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 Temple of Kings
- #SDMA-EN038

The controller of this card can activate Trap Cards the same turn they are Set. If you control "Mystical Beast of Serket" and this card, you can send both to the Graveyard to Special Summon 1 monster from your hand, Deck or Extra Deck.

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Date Reviewed:
Jan. 16, 2015

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In Japan (OCG), this card was limited to 1 with an errata (ruling changes).


These are the following changes to the card:

    You can only use each effect of "Temple of the Kings" once per turn.

    You can only activate 1 Trap card you control during the same turn you set it (instead of being able to use this effect any number of times).

    For the 2nd effect, you can only summon Fusion Monsters from the Extra Deck – No Syncrho, XYZ or Pendulums


Temple of the Kings


I agree it needed a nerf and that using it infinitely to thin through your deck is just abusive, but it was nerfed a bit too much.  Maybe a better compromise would've been to limit it's effect to 2 or 3 times per turn.


Maybe there might be some good combos with the card someday.  It's a -1 to use up a card just to activate a trap sooner, but maybe if there's a trap you really benefit from activating sooner (and you deck is able to use this method each turn) it could work.


With regard to the second effect, about Mystical Beast Serket, you might be able to win locals with it as a fun deck with some inventive combo you discover, but it's just not consistent for competitive play since you have to have two different cards on the field at the same time.  Overall, meh...




Traditional, Before Errata – 4/5 (It fueled an FTK)

Traditional, After Errata – 1/5 (It's useless, and a -1)

Advanced, with Errata – 2/5 (May have some use but is a -1)

Advanced, if not Errata'd – 5/5 (FTK in Advanced – no thank you)

Temple of the Kings

Being able to play traps from your hand at no cost got this card banned as quickly as Makyura the Destructor. The new text update allows you to use 1 trap card the turn you set it. Not quite as powerful as using 3 Reckless Greed turn one. Now you can special summon 1 fusion monster from the extra deck by sending off a Serket which is kind of lack luster to. Only 1 trap is a good update to this but the card is not what it once was.

Advanced 2/5


We close errata week with Temple of the Kings, a card which has never been legal in the TCG; by the time we received it, it had already been banned in the OCG for years, so it was released and immediately banned here.


The card has two effects. One of them allows you to sacrifice itself and Mystical Beast of Serket to summon any monster from your hand, Deck or Extra Deck. It’s the most versatile summoning effect in the game, but requiring the use of a Level 6 monster with no easy way to summon it means that realistically it would never be good.


What made Temple of the Kings a problem was its primary effect, which allows you to activate Trap Cards the turn they are Set. This is extremely similar to (but less versatile than) Makyura the Destructor, which is also banned. What makes this a problem is the large amount of draw Trap Cards. This made easy FTKs possible in two ways; you could thin through the Deck and get to Exodia in a single turn, or you could thin through the Deck until you drew Exchange of the Spirit, by which point you would almost certainly have more than 15 cards in your Graveyard, and then force your opponent to lose by Deckout (as a sidenote, Exchange of the Spirit has also been errata’d to prevent this, though we won’t be reviewing it).


The errata fixes this by making it so you can only activate 1 Trap Card the turn it is Set, preventing an endless loop of draw Trap Cards. Additionally, if you summon a monster from the Extra Deck, it has to be a Fusion Monster.


There wasn’t much you could do to nerf this card without completely destroying it; it had one application in a broken FTK and was completely bad outside of that. The nerf to the summon effect was completely unnecessary because nobody would ever use it anyway.


Overall, this errata destroyed any viability the card had, but by design there wasn’t much of a way around that.


Pre-Errata: 5/5

Post-Errata: 1/5

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