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Roulette Spider
- #DRL2-EN014

When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Roll a six-sided die and apply the result. 1: Halve your LP. 2: Make that attack a direct attack. 3: Choose 1 monster you control, change the attack target to it, and perform damage calculation. 4: Choose 1 other monster your opponent controls, change the attack target to it, and perform damage calculation. 5: Negate the attack, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster's ATK. 6: Destroy that opponent's monster.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.06 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
July 21, 2015

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This is card is bad, and all of this card's effects vary from mediocre to bad.  Even if you had Joey's luck, this card would be bad.
And for some reason it's a quick play Spell despite only really working on your opponent's turn.
Effects 1 and 2 will only hurt your life points atop of being useless -1's.
Effect 3 and 4 require that you (or your opponent) have 2 or more monsters, or else they're useless.  Effect 3 will just make you lose a monster.
Effect 5 and 6 are essentially Magic Cylinders and Sakuretsu Armor, which are both passable but obsolete effects.
If you want to punish all of the opponent's attacking monsters - just use Mirror Force.  End of story.



After a lengthy vacation, I return to the Card of the Day scene.  We look at a Joey card today, once of those dice cards, used in his duel in Battle City against Espa Roba I believe.  Dice cards are erratic and unreliable as a whole for the potential to not work, or even backfire.  But this one has some things going for it.  Quickplay, to start, which is good, and this card has six different outcomes.
1:  Halves your Lifepoints.  Obviously the outcome you don't want at all.
2:  Changes the attack coming to you to a direct attack.  Might not be so bad, so long as you don't lose on said attack.
3:  Change the attack to a different Monster you control.  So long as your changing to something stronger, this one is good.  If not, maybe you have something unable to be destroyed by Battle, but this is still a what if card.
4:  Change the attack target to a Monster your opponent controls.  Good effect here.
5:  Negate the attack, and if successful, inflict Damage to your opponent equal to the attacking Monsters attack.  This is great, might even be enough to win you a game.
6:  Destroy the attacking Monster. Also good, makes this card a 1 for 1.

Consider that 5 and 6 and really the best options, still only giving you a 1 in 3 shot in something really good happening.  2 and 3 are situational, and 4 at leas can work in your favor, but it's just not the most reliable of cards.  Not awful though.
Rating: 2.75/5
Art:  3.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
I was hoping for something fun to appear in this pack aside from the completion of the Legendary Knights, and I got it with Roulette Spider.
Roll the dice after activating this when your opponent attacks, and hope you have the lucky touch. Numbers 4-6 look to be beneficial 9 out of 10 times. Rolling a 2 could be beneficial if you want to save your monster and can take the damage. If you don't have a monster then rolling a 3 is useless, but you could potentially direct their attack into a stronger monster. Rolling a 4 is ideal, you will be redirecting their attack and destroying one of their monsters. Life Point damage is always good, so rolling a 5 is good too. Rolling a 6 is the best option for you.
The real problem with Roulette Spider is not its activation restriction, but the fact that it is random. Even if you have the odds stacked in your favor when activating it, you could still end up using a card (RS) and losing out on a bad roll. Players like guaranteed effects and instant gratification, and Roulette Spider, though fun, doesn't guarantee positive results for you. There are cards you can sub in place of Spider that can do any of the positive sides of Roulette Spider without the game of chance.
Advanced-2.5/5- Still fun and could be used.
Art-4/5- I really like the art
Until Next Time


I always liked cards with multiple effects. I don't like cards with multiple effects that rely on a roll of a die. Roulette Spider is right out of the anime and is kind of the same. It can only be activated when your opponent's monster declares an attack. Roll a die and whatever you get, you get that applied effect. 1: Halve your LP (Not good) 2: Make that attack a direct attack (ugh) 3: Change the attack to another monster you control (too situational) 4: Choose 1 other monster our opponent controls and change the attack to that monster (Not bad) 5: Negate the attack, and inflict damage to your opponent's LP equal to the attacking monster. (Magic Cylinder) 6: Destroy that monster (Yay!) This Quick-Play spell is just not up to snuff, as some of the effects are ok, and the rest are not worth taking a chance on the roll of the die. If i want to do effect 5, i'd use Magic Cylinder, and 6? I have a bunch of other options, such as Mirror Force and Sakaretsu Armor. I like the concept of Roulette Spider, but too many downsides puts this Joey card in the do not play pile. 
Traditional: 2
Advanced: 2 

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