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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Card of the Day
Daily Since 2002!

Blaze Accelerator Reload
- #SECE-EN077

This card's name becomes "Tri-Blaze Accelerator" while in the Spell & Trap Zone. During either player's Main Phase: You can send 1 "Volcanic" card from your hand to the Graveyard, and if you do, draw 1 card. You can only use this effect of "Blaze Accelerator Reload" once per turn. During either player's Main Phase: You can banish this card from your Graveyard; send 1 "Volcanic" card from your Deck to the Graveyard.

Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.82 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Feb. 12, 2015

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This card is so good, it raised Volcanics from tier #243 to tier 1 because of one player who ran the deck and won a YCS.
It can be searched by Rocket.  Rocket can be searched by Summoner Monk.  This card can dump shell to +1 or it can dump Scattershot to burn the opponent for 1500 and destroy all their monsters (reactively on there turn).  You can ditch it for Magic Planter and then use it's graveyard effect and dump another Volcanic if you need to.  And you have cards like Royal Firestorm Guards to recycle these cards (and plus you even more) so you can repeat the cycle.
Nobody saw this coming.  It really came by storm.  And maybe with a closer look, people will find ways to counter it.  But for now, let's enjoy the hype.



Blaze Accelerator Reload is very good support for a theme.  Volcanic specifically, something I'd bet most players don't know about.  They were powerful and relevant oh six, seven years ago.  This card does a lot of things right.  It adds speed to a very quick Deck in three ways, by sending Monsters to the Graveyard, and by allowing you extra Draws.  On top of that, it allows you to add Monsters from your Deck to the Hand as well.  If all this isn't enough, it's treated as Tri-Blaze Accelerator.  That allows you to burn your opponent and destroy their Monsters, at the cost of your Battle Phase.  Honestly, I'd run two, maybe three even, if you were playing Volcanic.  It's incredible theme support.  The rating will reflect that, despite the irrelevance at present of Volcanics.  
Rating: 4.5/5 
Art:  4/5


Hello Pojo Fans,
Volcanics got all their support right away (like many archetypes) then never saw anymore support again...until now. Blaze Accelerator Reload is a Continuous Trap Card that makes itself useful every turn rather than have a one-time use and then take up a space on the field.
Being treated as "Tri-Blaze Accelerator" gives you up to double the chances to Special Summon Volcanic Doomfire. Likely you won't be using Doomfire in your Volcanic deck though, you will be using this card for its other benefits. Moving a “Volcanic” monster to your grave once a turn in order to draw a card is great draw power for the deck. Scattershot and Shell are going to hit the graveyard in a hurry with Blaze Accelerator Reload. Scattershot gets sent to the grave by this card, draw your card, then send 2 more Scattershots to wipe your opponents field of face-up monsters as well as do 500 Life Points of damage. When this card is in your grave you can banish it to bury another “Volcanic” monster from your deck, during either players turn. The flexibility this card offers its user is unprecedented for a Continuous Trap. Volcanic Counter is going to be set up in no time, Scattershot will clear the field, and Royal Firestorm Guards is there to cycle everything back.
Until Next Time

"Mean and Evil"

Let us git hyped! I heard that "Volcanic" decks are the *insert swear word that gains a positive connotation in this context somehow* these days, and that's not just because the deck's fantastically cheap to build (except for those who want to play Lavalval Chain I suppose): Blaze Accelerator Reload is a form of support that even Axel Brodie would have never dared dream of. But it's a trap you say! Traps are too slow these days you know... My thoughts exactly, until I read its effect...
Nah, I'm not quoting - the card text should be on top of this page already; back in the early days I imagine one card the "Volcanic" theme has available will have raised some eyebrows: Volcanic Scattershot. Its monster effect inflicts 500 damage to the opponent when it is sent to the graveyard, and also, if it was sent to the graveyard by a "Blaze Accelerator" card, you may send two other copies of Volcanic Scattershot from your hand/deck to the graveyard to destroy all monsters the opponent controls.
"If..., you can..."! Volcanic Scattershot may count itself lucky, when one considers that it was released in a time when this wording was scarce to say the least (although I'll admit that making an effect like this mandatory would be silly). Either way, we conclude that by discarding Volcanic Scattershot with the effect of a "Blaze Accelerator" card, we may inflict 1500 damage to the opponent, as well as whipe their monster card zones. Very promising indeed, but luckily the two "Blaze Accelerator" cards that were released with it in 2007 weren't as convenient, requiring very specific discards, forcing their user to skip the battle phase, and forcing you to destroy an opponent's monster, which is the most useless effect it could have had when that's what Volcanic Scattershot was going to do already. Even a formidable searcher in the form of Volcanic Rocket could not make up for the consistency issues an engine as reliant on one specific card faced, or for said card's inherent flaws..
Fast forward to early 2015, a forgotten theme got exactly what it needed: another "Blaze Accelerator" name, and a card with a worthwile effect even, that grants the deck even more speed when it gets running. The card being a trap is a blessing in disguise, because this allows its user to activate Volcanic Scattershot during the opponent's main phase, and draw every turn as opposed to only during their own. When Blaze Accelerator Reload reaches the graveyard, either because of an illiterate opponent, or because its controller wanted to draw even more cards through Magic Planter/intended to beat face with Volcanic Doomfire, it grants the "Volcanic" player the option to activate the effect of Volcanic Scattershot directly from the deck even!
So how does this deck play? Obviously it can't discard Volcanic Scattershot every turn, can it? It could with a bit of luck, but that'd be a waste of resources obviously: in comes Volcanic Shell, with the convenient effect of allowing the player to add another copy of itself by paying the small cost of 500 life points, once per turn while it is in the graveyard. Now that we are drawing cards and searching discard fodder at the same time, all we need to do is find a way to recycle our "Volcanic" discards; we have a normal summon to spare, so Royal Firestorm Guards will take care of this.
Obviously there's a bit more to the deck, but to get you started, allow me to share with you my personal take on the best way to open in a "pure" "Volcanic" deck. We're playing three copies of Upstart Goblin and two to three Pot of Duality to increase our chances of seeing Volcanic Rocket as early as possible, but also to have a spell count as high as possible: the hand with the most potential, is one consisting of Summoner Monk and at least one spell card - I'm sure most players will figure this out by themselves, but since I'm typing this review anyway (my apologies for including an expensive card but I like those): normal summon Summoner Monk, and discard Upstart Goblin or whatever spell you don't need, to summon Volcanic Rocket from the deck. With the effect of Volcanic Rocket, add Blaze Accelerator Reload from the deck to the hand. After this, overlay Summoner Monk and Volcanic Rocket to make Lavalval Chain.
Now normally, we want to send Volcanic Shell to the graveyard, pay 500 life points to add a second copy to our hand, and we're all set to get our draw engine running! It is however possible that we drew Volcanic Shell already, or have Volcanic Scattershot in hand, or like discarding other "Volcanic" cards, or... In this case, Lavalval Chain can send a Blaze Accelerator Reload to the graveyard so that we can access its second effect right away, or it can place Royal Firestorm Guards on top of our deck for us to draw so that our engine won't run out of steam... All in all Lavalval Chain is as much of a boss monster for this deck as it is for "Infernity" (you expected me to say "Laval", weren't you?).
One last thing I should mention is what other cards one would run in a "Volcanic" deck, as drawing cards alone won't win games: we need cards we want to draw into. I suppose the best choices are cards to limit the opponent's options even more, adding to the control provided by that nifty little card Volcanic Scattershot: it's always nice to have Vanity's Emptiness back you up, and Wild Fire is another field wipe that deserves a mention if only because it's not a trap card... With enough continuous trap cards (Fiendish Chain is another good option), Magic Planter becomes a cute inclusion as well, and we can freely enjoy blowing up everything our opponent summons - what one would expect from a theme that goes by the name "Volcanic" in short.
On a final note: the "destroy all monsters your opponent controls" part of Volcanic Scattershot's effect will always be chain link 2 (dealing 500 damage is chain link 1 as it is mandatory), so "Yang Zing" among others do in fact dislike the card very much.
Traditional: I'm afraid that the fields a "Volcanic" deck produces are far from threatening enough to allow this deck to compete - sure whiping your opponent's board every turn is fun, but the decks you will encounter here have more comeback potential than you have copies of Volcanic Scattershot. Not a card that can be rated here; did I mention that no one plays Traditional anyway?
Advanced: 4/5. Blaze Accelerator Reload is an example that shows that Konami does playtest their cards, and is in fact well aware of what many of their decks need to become playable, releasing only a single card that makes a forgotten deck like "Volcanic" a threat again! The card's perfect, and I hope we will see more retro support like it! I'm not giving it the highest possible score because Blaze Accelerator Reload did not propel "Volcanic" all the way to top tier - feel free to call me a hypocrite.
Art: It's bigger... It's better... Ladies and gentlemen... It's... Too much for Mr. Incredible!/5

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