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Tenacity of the Monarchs
- #SECE-EN061

Reveal 1 monster in your hand with 2400 ATK & 1000 DEF, or 2800 ATK & 1000 DEF; add 1 "Monarch" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand, except "Tenacity of the Monarchs". You can only activate 1 "Tenacity of the Monarchs" per turn.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 2.75 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Feb. 16, 2015

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Tenacity of the Monarchs


I use 2 of these in my Vanity Monarchs.  It gets my 2 March of the Monarchs and my 1 Return of the Monarchs to my hand faster.  Doesn't do anything profound but it thins the deck a bit.  Pretty bland borderline card but gets the job done.




Tenacity of the Monarchs...more unnecessary and unremarkable Monarch support.  This is a very simple one-for-one, and something I suppose you'd consider running if you were running a very straight forward and dedicated Monarch Deck.  By revealing a Monarch or Mega Monarch from your Hand, which allows you to add a Monarch Magic/Trap card from the Deck to the Hand, save this card of course.  You can only use one of these a turn.  It's not bad, it's just really not that good, and given how popular Monarchs are on the scene, it's best just sitting around waiting for a day they may be again.
Rating:  2/5
Art:  4/5

Tenacity of the Monarchs
Isn’t it nice when you get that new toy?
Well Monarchs have just gotten one and they are rather happy about it.
And this is because FINALLY Monarchs have a card that allows them to search out a “Monarch” Spell or Trap card from their Deck.
However to do this a Monster with either 2400/ 2800 ATK and 1000 DEF must first be revealed from your hand… Luckily then that all Monarchs fit into this ATK and DEF bracket!
There are some other noteable cards outside of Monarchs that can also allow for you to make use of Tenacity of the Monarchs… These cards being Majesty’s Fiend, Dark Armed Dragon as well as 6 Qliphort’s.
Once you can activate the card there are currently 8 “Monarch” Spell and Trap cards that this can choose from for you to add to your hand… Although the most logical choice most of the time really is going to be The Monarchs Stormforth.
Because of Tenacity of the Monarch, running a Monarch Deck that can make use of the Spell and Trap support is now 1 step closer to an actual reality… And Ghostrick Monarch variants are certainly those who currently seem to be benefiting the most from this ability to get exactly the card that you want.
Any Monarch Deck that is using the “Monarch” support Spell and Trap cards will be using 3 Tenacity of the Monarchs, a Monarch Deck that is using 3 of The Monarchs Stormforth only will only be using 2 Tenacity of the Monarchs.
And while there is certainly a small chance that the second copy of Tenacity of the Monarchs may be “Dead” it is certainly worth the risk simply because of how good The Monarchs Stormforth is.
The boost Monarchs needed.
Rating: 3.75. Because of the requirement needed to activate this card, there will be times when you actually will not be able to activate it, and this will hurt this card from time to time. Adds much needed consistency though and that allows Monarchs to keep up.

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