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Run-Eyes Pendulum Dragon - #SECE-EN045

"Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" + 1 Spellcaster-Type monster If this card was Fusion Summoned using a Pendulum Summoned monster(s) on the field as Fusion Material, it is unaffected by your opponent's card effects this turn. Apply the appropriate effect, depending on the original Level of the monster used as Fusion Material that was not "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". ● Level 4 or lower: This card can make up to 2 attacks on monsters during each Battle Phase. ● Level 5 or higher: This card can make up to 3 attacks on monsters during each Battle Phase.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.25 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Feb. 4, 2015

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Run-Eyes Pendulum Dragon


This card has good stats and good effects but it's victim to Fusion Summoning being an inherently bad mechanic that -1's or -2's the player.  Being unaffected by opponent's cards on the turn of summon makes it a bit of a safe bet.  It can make multiple attacks, but it can only attack monsters – not directly.  So, it's not easy to OTK with and it's dependent on your opponent having a swarm. 


If there was an easier way of summoning it, it would be good.  Until then, I'd wait on this one.





In the mid-week, we come to Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.  This is a Fusion Monster, specifically of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and a Spellcaster Type Monster.  Odd-Eyes isn't a particularly great Monster, effect or Pendulum wise, but that doesn't mean this guy isn't good.  Dragon and Dark are well supported, Level 8 is a moot enough point in a Fusion Monster, and the 3000 attack is great.  2000 defense is low for a Level 8, but it's not awful.  Rune-Eyes is immune to opponent card effects the turn it's Fusion Summoned if you used a Pendulum Summoned Monster for the Fusion, and it also gains the following effect based on the level of the other Fusion Monster.  If said Monster was Level 4 or lower, Rune can attack up to twice during a Battle Phase, and if it's 5 or higher, it can attack up to 3 times a Battle Phase.  I think he CAN be good, as he likely needs his own Deck focused around obviously himself and Odd-Eyes, but if you can get this guy out, he can win you a game.  That's worth a build I think
Rating: 3/5
Art:  5/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon makes a return to CoTD in fusion form. Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon has all the right stuff on the surface to be a good monster: strong ATK and DEF, DARK-Attribute, Dragon-Type, there's a lot of support for this monster going forward.
You can sub in a different monster using monsters like King of The Swamp, as well as summon this card with Dragon's Mirror. but it isn't out of reach to use what this card lists for its materials for summon. A level 4 or lower allows for another attack, while Level 5 or higher grants you three attacks. Shaddolls come to mind as the Spellcaster-Type needed.
With its strong attack, the prospect of three attacks a turn sounds very tempting. Rune-Eyes will mow down almost anything in the game and can overpower monsters that protect themselves once or even twice per turn in battle. Rune can protect itself the turn it is summoned if the other monster used in the Fusion Summon was Pendulum Summoned. While setting up the Pendulum Summon alongside the Fusion Summon will take up resources it will be worth it if attacking three times the turn Rune hits the field. A 3000ATK monster, unaffected by your opponents card effects for a turn, attacking 3 times could be game-ending.
Easier to summon than other fusions, plenty of support behind it, and the ability to OTK the opponent if done right, Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon isn't a bad monster, but needs some dedication to play.
Until Next Time

Mr Dragon

Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Rune-Eyes is harder to summon than its counterpart, Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, but it’s not too great of a monster to be summoning in return. It’s still relatively decent and accessible, unlike some of the evolutions for Protagonist’s boss monsters (I’m looking at you, Dark Sage) but honestly, it isn’t great when compared with the cards this game as a whole has in it.
The effect to be able to attack multiple times depending on the level of the Spellcaster-Type Fusion material is rather neat, but still rather limited due to having to attack monsters. I do think it’s rather strange that they removed the effect that allows it to attack 5 times per battle phase if it used a level 7 or higher Fusion material. Whenever Konami does something like that, it’s completely mystifying – it’s not like that effect would break the card (it still wouldn’t even be decent) but it’s still absent. In the anime, you could also summon it using any Pendulum Dragon monster, but you can’t do that in the real game either.
Other than that it’s pretty neat that you can summon it with Pendulum monsters to make it immune to everything for the turn you summon it, this effect is an improvement to the anime card, and a welcome one, but since the immunities only last until the end of the turn, it’s not going to turn Rune-Eyes into some fearsome boss monster.

Other than that I guess there isn’t much to say. I guess it’s cool how it’s sort of synergetic with Performapals, since Yuya used it in the anime, but unless you just want to clear a field, there’s generally no reason why you’d actually want to summon it. Adding something like Fusion Substitute (which is better to use with Rune-Eyes since you always want the immunity effect anyway) might make the deck brick more, which is something you don’t really want especially considering how poor all round Performapals are as a deck right now on their own.

Advanced: 2/5

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