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Pot of Greed
- #LOB-EN119

Draw 2 cards.

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Date Reviewed:
July 8, 2015

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Last we reviewed Pot of Greed, it was July 2005.  Wow.  That's a long time ago.  The consensus was that an easy +1 and drawing an extra card is a no-brainer and it literally equates to whatever card you were going to draw anyway, plus another one.  And that consensus is still true.
Okay, why are we reviewing this?  My idea.  I wanted to sprinkle in a little fun review this month to add a little variety.  That, and with the ban list, I didn't want to prematurely review anything that would get hit, so I picked the one card I knew they would never make legal.
You know, some say that Pot of Greed should stay illegal, but I say there are way worse options out there that are already legal.  Nekroz of Trishula is devastating minus 3 for the opponent.  Djinn Releaser of Rituals cripples most decks outright.  But they get to stay legal, despite the fact that those cards defeated more players.  Do you know many players Pot of Greed defeats, in and of itself?  Zero.
Pot of Greed may make you draw an extra card, but it doesn't hurt anyone.  All it does it make people happy.  Alas, it's no Painful Choice.  It's no Spellbook of Judgment.  Does it belong in those leagues?  Is a +1 really that bad considering how many cards provide +1's these days.  Some people say using Pot of Greed makes you lazy because of how easy the +1 is, but don't listen to Konami.
Let's hear some quotes from our old friends on Pojo instead.
"It does have a connection to Harry Potter.  Harry Potter has also been called Harry Pothead. Thus the link." 
- Ex Minion of Darkness
"Reviewing this would only waste precious seconds.
- Lord Tranorix
"Anyone who doesn't rate Pot of Greed a 5/5 is retarded"
- Sand Trap
"This card gets a well-earned 5/5 in every deck ever."
- Coin Flip
"If you have a copy, play it"
- Otaku 
"The teeth are stained Yellow, I wonder why?"
- Dark Paladin, 2005
"Wait, why are we doing this?"
- Dark Paladin, 2015  
God bless.


Hello Pojo Fans,
Pot of Greed...three of the best words for a duelist to stay. This card doesn't need a long review, it's simple, OP and the definition of “staple” when talking about Yu-Gi-Oh. A +1, a topdeck that is 98% of the time playable (spell negater present or less than 2 cards in your deck) and can be a game-changer. Draw two of of one card without a drawback. There aren't any other draw cards in the game that have that kind of power, they all have an exchange that balance them, or give you a minus.
In Traditional Format, PLAY IT. In Advanced (if ever unbanned) PLAY IT. Doesn't matter if it would throw a ratio off or put you at an odd number of cards or too many cards, PLAY IT.
Advanced-NA/5- Banned. If it wasn't, 5/5
Art-4/5- Such nostalgia
Until Next Time


“Draw 2 cards.”


With how complex some of the card effects in Yu-Gi-Oh! can become, a card with just those three above words as its text is in comparison quite simple. And that’s exactly what Pot of Greed is: a very simple card. You play it, and you draw two cards. There’s nothing else to it.


And yet, it’s the best card in the game.


Yes, you read that right; Pot of Greed is, in my opinion, the best card in the game. This is something that a lot of newer and/or inexperienced players don’t understand. After all, how can a card that does nothing more than “just” let you draw 2 cards be so good that it’s been banned for ten years now?


The answer? Because Yu-Gi-Oh! is a game driven by card advantage; whoever has more cards has more options, and therefore usually has more control of the game. Pot of Greed happens to be a free +1 (you play the card itself, which is a -1, to get two cards, which is a +2).


Okay sure, that definitely makes it an incredible card, but the best card in the game? That seems like a bit much, right? Well, can you name a single instance in which Pot of Greed is not useful? The only one I can think of is if you have two or less cards in your Deck, which is so incredibly rare that it will almost never happen, and may as well not count. Can you think of any Deck that would not play Pot of Greed if it was legal? I can’t (and before you say Infernity, yes they would play it; the extra card is worth the risk of drawing two monsters, which shouldn’t happen often anyway due to the Deck’s lower monster count). Quite simply, every other powerful card in the game has some situation where it’s not useful. Pot of Greed doesn’t (not one that’s relevant, at least). There is no reason to play it the moment you draw it, unless it’s one of the last three cards in your Deck.


It rewards you with free advantage for doing nothing more than drawing it. Anyone who’s played Yu-Gi-Oh! knows that extra draw power can come in handy often, and Pot of Greed gives you that with no downside. It gives you an extra card with no downside.


Pot of Greed has no downside. It is the best card in the game.


Rating: 5/5


If this card comes off the list, we all owe a big thanks and a kiss to the almighty Pojo. This normal spell card cannot be any more simpler. Draw 2 cards. Pot of Greed was the original staple. The only reason I can think of this of why this card should go to limited status is because of the rule that whoever goes first cannot draw their 6th card and has to work with what they have. It's also one of the few cards anyone is happy to see, anytime during the duel. I remember when this and Graceful Charity were both legal, Going from one into the other was the best. While there are other ways to draw cards these days, no card did it better than Pot of Greed. No drawback, no cost, no muss, no fuss. 
Traditional: 5
Advanced: 5 (Assuming it ever comes back)


Pot of Greed has always been a problematic card. It's simple, basic effect allows you to gain card advantage as soon as you draw it, which is purely attributed to a luck factor. An inherent plus one, if one duelist draws it throughout the game, and the opponent doesn't, it puts them at an automatic disadvantage. There is a good reason this card is banned, it doesn't do anything beneficial for the game. It's pretty ironic how it lives up to its name and reputation its inspired. Pot is a lot of fun to use, but is it healthy?


Traditional:  5/5
Advanced:   X/X
Mechanic Design: 1/5 (Game breaking design, the creators of this card must have been on a lot of Pot if they thought this card would be a good idea for the longevity of the game )
Art:  5/5 (once you have seen this card, you will never forget the image, truly unique and disturbing)



Okay, today for some reason we're looking at Pot of Greed.  I'm looking at Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon after this writing, so feel free to look at that also, or instead.  Pot hasn't been reviewed in a decade, and only old man grandpa Paladin here has looked at it before.  I don't mind looking at Banned cards, when they change to or from Banned status, but it did irk me quite a bit that we're looking at a Banned card that has been for so very VERY long.  Pot is a part of a trinity of cards in Yugioh that should be Banned forever...they include Pot of Greed, Chaos Emperor Dragon, and Yata.  Anyway, as for Pot, it's not only the best Draw card in the game, but perhaps the best overall.  It's a free and automatic +1.  No cost, no penalty, no anything...two free cards to your Hand.  The ONLY time Pot would hurt you is if it's card 39 or 40 that you Draw, as you obviously wouldn't have the two cards to Draw from your Deck.  Now, enough wasted time, let's look at something relative to the week, as the two remaining cards this week also, ARE NOT...
Rating:  Banned/5
Art:  4.5/5

Bonus Review: 

Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon is still only Japanese.  But this is a Rank 7 XYZ Monster, of the Dragon type, and Water attributed for some reason, who has 2800 attack and 2500 defense, and is XYZ Summoned with two Level 7 Monsters.  So first off, when any Monster, belonging to you or your opponent attacks, you can discard an XYZ Material to negate said attack.  That's great, as at least as long as it has XYZ Material, your opponent is forced into using a card to destroy it, and attacking over it won't be that easy anyway with the 2800 attack.  OH, and after negating the attack, you can Special Summon from your Hand OR Graveyard, an "Odd-Eyes" Monster.  Secondly, you can Special Summon an "Odd-Eyes" Monster from your Extra Deck.  Both effects can only be used once a turn.  This guy is a beast.  The Water part still kinda irks me, but he's strong, he adds protection, and he has swarm capability.  He really helps bring the Deck together.
Rating: 4/5 
Art:  5/5

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