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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Lightning Lord Rod
- #SECE-EN037

Neither player can activate Spell Cards during Main Phase 1.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.45 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Jan. 26, 2015

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Lightning Rod Lord


It's not the next Denko Sekka because it's slow – you wait until your opponent's turn for it's effect to kick in rather than immediately.  1800 ATK is decent, especially with some traps to back it up (like Anti-Meta decks have), but it still won't take too much effort to run over it.


This card could probably be really good in the right meta, but (at the moment) while it's better than the majority of the cards in this awful Secrets of Eternity set, it isn't a very good card either.





Lightning Rod Lord opens our week continuing to look at Secrets of Eternity.  Cards with things like Lord in their name (or title, what have you) should do Lordly things.  LRL doesn't at all.  I'm kinda conflicted here.  Being Light and Thunder are still good things, Level 4 is also good, and the 1800 attack is plenty solid.  The paltry 100 defense is troublesome but I'm looking at its effect here.  Neither player can activate Magic cards during their Main Phase 1.  That might be annoying...now and then, and something is better than nothing, but that's not going to stop much or often enough to be a reason to play this guy.  Even in a dedicated Thunder Deck I'm not sure I'd use this as a beatstick.  Oh, and that guy is clearly a skeleton and bones actually help protect you when you're struck by lightning as bones aren't a conductor of electricity.  That's science folks
Rating: 2/5 
Art:  4/5


Lightning Rod Lord

Just when you though it was safe to go outside because Dinosaurs were finally extinct, T-REX returns again in 2015. And yes I did just refer to myself in the second person… ;) 

Here we have a Light-type Stun monster with the rather useful effect of being able to prevent any Spell cards from being activated during Main Phase 1 as a Continuous effect.Because of this, any Deck that relies more heavily on the use of Spell cards, especially if they need them to get started, will either need to deal with it through already set Trap cards, be able to Negate it’s effect with something like Breakthrough Skill by removing it from the Graveyard during one’s own turn or be able to destroy it or play around it during the Standby Phase.

Otherwise the only way to be able to get around its effect will be to proceed through to Main Phase 2, whether you actually battle or not, and lose a tremendous amount of momentum in the process.

Decks such as Shaddoll, Fire Fist, Ritual (in general), Hero’s, Fire Fist’s and of course Qliphorts (because Pendulum Monsters being used as Pendulum Scales are SPELLS!!!) all can have their opening plays diminished by this card simply being on the field. 

And for those of you out there who like to find ways to create further locks, look no further than Terminal World, then no Normal Spell cards will be able to be activated until Lightning Rod Lord is removed from the field! 

As for protecting this, since it is a Light and since Honest in now questionably at 2, keeping this on the field is now going to be just a little bit easier. 

And of course while it does prevent any Spell cards from being activated during Main Phase 1, there is nothing preventing you from activating your Spell cards before you Summon this, so keep that in mind.

Overall this adds a new aspect for Stun in general, but more importantly it may find a place in the Side Deck since it will have the ability to be used against the Meta. 

RATING: 3.75. Only time will truly tell how good this card will be, however I do see some great potential with it. Sadly, Side Deck space is tight and that may effect how much play it sees. For those that do want it, it’s a Super Rare and that will make it a bit easier to acquire.


Hello Pojo Fans,
Lightning Rod Lord is a decent and simple monster. Good ATK, good Attribute, good to great effect. Simple cards are often good cards to use, and LRL is no exception.
1800ATK for a Level 4 is pretty standard. Weak DEF isn't liked, but your opponent will likely save their Book of Moon for something stronger. LIGHT-Attribute lends support to this card and then it turns around and can become fodder for others if run in the deck. Locking both players down in their Main Phase 1 from playing Spell Cards is an interesting effect. Normal, Ritual, Pendulum, and Continuous Spell Cards are locked down until Main Phase 2. Even if this card is destroyed in Main Phase 2, it will have stalled the opponent for the turn, and that can be the difference in a duel. Decks that rely on Spell Cards to gain advantage will suffer worse while Lighting Rod Lord is out. Play your spells first, then Special Summon Lord out with Summoner Monk and lock your opponent out next turn until Lord is off the field.
While you can protect Lighting Rod Lord, and stopping your opponent until Main Phase 2 from activating Spell Cards, this monster may not stay on the field long enough to make a significant difference in the duel. In a lockdown-based deck it is a sure pick, while in any other deck it could be a side deck choice much like Thunder King Rai-Oh. 
Until Next Time

"Mean and Evil"

Meet Anti-Raigeki on legs! When I considered what cards the Secrets of Eternity set holds, I found myself hoping that Lightning Rod Lord could be my first ever review, seeing how its pretty artwork warrants a closer look. When one looks at its effect, we notice that Lightning Rod Lord is a new addition to the list of floodgate monsters, of which every new set seems to pack one or two these days, some more successful than others.
For readers that are unfamiliar with the word "floodgate", it's a rather logical name for a card that prevents certain actions from happening. In the case of Lightning Rod Lord, both players are stopped from activating spell cards during their main phase 1; how does this help?
Actually, this could be quite helpful indeed! Both the popular "Qliphort" and "Shaddoll" decks rely rather heavily on the use of spell cards, and stopping the opponent from activating any during main phase 1, should mean that they enter their battle phase before making their best plays! A "Shaddoll" player may mitigate this problem by using El Shaddoll Fusion during the battle phase, but a "Qliphort" deck has no choice but to postpone the activation of their Pendulum spells or Saqlifice until main phase 2. It turns out that Lightning Rod Lord is a defensive card, that stops the opponent from making the best of their battle phase.
Indeed, in a format where the top decks will whipe you life points in the blink of an eye, Lighting Rod Lord stands firm and ensures that the opponent gives up their chance to attack you before they make their best plays!
So on to splashing it in our favourite decks! With a decent ATK stat, Lightning Rod Lord seems like a decent choice for any deck with a disposable normal summon, which brings us to the next question: how does this card compare to Denko Sekka? "Shaddoll" decks have been using this floodgate on legs to decent success, and seeing how they only have one normal summon to spend in a turn, it's logical that Denko Sekka has to go out if Lightning Rod Lord comes in.
The small detail that Lightning Rod Lord is a dubious card to include in a deck as reliant on spell cards as "Shaddoll" decks aside, one must admit that Lightning Rod Lord gives up a good part of Denko Sekka's offensive utility: Denko Sekka ability to stop the opponent from responding to any plays its controller makes, is its best feat, something Lightning Rod Lord cannot at all boast. In a format where "Qliphort" decks run supreme, and "Burning Abyss" decks become increasingly less control oriented, dealing damage quickly and cleanly is more important than ever, a purpose Lightning Rod Lord does not directly support.
But there's hope! With the dawn of the "Nekroz" theme upon us, we are supposedly looking at yet another centralizing deck that will enter game 1... trapless! With that in mind we realize that Lightning Rod Lord might actually stop quite a lot during our own turn: Book of Moon, El Shaddoll Fusion, Enemy Controller, Mystical Space Typhoon... A large part of the reactionary cards that will see play in a format where the majority of decks will forego traps as they cannot afford to wait a turn to play their cards.
Will Lightning Rod Lord be enough however? "Burning Abyss" will gladly harrass you with the few but powerful trap cards they still use, "Qliphort" are not intimidated by a normal summon with 1800 ATK unless you get rid of their Pendulum scales (in which case they may have to use their next turn's normal summon to overcome Lightning Rod Lord!), and "Nekroz" intend to protect themselves with monster effects that activate in hand if necessary... I can't see this card helping decks much in their quest to reduce the opponent's life points to 0 I'm afraid.
But at least Lightning Rod Lord will disrupt my opponent during their turn, won't it? To be completely honest, the card is probably nothing special, as it turns out that every deck I can think of is already prepared for it: Shaddoll Dragon and any "Qliphort" normal summon can run over it in battle, Burning Abyss used to go spellless (a word we rarely use in Yu-Gi-Oh!, probably because it looks so silly) just a few months ago, so I can't imagine them being bothered by a spell lock now, and Nekroz will come well equipped to handle your floodgates, believe me: Book of Moon during the standby phase, and Tsukuyomi are an example of the main deck options they have to not even care about the card.
All things said, Lightning Rod Lord may save you for just another battle phase; I can't see it complementing our strategy in a meaningful way I'm afraid. Lightning Rod Lord is an example of a well designed card in a game where only the most overpowered releases see play. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki suggests that I mention Terminal World to stop players from activating spell cards other than Quickplay spells and Curse of Fiend, altogether, but such a strategy is nothing more than a gimmick.
The card's still very pretty though :3
Lastly, since I think I'm supposed to give scores:
Traditional: actually I think it could have some use if summoned before the opponent takes their turn, but who would use their costly normal summon/Premature Burial on a card like this? If I'm not mistaken, if you don't set up a board that wins you the game then and there during the first turn, you had a suboptimal start in this format; then again, who plays Traditional these days? I won't give it the lowest possible score for reasons stated however: 2/5.
Advanced: 3/5. A decent card in a game where only the best of the best sees play.
Art: Anti-Raigeki's Special Attack won't go any higher!/5."

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