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If this card attacks a face-up monster on the field, at the start of the Damage Step: Destroy that monster. Its DEF must be higher than this card's ATK to activate and to resolve this effect.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
June 15, 2015

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Cameraclops changes theme a bit to open our week, but we have lots more U.A. to cover as the week progresses.  This guy is kinda nifty.  A Level 4, Light attributed Machine, not particularly strong, at 1400/1600 respectively.  So what's he do?  At the start of the Damage Step, if he attacks a face-up Monster, that Monster is destroyed.  I can learn to like that pretty easily.  I'd enjoy a lot more if it worked if he were attacked too, but it's not a bad effect on its own.  The low attack means you're very likely only using this guy one time so in a bind he might be useful I suppose.  I just don't see it as being very practically reliable.

Rating:  2.25/5 
Art:  3.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Cameraclops's effect is what makes it a pretty good card. Search it with RoTA or Shining Angel (or Summoner Monk if you don't mind not attacking that turn), then reap the benefits of its destruction effect. “At the start of Damage Calculation” cancels out Cameraclops's weak ATK, opening up its playability. Its weaker ATK works alongside its destruction effect with requiring the opponents monster to have higher DEF than Cameraclops's ATK. There are too many monsters to count that have higher DEF than 1400, and a host of monsters in the meta that more than meet that requirement. Every Tier 1 deck has a monster that falls into that category, and this monster is eying them for destruction. Combine it with Honest if you want to mow down monsters just by using ATK points.
Cameraclops is a monster to mow down boss monsters that fall within its effect, allowing you to rush their Life Points with your other monsters. While it isn't a monster for a main deck even within its Attribute, it is a possible fit in a side deck, as well as a fun card to play. In a draft scenario it could be a key card to have.
Advanced-3/5- not worth a slot in the main, but useful nonetheless
Until Next Time


Here, we have quite an interesting card, and one you might see in, of all things, Nekroz, in Cameraclops. 

Its stats are decidedly terrible, but its effect is where its all at. If it attacks anything, before damage calculations, it will destroy that monster. Many, many monsters fall under this category, but the most important one is Nekroz of Clausolas. Due to Clausolas' defensive prowess of 2300, not much else can kill it, and because it is almost summoned through a Djinn, you cannot special summon. Being a warrior is also something very, very important, because Nekroz plays Reinforcement of the Army. If you are playing Nekroz, or any warrior deck for that matter, the Djinn lock, so to speak, is one of your primary concerns, as Nekroz cannot play without special summoning, so having a searchable, main deck, form of removal is very very important. But this is not the only warrior that has been used lately. The other choices include, but are not limited to, D.D. Warrior Lady(banishing instead of destroying, evades Nekroz of Gungnir), Bull Blader(stays after attacking Clausolas, can then be used to rank 4 or force your opponent to kill it in another way, evades Nekroz of Trishula by not targeting), or Exiled Force(evades Nekroz of Valkyrus). As for why you would choose this card: he, like Bull Blader, lives after slaying the Djinn-backed Clausolas, but he can also slay the likes of Trishula, Valkyrus, and anything over 1500 defense really. 

So, overall, not a bad choice for your Djinn-lock out. I personally prefer Bull Blader, but this is not a bad choice by any means. 

Advanced(such a niche role that a rating is hard to give)3/5

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