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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

A Wild Monster Appears!
- #SECE-EN064

If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters: Special Summon from your hand, 1 monster with an original Level of 10 or lower that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set, ignoring its Summoning conditions. It is unaffected by the effects of your cards, except for its own effects and this card's, also shuffle it into the Deck during your opponent's next End Phase. For the rest of this turn, you cannot Normal Summon/Set or Special Summon monsters, and your opponent takes no damage.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.30 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Feb. 17, 2015

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A Wild Monster Appears!


Fun decks will like this as it will make a number of Nomi monsters easier to summon.  Competitively speaking, I wouldn't bet on this card.  It's a -1 since it summons from the hand.  And there's so many caveats that prevent this card from being broken, that it dampens any true accomplishment it would have.





A Wild Monster Appears!  This is a very interesting little Magic card, one, in theory, you'd want to base a Deck around.  I'm finding a hard time finding any real practical use for this card.  But let us discuss.  If your opponent controls a Monster, and you control none, you get to Special Summon a Level 10 or lower Monster from your Hand you normally couldn't Normal Summon, ignoring its Summoning conditions.  It's oblivious to your other card effects, save its own and the effects of this card.  You shuffle it back into your Deck during your opponent's next End Phase, so it doesn't stay on the Field long.  You aren't allowed to Normal or Special Summon after, and your opponent takes no Damage this turn.  This card really should have been a Quickplay or a Trap.  Anyway, you won't always be able to use it since you won't often have a Monster fitting the criteria in your Hand.  Said Monster should also be immune to Battle and/or all effects of your opponent's cards, so you can at least guarantee to clear their Field since they take no Damage.  Fun card, just not very practical, as said.
Rating:  1.75/5
Art:  4/5

T-REX A Wild Monster Appears!
While this card may essentially appear at first glance to be less than useful, it does in fact open up quite a number of interesting possibilities.
Simply by looking at the card you’ll notice Grandsoil the Elemental Lord, clearly it should not take too much imagination for one to work out that A Wild Monster Appears! can be used to Summon all of the Elemental Lord’s!
Sky Scourge Norleras gains a new way in which it can be Summoned, or more importantly, how its effect can be brought to bear… Sadly for Norleras Decks, its (Norleras) effect really doesn’t hurt Meta Decks that much, so for the time being, those hoping to play Sky Scourge Norleras Decks will have to sit and wait.
One of the biggest monsters to benefit from being Summoned by this cards effect is Dark Armed Dragon, as now it can be Summoned when numerous Dark monsters are in the Graveyard, allowing for almost unlimited destruction potential.
Those more difficult to Summon Destiny Hero monsters in Plasma or Dogma, one can be used as a limited time Skill Drain, and the other can be used as a pseudo burn card, either effect being useful… Although Destiny HERO – Plasma can certainly be used to hurt your opponent more as its effect also includes “Removal” of sorts.
“LV” monsters such as Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 or “Assault Mode” monsters such as Stardust Dragon/ Assault Mode can not only be difficult to Summon, because they require a more specific way in which to be Summoned, but they also need to be Summoned from the Deck, not only does A Wild Monster Appears! allow you to use one of these monsters that would otherwise be “Dead” in your hand, but it also allows you to return that monster to the Deck, where you may then be able to actually Special Summon it properly.
This second chance can actually be very beneficial since 1 or 2 of these type of monsters are generally in your Deck at the most, so being able to reuse it is quite handy.
And surely no one has forgotten about the much maligned (but for good reason) Judgment Dragon, being able to bring out your “Bomb” early game is now a possibility, and milling those 4 cards will make your Graveyard laugh all the way to the bank… Or so they say!
And certainly, you’ll be able to use A Wild Monster Appears! to be able to Summon any Ritual monster, however, any effect that it would gain on being Ritual Summoned would not be applied.
And while A Wild Monster Appears! has that “Unfortunate” effect of preventing you from Summoning, Setting or Special Summoning for the rest of the turn AFTER you’ve activated it, there is nothing that prevents you from Summoning before you use this card… Of course you won’t be able to control any monsters when you activate this card, but it does mean that it isn’t necessarily quite as restrictive in this way as you may at first think… And this is the biggest reason that this card is viewed less than favourably.
Rating: 3.5. For what this card can actually do, its fantastic as it opens up simply so many options and possibilities that until now simply weren’t available.
This type of card really is clever in design and it may be able to see some effective use in some of those more random or less played Decks.
Just hope that this card doesn’t allow for some little kid to beat your Tier Deck!
Funnily enough, even though the chances are really slim, it just might allow them to win when otherwise, they never would!


Hello Pojo Fans,
There are countless monsters that “cannot be Normal Summoned/Set” in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh. Sometimes they can be summoned easily, while other times it just is an annoyance to use them, A Wild Monster Appears! changes that.
A free summon of a monster that “cannot be Normal Summoned/Set” is something that hasn't been seen yet in the game, and is very useful. Now, a card that may have been useless at the time becomes useful. This cards restrictions balance out the awesome power it gives its user. Monsters like DAD, BLS, and JD that can be easily Special Summoned have another option given to them. Elemental Lords, Infernoids, and Levels get a boost in playability with this card as well. Even though the monster will be shuffled back into the deck at your opponents next End Phase baring some type of shenanigans (G.B. Hunter), one turn can be devastating in combination with this card if used correctly. DAD and Sky Scourge Norleras can wipe the field clean, Dogma will halve your opponents LP.
So many neglected or rarely-used decktypes gain a boost from this card. The monster may be spun back to the deck after your opponents next End Phase, but if played correctly, that won't be a problem. This card is a first of its kind: loopholing the summoning restrictions of a monster in your hand for a turn. Its a free Special Summon for a monster that may have been taking up hand space. While likely no Tier 1 decks will need it, several different decks will be using at least one.
Until Next Time

Mr. Dragon

First off, this card has one of the best names in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!, just getting that out this way.  Anyway, this is a unique card with potential for use in some future deck, though A Wild Monster Appears! (man, that is a fun name) is unfortunately lacking in any real use right now because there isn't a deck for it. You COULD use it in Assault Mode decks, you COULD use it in Chaos Dragons, you COULD use it in Malefics or Trains or any number of decks, but why would you bother?

Really, I do like this card, though it probably sounds like I don't. This game has a ridiculously large number of playable cards, so there's every chance that someone will find something that makes this card much better than it initially appears. Even if they don't, there's every chance that something will make this playable one day, even if it isn't worth using now. That said, I really have to ask myself "Do I see this being a good, playable, competitive card?" The answer being 'no'. The only other deck I could see this used in combination with is the Sky Scourge Norleras deck, but that's been uncompetitive and unpopular for so long – it's not going to see much play even in that.

Advanced 1.75/5.00

Note: One cool thing about A Wild Monster Appears is that if you use it with an Elemental Lord (which is clearly indicated with the artwork) you don't have to deal with the skipped battle phase. It's quite nice when things match like that.

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