for ) using Mirror Force.  The thing that sucks for Mirror Force is that with SOOOOOO many options these days for protection, destruction, etc, it just doesn't have to be played.  I'd run one in your side deck if you have room.  Just cause you never know.
4.25/5  A little high, maybe in the now.  But nostalgia probably kicks that up .25 a point or so

Art:  5/5

T-REX Mirror Force
This card has seen a surprising resurgence recently, and this is because of a few contributing factors.
Monsters have more immunity to being Targeted.
Some Decks can Special Summon numerous cards at once without all that much effort.
Mystical Space Typhoon cannot be wasted on a “Blind MST”
Since many monsters cannot be targeted, removing them via Compulsory Evacuation Device or Dimensional Prison is not an option.
While it is true that some monsters also have protection against destruction the advantages gained by protecting your monsters far outweighs the negatives.
Nekroz and Qliphort can spit out numerous monsters at the same time and cannot always clear your Backrow even though they have done so.
Relistically though, Mirror Force will be used to remove 1-2 monsters at the most, rarely will an opponent lose more than this.
Realistically, Mirror Force serves as far more of a deterrent to large amounts of Summons once your opponent knows that you are using it.
If nothing else, it will make them fearful of any backrow that they cannot remove and can ensure that you survive an extra turn or even two, giving you more of an opportunity to turn the Duel in your favour.
Because of the simple fact that Mystical Space Typhoon in many instances MUST be saved for use against Vanity’s Emptiness and at least Snatch Steal as well, wasting Mystical Space Typhoon on a card that may otherwise not actually hurt you is a risk that really you cannot afford to take, as such Mirror Force has far more chance of surviving unscathed, and thus, becomes more effective as a result.
Very useful card, and is seeing play in numerous Decks for good reason.
Three’s not being an uncommon amount to be included in some Decks, especially Masked Hero’s!
Rating: 4. Because it is a Battle Phase and thus non chainable Trap its score is diminished, but against Nekroz this is at times a very handy card to have on hand.
And actually, any Lower Tier Deck or Deck that is just a little slower to start off can very effectively include Mirror Force.
Deserves consideration in many Decks, especially Backrow heavier Decks.


Hello Pojo Fans, 

Throughout the years the name may have lost its importance, but the nostalgia will never fade for Mirror Force. One of the most sought-after cards when released (and even after subsequent reprints), people maintain to desire at least a copy of an MRD Mirror Force for collection purposes, if not a use in a deck. 

It has gone through some errataing, the card still has the power to swing the momentum of a game.  When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls. Simple and destructive. It no longer negates an attack, which works in its favor. You can chain cards like Magic Cylinder alongside Mirror Force to create even more damage to your opponent while still wiping their board clean of attack position monsters. Its non-targeting ability helps encompass monsters that are protected against targeting effects.  

With the format having been weighted heavily on offense the past few formats, and swarming at a premium, Mirror Force is a for-sure Side Deck choice. While monsters benefit from hitting the graveyard like Burning Abyss and Shaddoll, the ability to clear the board of danger outweighs your opponent gaining their effects once they get there.  

I run one always in any deck that I use (MRD Magic Jammer for MRD Mirror Force nearly a decade ago) and I would think about running a second in my Side Deck if room could be found.  


Until Next Time



Mirror Force hails from the school of old. It's been around since the days of Metal Raiders (Google it) and it's always been involved in almost every format. Mirror Force is a simple yet powerful Trap card. It can wipe away your opponent's entire field of monsters if they are reckless, and allow you to live for another turn to try to capitalize on them walking smack into this card. Its only weak point is that it can only be activated when your opponent declares an attack, so it may get destroyed by either Mystical Space Typhoon or a bunch of other cards that wreck Spell/Trap cards during the main phase. Some players may overlook Mirror Force these days, but it is still a great way to punish an over extending player that decided to go all out.
Fun Fact: Mirror Force is one of the few cards to appear in all five Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series.

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