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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Crush Card Virus


Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.33 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Jan. 15, 2015

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In Japan (OCG), this card was limited to 1 with an errata (ruling changes).


These are the following changes to the card:

    You do not get to check the cards your opponent draws (and destroy monsters with 1500+ ATK) for the next three turns.

    Your opponent can destroy 3 monsters from deck to graveyard (optional)

    After you activate this card, your opponent takes 0 life point damage until the end of the next turn.


Crush Card Virus


This card essentially went from a main deck staple that will ruin most opponents to, basically, a side deck option.  You are investing two cards into this (or 1 if you're using a floater).  It's also chainable.  But your opponent is going to need to have at least 2 1500+ ATK monsters to use with it.


On the bright side, you get to see their hand.  On the downside, you also enable them to power up their graveyard by dumping 3 monsters.  In some matchups like against Shaddolls, Satellars and Burning Abyss, you could be plussing the opponent or overall helping them out in some way.


This card is sometimes going to lead to nasty moments, depending on what the opponent has in his/her hand, but it's overall a more balanced version of its former self.




Traditional, Before Errata – 4/5 (Won't help an FTK but would be good on opponent's Draw Phase)

Traditional, After Errata – 3.5/5 (Erratas won't affect its playability too much)

Advanced, with Errata – 4/5 (Still very powerful, with some degree of risk and investment)

Advanced, if not Errata'd – 5 (Plussing even more, and seeing your opponent's draws is straight broken)

Crush Card Virus

The update to Crush Card was a bit brutal. When compared to the other updates this one seemed the worst. Crush no longer check your opponents hand for 3 turns. It just merely checks the field and hand which is very underrated in my opinion. After Crush attempts to destroy from the board your opponent can destroy up to 3 monsters with 1,500 or more attack from the deck. This is an amazing upside to Crush Card now for cards like Garunix. Overall, a pretty lack luster change to Crush.

Advanced 3/5



Crush Card Virus has had five erratas in Japan, but it's only on it's second here.  I really like what's been done errata wise with CCV.  It's worded cleanly and concisely.  Yet still clear enough to read and know what's going on.  Words can easily get jumbled and confused or mistaken in Yugioh, and less text on a card helps that.  As for the rules, Tributing the Dark Monster is a cost, and your opponent can respond after the Monster is sent to the Graveyard but not before when CCV is activated.  CCV can't be activated after your turn, yet before your opponent's Draw Phase.  You can use CCV during the Battle Phase, and even Tribute a Monster that was the target of an attack.  After resolution, a replay would occur.  As should be obvious by the theme of the rule changes as well for the week, they're trying to make game breaking and winning cards no so immediately breaking or winning.  Which is cool, and sad at the same time.  I'm all for finding solutions as opposed to making them, but potato, potatoe.

Traditional:  4/5 
Art:  5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,

One of the most devastating, if not the most devastating trap cards in the game is back in the OCG, however, it's broken, game-changing ability has been severely altered. Crush Card Virus (CCV) was run in any deck that could get a copy on it. I saw decklists running one with only four DARK monsters in it, it was that good. When it hit, you wiped your opponents field and hand clean of 1500ATK or higher monsters, then saw what they drew for the next three turns! If they drew another monster of 1500ATK or higher, it hit the grave. The legendary power of CCV is why it was rightfully banned, but, after being watered-down, it has returned.
While the first part of the card remains unchanged, the last part has been eliminated. In place of seeing your opponents draw for the next three turns, your opponent has the option to destroy up to 3 monsters in their deck with 1500ATK or higher, after that, all damage your opponent would take until the end of the turn becomes 0. Too many decks have monsters that gain effects upon being sent to the graveyard or destroyed and sent to the graveyard. Giving your opponent the ability to fill their graveyard and set up potential moves is the exact opposite of what CCV was intended for. The first time I read these changes, I thought about Light and Darkness Dragon, and what other shenanigans could occur if your opponent tried to cripple you with this virus.
While CCV still destroys monsters 1500ATK or higher, the ability to give your opponent choice of up to 3 monsters in their deck to destroy with 1500ATK or higher is too risky. Not to mention after CCV is activated you won't be doing any more damage that turn, forcing you to play it likely in your Main Phase 2 or End Phase after attacking. Despite this, it still retains playability against several decks. It is a side deck card for sure, rather than a main deck card.
Art-5/5- I'm a sucker for Crush Card and Chaos Emperor's artwork, nostalgia
Until Next Time


First Ring of Destruction, then Chaos Emperor Dragon, and now Crush Card Virus? This may as well be Kaiba Week.
Crush Card Virus is a pretty (in)famous card, and I must say that during it’s time legal I absolutely hated it (along with the other two Virus Cards that are still legal). The card simply did too much, and it pushed the user very far ahead. The Tributing of a 1000 or less ATK DARK monster was easy, considering cards like Sangan and Spirit Reaper were popular (and in the former’s case, not banned). The ability to wipe out all opposing monsters with 1500 or more ATK from hand and field was absolutely brutal. But really what pushed Crush Card over the edge was the amount of knowledge it gave to the user. You got a look at every card in your opponent’s hand, all of their face-down monsters, and every card they drew for the next three turns. That is a ridiculous amount of knowledge, and anyone who’s made good use of cards like Mind Crush or Trap Dustshoot should know that goes a long way. The other two Viruses also gave you this knowledge, but they are both also much harder to activate (although Eradicator is currently Limited, and Deck Devastation was Semi’d in the past).
The new errata for Crush Card Virus actually changes a lot about how it works. You still wipe out all of your opponent’s monsters in hand or on field with 1500+ ATK, but you no longer hit their draws for the next three turns. This eliminates the biggest offender of Crush Card, and drastically reduces the knowledge you get from it. Additionally, your opponent now has the choice to destroy up to three monsters with 1500+ ATK in their own Deck. Obviously your opponent would never do this unless it was in their favor, meaning this will only ever do nothing or work at a disadvantage to you, and will almost never be advantageous. This also makes one wary about using CCV against a Deck like Burning Abyss, Shaddoll, or Dragon Ruler. You may find yourself getting smacked by a lot of cards at once for it.
Finally, it also prevents all damage to your opponent until the end of the next turn. Not entirely necessary but still helps keep your opponent from falling very far behind.
This was probably the most interesting of the erratas, because it did a lot to the card. I still think it has potential, but it’s definitely a lot harder to use. Still very devastating against the right Deck though.
Pre-Errata: 5/5
Post-Errata: 3/5


For today's card, we have quite an infamous card that used to only be available through either winning a Shonen Jump Championship or being rich enough to buy one off of a winner, in Crush Card.
For starters, here is the errata"
"(1) Tribute 1 DARK monster you control with 1000 or less ATK; check your opponent’s hand and all monsters they control, and destroy all monsters with 1500 or more ATK, then, your opponent can destroy up to 3 monsters with 1500 or more ATK from their Deck. After you activated this card, all damage your opponent takes for the rest of this turn becomes 0."
This erratum(take note that errata is a plural noun, shame on all of you) makes a bit of sense, if you are familiar with the anime or manga anyways. In both, Crush Card not only destroyed what you had in your hand and field, but also every big monster in your deck as well.
In terms of effectiveness, this errata makes Crush Card crushingly(heh) fair, if not borderline terrible, as it no longer checks the draws for 3 turns afterwards. It even lets you destroy things in your deck to activate effects(such as Shaddolls, Burning Abyss) or to set up your graveyard(I.E. Dragon Rulers, Tellarknights, Lightsworns, any grave reliant deck). It also means you can not otk after activating this card, as all damage is prevented.
In terms of what this thing would be used it, Burning Abyss, Shaddolls, anything with a Dark with 1000 or less attack really. But this erratum really makes this card almost garbage, with only specific niches being filled against a deck like Nekroz or Qliphorts, in which graveyard setup means nothing and that rely on bigger monsters.
Advanced:2.0/5(hard to believe it got this harsh of an erratum)

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