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Top 10 Cards of 2015

#8 - Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
- #CROS-EN033


Card Ratings
Advanced: 3.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 is Horrible. 3 is Average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed:
Dec. 17, 2015

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I'm personally not a fan of this card and wouldn't main or side it, but I do have to acknowledge (objectively speaking) that it's seen some competitive play (particularly in the side deck).  I personally don't prefer it because it destroys instead of negates, which still allows the opponents effects to go through (making this card a -1).  Pendulums are also the prevailing type of monster, so destroying the opponent's Pendulum monster means it will just come back the next turn.  Although not nearly as good as it was hyped, due to the fact that the effect is cost-free, very chainable, disruptive and destroys something, it might be great in a future format.  Hand-traps tend to have good longevity.


Hello Pojo Fans,
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit came out with a lot of hype behind her, and with good reason. A great way of negating s/t cards already face-up, or negating monster effects on the field, this card was a very useful side deck option for any player. It doesn't negate, but it will destroy, and can be used during either players turn, and being able to negate while on the field give it advantages of Effect Veiler (though Veiler negates but doesn't destroy). Emergency Teleport and Shining Angel can pull this card from your deck and force a different play from your opponent. With Pendulums in demand, this card can disrupt their attempts at swarming and combos as well. Also being a Tuner, it gives those running it the option to Synchro instead of using it for destruction purposes.
A great side deck card that should hold its position there for a while. I think it has gotten better as the game changes and new strategies have become available.
Until Next Time


We continue our Top 10 Countdown with #8: Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.
Position on my list: N/A
Debuting as the chase card of Crossed Souls, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit (or GOSR) is quite a versatile card. Being a Level 3 Psychic-Type monster means it’s summonable off of Emergency Teleport, and being a Tuner monster opens up a lot of Synchro plays. But where GOSR shines is her hand effect, which lets you discard her in response to a card’s effect activation and destroy that card. Note that she doesn’t actually negate the effect, so unless it was a Continuous Spell Card or something similar, the effect will still resolve.
There were a lot of really powerful cards this year, and when making my Top 10 list, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit was one of the cards that just barely missed the cut. The reason I cut her is that she really hasn’t had her time to shine yet. So far, she’s mainly been relegated to the Side Deck of Decks like Shaddoll in order to answer matchups like Qliphort. She did have a spot in the Main Deck of Kozmo as an additional target for Emergency Teleport before they made Kozmo Strawman. GOSR is currently a very strong option due to the large amount of Pendulum cards in the current metagame, and she is quite effective at dealing with them.
GOSR is a card that will probably go in and out of use like the other popular hand traps in the game. Her usefulness fluctuates with the metagame, but it’s never a bad idea to own a few copies of her (pricetag withstanding).
Rating: 3/5


I had this much higher on my list than #8, but averages are averages. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit received a 3.92/5 all the way back in May. In my opinion, this card only needs to have a decent Atk value to be a perfect card. Hand traps are good, field effects are good, tuners are good. $60 is probably too much, but you should run them if you have them because they work in and against pretty much every deck. 
Score: 4.5/5
Art: 4/5


Awfully cute for an ogre, wouldn't you say?

It's also quite useful, which is why it's earned its spot on our countdown. Easily searchable and summoned, this little duo is sort of like a monster form of Mystical Space Typhoon. And like MST, the card they are targeting doesn't actually gets its effect negated, which is a drawback but the best cards have drawbacks to balance themselves out. Otherwise, this card becomes broken and therefore begging to be put on the Banned/Restricted List.

It's not a card for everybody; many themed decks have their own way of getting around obstacles. But if you rely heavily on Synchro summons, then this card is a staple for you as it's both a card killer, AND a three-star Tuner. Also works well with Psychics, obviously.
Score: 4 / 5

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