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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Snatch Steal  - SD2-EN013

Whent his card is Normal Summoned, put 1 Spell Counter on it (max.1). INcrease the ATK of this card by 300 points for each Spell Counter on this card. By removing 1 Spell Counter from this card, destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 4.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Jan. 9, 2015

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Snatch Steal


This one came out of left field.  There were so many other no-longer-broken cards that could've been unbanned like Time Seal and Dark Magician of Chaos.  And there was that whole big errata thing in Japan to keep us distracted. 


Who expected Snatch to be unbanned?  Except for the lucky people who hoarded 1st Edition MRL Ultra Rare copies of them.  That's right, folks, I said MRL.  Magic Ruler – not Spell Ruler.  Gosh, I feel old.


Is Snatch Steal still great?  Yes, it's still really powerful, a bit sacky and a staple in the sense that Solemn Warning is a staple.  But it's not as broken as it was before.  With MST legal at 3 and Pendulum Summoning on the rise, spell/trap hate is plentiful. 


Monsters nowadays are floaters, weakening this card in a similar fashion as Raigeki..  Taking control of a Satellarknight Deneb just isn't the same as taking control of a D.D. Warrior Lady.  Snatching a Castel (which already used its effects) just isn't the same as snatching a 2004-era Jinzo.  On the plus side, now that things are faster and Thousand-Eyes Restrict is on the ash-heap of history, the opponent gaining 1000 life points isn't a big fear like it was before. 


There has been much comment on 3 Hidden Armory being tantamount to 4 Snatch Steal.  Truth be told, a Normal Summon is too important to waste, so perhaps we may see decks with a splashed Hidden Armory, but 3 is excessive.  So, overall, Snatch Steal isn't quite what it was when it was banned 10 years ago (wow, I feel old, again), but it's still an amazing card!





Snatch Steal returns from Ban Land, with one copy being able to be used again.  This is fun, and terrifying, but I'm going to more address the fun aspect.  A well timed Snatch can end a game for you.  Or at least get you out of a tight spot.  Here's what I'm assuming, Snatch should still be feared, but there's enough ways to deal with and counter and Snatch Stolen Monster, that it isn't THAT big of a deal.  Furthermore, it can put your opponent in a bit of a conundrum.  Do they allow you to keep it and aggressively defend a few turns, while collecting 1000 Lifepoints a few times...or do they waste a Magic or Trap card of their own to destroy Snatch...or even their own Monster?  I think the most fun thing about Snatch immediately, is that it's actually going to take a bit of time before it's a common sight...if you were winning without it, you don't need to take something out just for this.  But it should be in your Side-Deck at the very least.

5/5 Side-Deck

Art:  4.5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Finishing out the week of new ban cards is a card I'm surprised to see unbanned: Snatch Steal. Simple to use, potentially devastating, Snatch Steal came off the ban list and is now limited to 1.
Taking permanent control of any one of your opponents monsters for as long as it is equipped with Snatch Steal is heavily one-sided. Your opponent gaining 1000 Life Points isn't that much of a sacrifice to keep their monster. Some of the ways to apply Snatch Steal:

Steal an opponents boss monster to get in quick damage,
Steal a monster to take down another of your opponent's monsters
Use the monster stolen by Snatch Steal as tribute fodder for a Tribute Summon or card effect
Synchro Summon using the stolen monster
Xyz using the stolen monster
In a format with 3 MST's you should still play Snatch Steal. The worst that could happen would be if you wouldn't plus off of stealing an opponents monster, they gain the 1000 Life Points, and then MST Snatch Steal and regain the monster. With Enemy Controller being a 1 for 1 and Mind Control restricting what you can do with the monster you steal, Snatch Steal is an absolute must for any deck.
Advanced-4.5/5- Almost perfect if it wasn't an equip spell.
Until Next Time


I like that they’re unbanning a lot of cards, I really do. But some cards just shouldn’t be legal for tournament play. Snatch Steal is one of those cards.
Taking control of a monster is absolutely devastating in almost any case, because not only are you removing a threat from your opponent’s field without actually destroying it, but you’re also placing a threat on your field. This momentum shift steals games so much that the other two generic control stealers are banned: Change of Heart and Brain Control. The ones that are still legal have some restriction on them (i.e. Mind Control not letting you Tribute it or attack, Enemy Controller requiring you to give up your own monster, etc.).
Snatch Steal really has no business being in the game; it brings nothing healthy to it. The card will win you games by itself in many cases, especially with how fast and OTK-centric the current meta is.
This card is nasty. It will do exactly what it says it does: steal games.
Seriously though, we couldn’t have DMoC back before this!?
Rating: 5/5


Hello, oh fair readers, and welcome to the final card this week. Far and away, this is the most relevant change that the banlist implemented, and something almost nobody saw coming(same could be said for Raigeki). So, we have a very simple card in "Snatch Steal".
Essentially, what this card does is exactly what is written: it steals your opponent's face up monster. With an added effect that your opponent gains 1000 life points during their standby phase each turn it is stolen. Searchable through, well, anything that might search equip cards really, but Hidden Armory is the most notable, due to being able to add it from the grave.
This card is the stone cold nuts, allowing a very many things to happen. In mirror matches(or any two decks with similar level usage i.e. Geargia and Tellarknights), stealing an opponent's monster to make your own plays with can be devastating. Also of note, you can us the monster for tribute material, so Tribute summoning and Enemy Controller shenanigans are possible. Stealing an opponent's monster and attacking for game is a very real threat now. Also, quick ruling tip: If the monster stolen is flipped face-down in some way, it will not go back to its owner, even though the equip card is sent to the grave.
This card is not invincible though, and like all Equip cards, it is vulnerable to Spell/Trap removal. Mystical Space Typhoon is the most obvious one, but others, such as Fairy Wind or Shaddoll Dragon are quite prominent, and stealing your monster from your opponent back can be just as game-winning as them stealing it from you.
Overall, not a card one should underestimate, and the game-stealing factor is now omnipresent with both this and Raigeki being legal.

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