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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Lavalval Chain
- #HA07-EN019 

2 Level 4 monsters Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to activate 1 of these effects; ● Send 1 card from your Deck to the Graveyard. ● Choose 1 monster from your Deck and place it on top of your Deck.

Card Ratings
Advanced: Banned - See Below 

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Date Reviewed:
July 28, 2015

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Lavalval Chain
The 2nd Forbidden hit on the list.  We recently reviewed Djinn, so that's self-explanatory.  Like Riko said in his article, L-Chain is a card that pro players think is broken but internet posters will call you a n00b for wanting it banned.  In some ways, L-Chain has been a progressive card.  It's a skill card that has so many potential combos available.  One of them is returning a card to the top of the deck and then using Upstart Goblin to draw that card.  Essentially, that means "have any card in your hand".  It's versatile, doesn't plus on its own and requires other cards for it to work well.
At the same time, L-Chain has been used to create loops and locks.  Infernities abused it.  The Djinn lock, which L-Chain helped create, is a warning of what could have come in the future had we not banned it.  I'd definitely like to see a card like L-Chain (in terms of its versatility and comboability) be made again, except with restrictions to prevent abuse.



Lavalval Chain...yesterday we looked at a card that very appropriately got what it deserved.  Important enough to be addressed (in its case, Restricted) and today we look at a card that was Banned.  Was this necessary...
Well, Lavalval Chain was a generic Rank 4 XYZ...not the strongest, by any means, with only 1800 attack...Fire attribute, Sea Serpent type, on these individual merits alone, even factoring in how splashable a card this, as it does have use in about any Deck (literally about ANY Deck) we certainly have a good card here.  

However...this card truly (and should be obvious to all, whether player or played against) shines in the Laval Deck.  Now sure I understand that said Deck (and likely others) but the Laval Deck for sure, would use and abuse whatever copies they have.  But like yesterday, I honestly feel leaving one, wouldn't have been the end of the world.
Now, hypocritically, I do like the idea of the Ban.  Though that could be rather crippling to the Laval family, as they aren't very BIG yet in terms of Monsters, but more support is coming.  Honestly, too, I wouldn't be surprised to see this card come off as soon as the next cycle.

Banned/5 but 4.5/5 if not (5 in the Deck, 4 elsewhere)

Art:  5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
This was a move to hit most of the Tier 1 decks. Lavalval Chain is too easy to Special Summon and its effect is too beneficial. Detach for a Foolish Burial effect or to move a resource to the top so you can draw it next turn, or even better, using a draw card to get it that same turn. It makes boss monsters like DAD and BLS live if they still need that final removal source, it springs offense for Zombies, Destiny Hero, Lightsworn, Shaddoll, etc. Despite its Type and Attribute not melding with most of the decks that use it, it is still a powerful card. Bury stuff for use later or bury something to start a big play this turn. The second effect isn't going to be used much, but it is still an option if you need a specific resource in your hand.
A good ban to slow down the game.
Until Next Time


Lavalval Chain is the card on this banlist that I think the most people were up in arms about. Chain is one of my favorite Xyz Monsters in the game, but despite that I think this was a good move.
When you look at previous formats, just about any time Lavalval Chain became relevant it was abused. It was arguably at its most useful in Infernity, where you could use it to facilitate loops with Infernity Archfiend (either by sending it or Stygian Street Patrol to the Graveyard or by putting Archfiend at the top of your Deck), though it also saw use in Mermail (for quickly getting Tidal into your Graveyard, prior to the Dragon Rulers’ banning). Most recently, Lavalval Chain was a powerful opening play for Nekroz, whether it was by setting up the Graveyard with Shurit or getting the Djinn lock into play. Losing Lavalval Chain is a noticeable blow to Nekroz’s opening turn.
Looking ahead to the future, Lavalval Chain was going to be a key card in the Clownblade Deck that has been making a lot of showings in the OCG. Without Lavalval Chain, the viability of the Deck is questionable, but with it, Clownblade would have almost certainly been a top Deck.
Essentially, Lavalval Chain has a history of abuse, and it didn’t look like that abuse was going to stop, regardless of the number of copies allowed. People who seemed to be particularly bothered by this change are those who made use of Chain in lower level Decks like Zombies, Lightsworns, etc.
Sorry to say, but the banlist doesn’t cater to you. It caters to competitive play, and Lavalval Chain was gonna be stupid whenever it was relevant.
Rating: BANNED (4/5 when legal)


Lavalval Chain
This for me is a more surprising Ban, simply because had it been put at 1, I believe that it could still have been used in those Decks that use it for their power plays as a one only use and those Decks that benefit from having it included could also use it, plus, Limiting it would have been able to remove all “Loops” or potential ones in the future.
On the flip side of this, it could easily be Summoned first turn by those Decks that hope to gain the maximum benefit from this, and the upcoming Clown Blade/ Trick Clown Deck would be able to use this first turn almost every Duel, and thus their Graveyard becomes set-up sufficiently to allow the Deck to Summon a Rank 4 Xyz each and every turn in addition to any other Summons.
Lavalval Chain has become synonymous with Graveyard set-up ever since its release and apart from its most recent involvement in setting up the “Djinn Lock” for which it gained much hatred, Lavalval Chain has also been involved in setting up many Decks, Synchro and Zombie builds as well as any Deck that can benefit from cards going to the Graveyard, being those that have been regular beneficiaries of its inclusion.
Many will know of Lavalval Chains use in Infernities as an OTK and most recently an OTK involving Blue-Blooded Oni, and its these OTK’s, in particular the most recent one that has brought Lavalval Chain into the spotlight and further contributed to reasons as to why it has ultimately been Banned.
This card will be greatly missed and it certainly will not be easy to replace, and may never truly be.
Rating: 4.5. How effective this card is always depends upon what you are sending to the Graveyard, however chances are if you are Summoning it its effect is going to benefit you, especially since it doesn’t have that great of an ATK and nor does it have that much of a survivability factor. But then using its effect effectively is generally more than enough to set yourself in a strong position.

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