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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Swordsman of Revealing Light
- #SECE-EN095

When an opponent's monster declares a direct attack: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then if this card's DEF is higher than the attacking monster's ATK, destroy that attacking monster. An Xyz Monster that was Summoned using this card on the field as Xyz Material gains this effect. ● Each turn, the first time this card would be destroyed by battle, it is not destroyed.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.92 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Feb. 6, 2015

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Swordsman of Revealing Light


It's a somewhat better and somewhat worse version of Battle Fader.  Has a built in Sakuretsu Armor and a kinda good DEF.  What's good about this card is that it's a relatively easy to summon LV8 monster that can make Divine Knight Dragon Felgrand a little harder to defeat.


Still, if your opponent is attacking with a 2500+ ATK monster like Dante, Construct or Qliphort Disk, this card will just shatter and be a -1.  And that's right when you need protection the most, so I dunno on this one.  It has it's merits but it's too fragile, kinda slow and it doesn't really plus.




Swordsman of Revealing Light

Yet one more “Hand Trap” to add to the slowly, but ever growing card pool of Hand Traps, yet this one is one that could potentially cause some thought over what choices do or do not fit into the Main Deck when it/ if it comes to utilising Hand Traps in your Deck, as it has not only a useful effect, but also a useful Attribute and Level as well.

The biggest issue with Swordsman of Revealing Light is that its DEF stat won’t always be enough to take out your opponent’s attacking monster, meaning that if your opponent has a monster with high enough ATK, and you are required to use this to defend yourself from that attack, you will not gain ANY benefit from this card other than the blocking of that one attack, so there will be times that it is not going to be quite as beneficial to you as others.

Still, the opportunity to take out an opponent’s monster and place a monster with high DEF on the field cannot be undervalued. 

Firstly, what Decks will benefit from this card should be noted, Monarchs, Chaos, Photon, Rank 8 Decks, Exodia and Burn will all be able to benefit from Swordsman of Revealing Light, and some don’t really look quite apparent at first glance. 

Certainly this in Monarchs is useable as it provides Tribute fodder, blocks and attack and unlike Battle Fader, Gorz or Tragoedia also has an inbuilt destruction effect. However, there is far more than just that as it allows for a Chaos or Level Eater Monarch build to become that little more viable to make, it can provide a “Foil” for whether you choose to use Gorz or not… Essentially a bluff, and if you use Mega Zaborg it allows for you to get its additional effect off far easier. This could mean that out of the Mega Monarchs, and assuming that a Frog Engine is being used, that Mega Caius, Mega Mobius and Mega Zaborg all can essentially gain their additional effects easily enough. 

While it won’t boost Monarchs greatly, it does provide some more choice and options as well as the ability to focus on a strategy outside of just Frog Monarchs… It may allow Level Eater Monarchs and Chaos Monarchs to be just a little more consistent. 

Outside of just Monarchs though, using this with Level Eater could provide some great options for Synchro Summoning, so exploration on this really should be considered, especially since it allows for some more all round manipulation of Levels than may be possible at times… It could be a boost to Synchron/ Quasar Decks also… Still, this will most generally always take a second seat to Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. 

The only Meta Deck that I could think of that may consider throwing it in as a “Tech” would be Shaddoll’s since they require a Light-type monster for the Summon of Construct, as well as of course the fact that it can be used to protect their Lifepoints if needed.

Anywhere else, I don’t see it fitting into Meta Decks any time soon. 

Other Decks that focus on or can Summon Rank 8’s such as Photon, Mythic Dragons, Gimmick Puppet, Lightsworn, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Gagaga + Dododo or even Dark World Decks as well as Decks that use Tragoedia could actually benefit from the inclusion of this, if only for the ease of which it can help one to make Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand… Along with Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon of course!

Which while that may not sound like all that much, providing those Decks with a card that can essentially be a one for one type destruction card (because of the minus involved in Tributing or Xyz’ing this card), that because of its destruction effect, and that it can help to make more difficult yet powerful monsters more easy to Summon, this can never be a card to simply overlook.

There is only one negative to using Swordsman of Revealing Light with Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand though sadly… If Felgrand uses its own effect on itself, Swordsman’s effect won’t work for the rest of that turn, still, the positives far outweigh that one negative. 

Additionally, there’s more in the way of positives for this card, and this may be where it actually comes in quite useful for Exodia… It is a Level 8 monster, and that means that Trade-In can be used with this card, so if this is used along with a Destiny Hero Exodia Deck, you may just increase your defence options as well as your overall Draw options as well. There is no reason not to consider it in any Exodia Deck though of course, but it will depend largely on the build that you are going to use.

Exodia will still be inconsistent, but this certainly will help to boost it just a little I feel.

And of course any Deck that uses Trade-In can consider this card as an option. 

For Burn/ Chain Burn players, this can provide a Game 2-3 option against the feared Denko Sekka.

As any Chain Burn player will well know, an opponent that sides this in will simply sit on it and slowly whittle the Burn players Lifepoints bit by bit by bit until they win, with this it gives you a way to clear their field of this absolute annoyance and activate what you need before they can get out another one. The other good thing is that if you sided into Watt’s AND you play Honest as well, as Swordsman is a Light monster, and while it has zero attack, with Honest, you’ll take down anything that you attack, including a second Denko Sekka… Potentially anyhow! Don’t get your hopes up too much about this!

Plus, if you sided into Snatch Steal, (probably on your own Lava Golem) you can now make Rank 8’s and make a monster large enough to eat some of your opponent’s Lifepoints with an attack, making your job of Burning through the rest of your opponent’s Lifepoints just a little bit easier to do. 

While there are actually quite a lot of ways in which can and will be explored in order to effectively use Swordsman of Revealing Light, sadly for a card with quite a bit of overall potential, this, for at least the time being will only see play in lower Tier or non Meta Decks. 

Rating: 3.75. This card actually has quite a bit of potential, the biggest problem is always going to be “What Deck are you facing” and “Opposing monsters ATK strength”…

Both are important considerations when considering how effective this card will and can be, BUT if your opponent is forced to Summon high ATK and you run Gorz, then Gorz will benefit and if your opponent wants to avoid Gorz, this card will benefit.

Note that you must be running Gorz for this to work!

And finally, you can recover it with The Warrior Returning Alive, either giving you additional uses of it, or the ability to prevent your opponent from attacking you for at least a turn or two until they work out how to best play around it.


Hello Pojo Fans,
Closing out the first week of February we've got a monster I think could see some play: Swordsman of Revealing Light. Not a target for RoTA, but able to be used with Trade-In, this LIGHT Warrior is a Tragoedia with the possibility of being a Zaborg.
Drop SoRL when your opponent declares a direct attack, and if it's DEF is higher than your opponents monsters ATK, their monster gets destroyed. 2400DEF is a great defense on its own for such an easily Special Summoned monster, and the ability to kill a monster makes it even better. While you won't be able to take out Deletros or Construct, you will still be able to Special Summon this guy and protect your life points. If SoRL is involved in an Xyz Summon, it will protect the Xyz monster once per turn from being destroyed by battle. That effect isn't as important, as Rank 8 monsters usually have large ATK's and are more likely taken out using effects.
Decks that do a lot of Tribute Summoning will run this card. Defend off a direct attack, kill a monster, then be used as fodder next turn. Why I think this card is more flexible and playable than it may look is its ability to stay in your hand until a monster with weaker ATK than SoRL's DEF makes a direct attack. This card first turn can stop a direct attack and swing the momentum early in the game.
I'm not sure if this card will see any play in Tier 1 decks, as they have little deck space, but it could be one of those cards that is under the radar.
Until Next Time

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